Hello everyone.

We know everyone is looking forward to the Clyde Show tomorrow and the school is looking fantastic with all the brilliant artwork on display. The sideshows are ready to roll and the the footy parade is almost here.


Just a few reminders so you don’t forget anything tomorrow:

The school is open to everyone that wants to come along and look at all the marvellous work the students have created.

If students wish to have their hair sprayed or face painted, they must have signed permission. This was sent out on Tiqbiz yesterday and needs to be done by 9:00 tomorrow morning.

It’s footy day! Students should come dressed in the colours of their favourite football team. Students wearing their football colours don’t need to be in school uniform but just make sure shoes are sensible to be walking around in all day and clothing is sensible to be doing sideshows (which can get a little messy). As the day is mostly held outside, clothing needs to be Sunsmart too. That means, shoulders covered and SunSmart hats on! No caps. School hats are your best bet here (new ones have arrived at the office, $10 if you need to buy one).

Don’t forget to bring any artwork you have done at home with you in the morning but make sure it has a name label on  it (if you haven’t got any labels, please see your classroom teacher in the morning).

Finally, there will be a selection of snacks available for purchase from the canteen at during the day. There will also be morning tea available for any visitors that might want to sit back and relax with a cuppa and a cake for a moment.

See you all in the morning for another terrific Clyde Show!