Visual Arts Term 2-: Foundation, Year 1 & Year 2-Construction

Foundation, Year 1 & Year 2 students will be constructing robots this term.  Could you please help you child collect recycling items suitable to make a robot this week.

Some ideas-: cereal, pasta, muesli bar boxes, cylinders, foil pie plates, foil, yoghurt containers, plastic milk bottles & tops, soft drink bottles & tops of various sizes, egg carton, old cd’s or dvd’s, empty cans of various sizes.

The students have designed what robot they would like to make this week and thought about what recycled items they may need, so please ask them.

All recycled items to be in a named plastic bag please so the students know which is theirs and brought into school by Tuesday next week, 19th April. A couple of extra items would be very welcome for students not able to bring in items.

Make sure that all containers are clean and dry and nothing sharp please.

Thank you

Beryl Campbell

Visual Arts/Science Teachercereal-box-robot-1