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We have just sent the following out on Tiqbiz. To access this and submit your permission please open our Tiqbiz App, select your appropriate 5/6 class, go to the newsfeed and scroll down to this event.

This event has been added to the Tiqbiz calendar. Go to the calendar for the appropriate 5/6 class and select this excursion and you will see an option to add this to your phone calendar.

Curriculum Focus: In year 5 and 6, students consider what it means to be physically, socially and emotionally healthy. They explore their own and other’s views about health and suggest what it might mean for certain groups of people. As students consider factors that affect their agility and performance, they understand ways to access and use information regarding health effectively. This allows students to discuss and develop strategies for improving personal health.

As students continue to participate in regular periods of moderate to vigorous physical activity, they explore the training principles for improving components of health related fitness and ways to monitor exercise intensity.

This is part of the school curriculum and it is expected that your child will participate.

Venue: Clip N’ Climb : 31-59 Intrepid Drive, Berwick VIC

Date: Friday June 17th

Time: 10am – 1pm

Food: Please pack your lunch box as normal. Your child will be given the opportunity to eat their snack at the venue. Lunch will be eaten when back at school. As your child will be completing mild to moderate exercise, please ensure your child packs a water bottle and some fruit in addition to their usual snacks.

Uniform: Students are expected to be wearing full school uniform. Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate shoes for climbing and moderate exercise.

Transport: Bus

As the cost of school excursions are calculated on the number of students attending the transportation portion of excursions cannot be refunded if a child is unable to attend.

Cost: $29.00

For families that have qualified for CSEF, please note, this excursion meets the criteria. Please select CSEF as your payment option when submitting your signed permission. Selecting CSEF does not take in to account your remaining balance. It may be necessary for us to contact you to make alternative payment arrangements.

For those paying on Qkr! you can find this payment item in School Payments / Camps & Excursions / select your child / Excursions. Selecting Qkr! as your payment option will take you directly to the Qkr! app once you submit your signed permission.

The last date for submitting your permission and making payment is Monday the 13th of June, 4pm. We will be unable to accept any late payments and/or signed permissions for this excursion.

Additional Information :
Clip n’ Climb is a local business which opened in March 2016.  More information can be found here: https://www.clipnclimbberwick.com.au/

Once the students return to school, students will have their lunch and will spend the afternoon watching “Inside Out”, an animated film that appeals to emotional health, rated PG. If you are yet to submit your permission, please do so ASAP so that your child does not miss out. Should you wish to opt out for this film, please advise your child’s classroom teacher.

If you are interested in attending this excursion as a parent helper to assist with supervision, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher. Due to bus numbers, we are limited to the number of parent helpers we can accept. Your child’s teacher will contact you if your presence is required.