Water Safety – Whole School Excursion

Curriculum Focus: ‘Play It Safe By The Water’ provided by Life Saving Victoria, as well as fun activities provided by Clyde teachers.  Students will enjoy relays, games & fun activities while learning to make safe aquatic decisions when they are at their local waterways.

This is part of the school curriculum and it is expected that your child will participate.

Date: Monday 24th November, 2014.

Time: 8.50am-3.15pm.

Activity/Event & Venue: Open Water Learning Experience; Johnson Foreshore Reserve, Carrum (Carrum LSC) (Mel Ref: 97 B8).

Food: Clearly labelled water bottle, lunch, fruit & snacks in own named school bag.

Uniform: Bathers, towel, lightweight long sleeve shirt, school wide brimmed hat(no caps), warm clothing & spare towel(in case of cool weather); Sunglasses that meet Australian standards; enclosed shoes (will be used for dry & water based activities; no thongs) spare shoes; SPF 30+ sunscreen, rash vest recommended, wet suit-optional.

From Sept through to April students are to adhere to the Clyde Primary School Sunsmart Policy (click here to view)

Transport: Bus

As the cost of school excursions are calculated on the number of students attending the transportation portion of excursions cannot be refunded if a child is unable to attend.

Cost: $ 20.00

All replies and payment to be made by Monday 17th November, 2014.