Dear Parent/Guardian,

Outlined below are the homework expectations for students in Year 4,5 and 6. If you have any questions please contact your child’s class teacher.

Our homework focus is on: Reading, Spelling, Big Talk and Numeracy.

Homework will be handed out each Tuesday and is due back on the following Tuesday.

Home Reading /Student Diary – Students should be reading daily (including weekends) for between 10- 30 minutes depending on age/ability (recommended 15minutes minimum for grade 4 and 20 mins minimum grade 5/6). Students record the name of the material they have read into their student diary and also keep a record of the number of nights of reading. Please sign your child’s diary once a week so that we know you have seen them reading. We expect at least 5 nights reading each week. The students are expected to read their Reading Adventure book (when the program begins), when this is completed they can select a text of interest. Information about homework or school events may sometimes be written in the diary and can also be used by parents as a means of communicating with the teacher.

Spelling- Weekly spelling words will be given each Tuesday. Students should be completing a Look, Say, Cover, Name, Write, Check each night to practice their words. A spelling test will be given on Tuesday of each week. Students are required to find the meanings for their spelling words and record these on the table provided.

Numeracy – Each week students will be required to complete a maths activity which may be based on times tables or basic number facts. These will be given out on a Tuesday and need to be returned the following Tuesday.

Big Talk – Students will bring home big talk homework in which they are required to discuss their writing topic and ideas. We would like this to be signed to know that these useful conversations have occurred. This will go home on a Wednesday night and will be fortnightly for term 1.  

We appreciate your support with homework.

Students will be kept in at lunchtime to complete their homework is not handed in on time. Please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher if you would like to discuss this further or have any concerns.

Thank you,

Senior school staff