‘Primary School Memories’

During this term the students in Year 6 will be working on their primary school scrapbook. This is a collection of photographic and written memories of their time at primary school. The scrapbooks will be on display at the graduation dinner and are a wonderful keepsake. The students have a choice as to make one using ICT or to purchase a book.

The purpose of the scrapbook is

(a)    To have a souvenir of their time at Primary School

(b)    To create a display that they are proud of, that you can share with everyone at your Graduation.

It would be greatly appreciated if each student in Year 6 could purchase a scrapbook (only if not creating one on the computer) and bring this to school ready to begin next week. Scrapbooks can be obtained from major stores such as Kmart and BigW and some reject or $2 shops or Riot outlets. Please see me if you have problems purchasing a scrapbook.

Things they may include for each year level:

  1. A heading – eg (Prep 2001)
  2. Photos
  3. Teacher details
  4. Achievements
  5. Highlights / lowlights
  6. Your piece of writing
  7. Art Work
  8. School Report
  9. Memorabilia
  10. Friends
  11. Excursions / Camps
  12. Concerts / productions
  13. Special days
  14. Roles and Responsibilities

Thank you,

Tegan Sanderson and Douglas Pumpa