Signed permission is required for this excursion. Please go to the appropriate grade for your child on the Tiqbiz App (4A/45A/56A/6A) and go to the newsfeed. Visit the post dated 28th April 2015 and submit your permission and sign online using the App. Payment can be made online by selecting Qkr from the payment menu. For cash payments please follow the on-screen instructions.

Curriculum Focus: History & Geography

The excursion offers students the opportunity to explore the history of the Old Melbourne Gaol including crime punishment, The Ned Kelly story and the living conditions in Gaol. The Shrine of Remembrance allows students to commemorate the First World War, focusing on the legend of ANZAC, the values it embodies and its contemporary relevance to ideas of national identity. Students explore the daily life of an Australian soldier and nurse in the First World War including a tour, a service of commemoration and a visit to the Gallipoli Landing Boat in the Galleries of Remembrance.
This is part of the school curriculum and it is strongly encouraged that your child participates.

Date: Thursday, 11th June 2015

Time: 09:00am – 3:30pm

Food: Snack, Lunch, Water bottle.

Uniform: Walking shoes, raincoat and small backpack. Students are expected to be in full uniform unless otherwise stated.

Transport: Bus

As the cost of school excursions are calculated on the number of students attending the transportation portion of excursions cannot be refunded if a child is unable to attend.

Cost: $25.00

Replies due no later than Monday 1st June 2015. No money will be accepted after this date.