The grade 2/3s had an amazing time at Coal Creek going back in time to 1901! Students were given the opportunity to learn about what life was like 100 years ago to appreciate how difficult life on the gold fields would have been over 150 years ago!

As part of our integrated topic of study on Australian History, we have been learning about the Gold Rush in Ballarat and what lead to the Eureka Stockade. We are going to invite students to complete and present a small term project based on an aspect of the Gold Rush or Eureka Stockade at home over the next fortnight. This project will be not be compulsory, but will give students the opportunity to forge a learning connection between school and the home.

Students can complete a project in any way they would like to, as long as it has something to do with Gold Rush or Eureka Stockade. Some suggestions include:

– An information poster on the Gold Rush, Eureka Stockade or maybe even gold itself!
– A letter from a miner to their family at home
– A letter to the governor asking for a miner’s licence
– Designing a new miner’s licence
– A diary of a miner – imagine how hard it would be to dig for gold all day and find nothing!
– A 3D model of the gold fields
– Create a replica of the Eureka Stockade flag

Again, this project is voluntary, but it would be a fantastic opportunity for your child to share what they have learnt with their class.


Beth Blake, Hayley Taylor, Nikki Elston & Pattie Chester
Middle School


DUE DATE: Thursday June 25th, 2015