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20th May 2016

Featured | Math’s Fun Night

What a fantastic family night for our school community with over 300 people joining us for some Maths fun. Congratulations to Ava in Foundation B for guessing the correct number of jelly beans in the jar (there were 724.) If you were unable to attend, there will shortly be the worksheets and an instructional video on our website to show you which Maths games were introduced and played on the night so that you too can have some fun at home. We will notify you via Tiqbiz as soon as  this is available.


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05oct9:00 am3:30 pmTerm 4 Begins9:00 am - 3:30 pm

12octAll DayFoundation to Year 2 Return to School(All Day: monday)

19oct12:00 pm1:30 pmVirtual 1st Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

19oct6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

26octAll Day28Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

28octAll Day30Year 3/4 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

02novAll DayCurriculum Day(All Day: monday)

05novAll DayCamp Quality Puppets - Cancelled(All Day: thursday)

Principals Report

Parent Survey

This week on Tiqbiz you will have received a request to complete a survey. Our Community Partnerships Team are looking for feedback from you to identify some ways we can build on connections with our parents and the wider community.  We would appreciate as many responses as possible and it should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.  The survey will be open until Wednesday, 1st June and can be accessed here School and Family Partnership Survey

Head Lice

We have had a number of cases of head lice over recent days. The responsibility of treating and detecting head lice rests primarily with you, as parents. We are happy to offer support and advice on preventing and minimising the impact of head lice outbreaks. There is no way to prevent head lice so it’s important to check your child’s hair regularly even when you don’t think they have head lice.

Using conditioner is a cheap and effective way to help find head lice in your child’s hair. Conditioner doesn’t kill head lice, but it stuns them for about 20 minutes, so they cannot move around or hang onto the hair. This method gives you time to comb through the hair with a lice comb and determine if your child has head lice and begin a treatment method as soon as possible if they are detected. Thank you for supporting us in reducing the number of cases we have and acting quickly.

Curriculum Day

Now Friday, 2nd December

Due to the camp dates, it is necessary for us to change our Curriculum Day.  Please make a note and place on your calendar.

Senior Reading Adventure Program

On Wednesday this week, our Reading Adventure program began and was supported by several parents and staff. Already, it is clear to see the changes to this program engaging our students.  I know that the discussions in my group with Ryley, Brodie, Paige, Kieran and Taitum were interesting with many connections being made.  Keep reading Senior school (and Reading Adventure Discussion Directors)!

Camp 2016

Our 2016 camp has been booked for Monday 5th – Friday 9th December. The camp will be held at Allambee which is situated between Warragul and Trafalgar approximately 1 hour and 15 mins from Clyde. We are planning for the Middle school to attend Monday, Tuesday and return home Wednesday, and the Senior school to go from Wednesday to Friday. The cost for 3 days and 2 nights is $189 plus the cost of the bus.  As soon as the bus process are finalised we will be sending home further information.

Annual Report

Our Annual School Report for 2015 has now been ratified by school council and is available to view here Annual Report 2015


Due to safety reasons, the staff car park gates (both large and small) will be closed and locked during the day until 3:45pm from Monday, 23rd May.  Access to Camp Australia will be through our main gate into the school. This is a School Council decision.


We have been conducting a number of tours for our school for new families. A Foundation 2017 Parent Information Session is scheduled for Wednesday, 25th May at 6:00- 7:00pm. Please see the attached flyer for additional information Foundation Information Session. The Transition team have also set some dates for our 2017 Foundation students –

Term 3:

  • Monday, 8th  August 2:15-3:15pm,
  • Monday, 22nd August 12:30- 1:30pm,
  • Wednesday, 7th September 9:30-10:30am

Term 4:

  • Monday, 17th October 2:1503:15pm,
  • Friday, 11th November 12:00-1:30pm,
  • Monday, 21st November 12:00-1:30pm,
  • Tuesday, December 6th 9:30-1:00pm.

The dates for whole school transition have also been organised in Term 4, and our students will have opportunities to get to know their 2017 teacher and classmates before the end of the year.


I would like to welcome Ms Alex Matson to our Clyde Primary School teaching team.  Alex will be taking P.E. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and begins next week. Ms Dena Lozo has been filling in for us in Term 2 and I would like to thank her for her contributions to our school over this time. Friday is also Ms Elston’s last day for this year. We wish Nikki all the best for the upcoming birth of her baby and we look forward to welcoming her back at the beginning of 2017. Mrs Williams will be replacing Ms Elston in the classroom on Thursdays and Fridays.

Principal’s Awards

  • Zara – For putting in a big effort to stay focused in class and doing a great job of asking useful questions in our discussions.  She questioned what it meant to be curious in our story ‘The Heart in the bottle’ when it said “her head was filled with all the curiosities of the world”
  • Blake – For his outstanding efforts in his Narrative writing.  Blake has done a fantastic job development amazing creative narrative ideas. Well done Blake!
  • William – For using new learnt strategies to demonstrate outstanding growth in reading.
  • Mitchell – For his dedication and enthusiasm towards his learning, especially in his creative narrative writing.

Senior School

The term is already flying with lots of exciting endeavours well underway, but believe me when I say- the best is yet to come!

Term Two marks the start of our new and improved Reading Adventure Program; the program has been modelled on Julie Shepherd’s Literacy Circles which ties in with our CAFÉ approach to Reading, the program we have been implementing during daily reading workshops. Each fortnight, your child will be assigned a text to read and given a role that they must complete. These roles include: Discussion Director, Connector, Vocabulary Enricher, Travel Tracer, Literary Luminary, Illustrate and finally, the Summariser. Students must also ensure that they are completing a Literature Response which they can select from their rubric which you can find in their Reading Adventure Journals if you’d like to have a look at how we are enriching our student’s learning in reading. This engaging and innovative approach to reading would not be possible without the commitment from the volunteers from our school community who have donated their time to ensure that Reading Adventure is a success. Thank you to Ian, Bob, Selena, Mrs G, Craig, Miss Hilton and Mr Taylor who have all volunteered their time and expertise to share this experience with our students. We in the Senior School also acknowledge Mrs Pratt, Miss Ray, Mrs Diehl, Mrs Steckyj and Mr Newell who have also made time to participate in this fantastic program despite their busy schedules! We could not do it without you!

“I like Reading Adventure because it will improve my reading skills” – Kyra

“I love Reading Adventure for the new adventures that come every fortnight” – Lily

“I like Reading Adventure because I like that we get to pick the books that we are interested in reading” – Brodie

“I like reading my book at home because it gets me out of doing the dishes!” – Jesse

“Reading Adventure makes me want to read more” – Hayden

Speaking of CAFÉ reading, what better way to enhance our reader’s Accuracy and Fluency (the letters which constitute the A and F of our CAFÉ acronym) than by incorporating Reader’s Theatre into our weekly Reading Workshops… and what better Reader’s Theatre opportunity than the script from our very own School Production! Our script has been finalised and roles have been given to each student in Year 5/6. Well done to all those who expressed an interest in tackling a main role this year, the production would not be possible without the passion and enthusiasm that each and every one of you brought to your auditions whether it be singing, dancing or acting; you all did a fantastic job! A TiqBiz was sent out earlier this term relating to costume requirements for your child; if you’ve any questions regarding the School Production or costumes, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher in the LAIR.

Students have been investigating our inquiry topic “Here’s to Health” and learning what it means to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. The Year 5 students commenced their Kids on Track program on Friday which is an initiative to promote healthy minds and positive attitudes. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Taylor for organising this venture and also to Simone, our bubbly presenter. To complement our inquiry topic, we are busy finalising plans for this term’s excursion; this excursion will aim to promote the importance of keeping active in order to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. More information regarding this will be sent out on TiqBiz later this week.

While we are mid-way through May, earlier in the term, our school leaders were invited to attend our ANZAC Day Ceremony. Our school captains participated in the ANZAC Day service at the Cranbourne Shrine where they laid a wreath and paid their respects to those who have fought, fallen and still continue to fight to protect our country. It was an honour to see so many students from Clyde Primary School present at the ceremony as a mark of their appreciation for the sacrifice our nation’s servicemen and woman make.

Overall, it has been a huge term in the Senior School and it promises to only get better!

Attendance News

7 tips for keeping on track with school attendance

Take attendance seriously

When you come to school regularly and get to class on time you will do better and become happier at school.

Attend regularly

If you miss school you miss out on new learning experiences and special events. You end up not understanding things that everyone else seems to.

Tell the school and your teacher if you are away

If you are away make sure that your parents or caregivers let the school and teachers know.

Catch up with your teachers

If you are away make sure you check with your teacher for any work you need to catch up on.

Be smart

Use a diary or calendar to write down important days like sport events, curriculum days and excursions. Ask your parent or caregiver to make sure that doctor or dentist appointments are scheduled out of school time.

Improve your social health

 School is a great place to make friends and learn to work as a team. Attending school regularly helps maintain these friendships.

Become work ready

Attending school regularly and on time prepares you better for working life.

For more information please visit Student Attendance Information

Congratulations to Foundation B and Miss Scott for receiving the first attendance award for 2016.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for reading our newsletter. Our next edition should be available at the beginning of June.