Today your child should have brought home with them a copy of their Shared Commitments. The Shared Commitments are based around our Clyde values of Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. These commitments have been developed by the students and teachers in each learning area, they outline the expectations in the classroom.

Please take the time to read through, with your child, the Shared Commitments that were brought home, sign and return the contract that is attached.

Also attached to this message are the Shared Commitments that were developed for outside behaviour. These were also developed with input from students across all year levels in the school.

Outside shared commitments

For your information, we have also attached the steps and consequences that are in place if a student is not following the Shared Commitments both inside and outside.

Inside behavioural consequences

Outside behavioural consequences

Please speak to your child’s classroom teacher if you did not receive the Shared Commitments and contract or if you have any further questions.