*** please volunteer using Tiqbiz ***

On Sunday November the 8th we will be holding a working bee at the school from 9am.

There will be lots of jobs to do on the day. We will be weeding, painting, constructing, cleaning, gardening and moving. There’s a job for everyone!

There will be free sausages and soft drinks for lunch for everyone that comes along and lends a hand.

To make it easier to plan, we would like to know if you’re planning on attending. If you could indicate your attendance using the form attached to the original Tiqbiz message that would be appreciated. If you have any skills that we might be able to utilise, just mention them in the comment box. Also, if you have any tools such as rakes, shovels, garden tools or pressure sprayers (no power tools sorry), please just indicate it the comment section if you’re willing to bring them along as well.

If you have any questions, please come and speak to me.

Doug Pumpa