***Signed permission for this excursion is to be submitted on Tiqbiz.***

Curriculum Focus: Students perform a broad range of complex motor skills. They demonstrate a wide variety of motor skills and apply them to basic, sport-specific situations. They participate regularly in physical activities for the purpose of improving skill and health. They begin to use basic games’ tactics. They work with others to achieve goals in both cooperative and competitive sporting and games’ situations, explain the concept of fair play, and respect the roles of officials. Students follow safety principles in games and activities.

This is part of the school curriculum and it is expected that your child will participate.

Date: Tuesday, August 25th

Venue: Cranbourne Basketball Stadium

Food: Students will need to bring a packed lunch and snacks as well as their drink bottle. These items can be packed in their school bag or similar as they will be responsible for their own things on the day.

Uniform: Students are expected to be in school uniform, but it would be preferable for students to be in shorts without pockets. Students will be provided with a basketball singlet suitable for their team.

From Sept through to April students are to adhere to the Clyde Primary School Sunsmart Policy (click here to view)

Transport: Parents are asked to drop their child at the Cranbourne Basketball Stadium and sign them in with the teacher on duty at the stadium.

Cost: $8.00

Yr 5 & 6 payment and replies to be received by 4:00pm Thursday August 20th 2015.