Curriculum Focus: Students practise and use complex manipulative and locomotor skills in a range of movement environments (indoor, outdoor and aquatic). In aquatic environments they practise a range of movements such as: combining arm and leg movements to move through water on the front and back, performing a torpedo on the front; pushing off the bottom or side of the pool and gliding both with and without flotation aid; and treading water; propelling the body on the front and back using freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and survival backstroke. They consolidate their mobility in aquatic environments and develop confidence and swimming competently for a continuous distance of 50metres; demonstrating sound breathing and stroke techniques.

This is part of the school curriculum and it is expected that your child will participate.

Venue: Doveton Pool In The Park

Date: Monday 14th December 2015


09:00 Bus leaves

10:00 – 12:00 Races 00 (if we are ready to start sooner though we will take that opportunity. )

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch

12:30 – 1:30 Supervised free play including the waterslide.

1:30 –Get changed and bus home.

Food: Students should bring snacks and their lunch, with plenty of water for the day.

Uniform: Students should come in school sports uniform (bathers underneath and spare clothes for afterwards). They must have a Sunsmart hat. Towel, rash vest/t-shirt and sunscreen is required.

From Sept through to April students are to adhere to the Clyde Primary School Sunsmart Policy (click here to view)

Transport: Bus

As the cost of school excursions are calculated on the number of students attending the transportation portion of excursions cannot be refunded if a child is unable to attend.

Cost: $12.00

Selecting CSEF does not take in to account your remaining balance. It may be necessary for us to contact you to make alternative payment arrangements.

For those paying on Qkr! you can find this payment item in School Payments / Camps & Excursions / Excursions. Selecting Qkr! as your payment option will take you directly to the Qkr! app once you submit your signed permission.

All permissions and payments must be received by Wednesday 9th December @ 17:00

If your child is a non-swimmer, please utilise the ‘medical conditions’ field to advise the school. It will still be expected that your child will participate and they will be catered for and supervised accordingly.