For those of you that are yet to do so, Wednesday 9th December at 5:00pm is the final date for submitting signed permissions and for making payments for the whole school swimming carnival.
As well as having buses to organise, for your child’s safety there is a strict ratio to adhere to with regards to life guards and staffing. This will take a few days to co-ordinate so no late payments or permissions can be accepted for this excursion. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
If you need any help submitting your permission or making your payment do please contact the school and we can arrange for someone to help you.
The signed permission can be found in the newsfeed for the ‘Whole School’ and you will need to scroll back to 25th November.
For your convenience, payment can be made on our Qkr! app. The excursion can be found by selecting ‘School Payments’ / ‘Camps & Excursions’ and then toggling at the top to ’Excursions.’ Selecting Qkr! as your payment option will take you directly to the Qkr! app once you submit your signed permission.
Selecting CSEF does not take in to account your remaining balance. It may be necessary for us to contact you to make alternative payment arrangements.
If your child is a non-swimmer, please utilise the ‘medical conditions’ field to advise the school. It will still be expected that your child will participate and they will be catered for and supervised accordingly.
Thank you for your co-operation.
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