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Curriculum Focus:

Our inquiry topic this semester is Australia with a specific focus this term on Australian animals and plants. On this excursion the students will take part in a program called ‘Amazing Aussie Animals’ where they will meet and find out about a range of Australian mammals, reptiles and birds. The children will learn about the threats to different species.

Moonlit Sanctuary educational programs are linked to the AusVELS curriculum.The programs have been developed to show the interaction between animals with their habitats, and the processes that threaten their extinction. The children will experience 3 programs called Mammal Mingle, Feathers Taking Flight and It’s a Frogs Life.

This is part of the school curriculum and it is expected that your child will participate.

Venue: Moonlit Sanctuary

Date: Friday 17th June 2016


  • Preps A and B will be departing school at 9.30am and begin the first experience. They will depart from the sanctuary at 2:15pm
  • Preps C and D will be departing school at 10:10 and will depart from the sanctuary at 2:50 pm.

Food: Students are to bring a packed snack and lunch in separate clearly labelled plastic bags. Students should also bring a disposable bottle of water.

Uniform: Sturdy shoes/sneakers and a raincoat.

From Sept through to April students are to adhere to the Clyde Primary School Sunsmart Policy (click here to view)

Transport: Berwick Bus Lines

As the cost of school excursions are calculated on the number of students attending the transportation portion of excursions cannot be refunded if a child is unable to attend.

Cost: $17.00

There may be some availability for parent helpers to assist with supervision.If you are able to and would like to participate on this excursion please indicate this on your submission. Due to bus numbers, we are limited to the number of parent helpers we can accept though. Your child’s teacher will contact you if your presence is required.

For families that have qualified for CSEF, please note, this excursion meets the criteria. Please select CSEF as your payment option when submitting your signed permission. Selecting CSEF does not take in to account your remaining balance. It may be necessary for us to contact you to make alternative payment arrangements.

For those paying on Qkr! you can find this payment item in School Payments / Camps & Excursions / select your child / Excursions. Selecting Qkr! as your payment option will take you directly to the Qkr! app once you submit your signed permission.

The last date for submitting your permission and making payment is Tuesday, 14th of June at 4pm. We will be unable to accept any late payments and/or signed permissions for this excursion.