We need your help!!

We have had some wonderful responses at the school in the last few months, and we want to keep that enthusiasm going! Many parents have indicated on the Community Partnerships Survey that they are happy to help in any way, well the school needs help in a few ways:

Maths Team:

The Mathematics Team is currently putting together Mathematics Kits for each classroom.  We are looking for volunteers to assist us with this. Some of the tasks can be done either at home or at school. Tasks include:

  • photocopying
  • laminating
  • labelling
  • placing items in containers and putting the kits together

If you have any queries please see Mrs Chester.

School Production:

The school production team are looking for some help in the following ways:

  • Helpers for craft to make items for the production on a Friday afternoon in Mrs Chester’s classroom (the Friday that assembly is not on)
  • Cardboard to be donated, approximately 1 metre long, o.5 meters wide.

We also need an enclosed truck to transport props and costumes to and from the Frankston Arts Centre during production week (production is on Tuesday the 30th of August.)

School Breakfast Clubs Program:

In term 3 Clyde Primary School will be introducing the School Breakfast Clubs program into our school. It will run every Friday morning before school from 8.15am to 8.45am in the Learning Centre. This is to encourage all students to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast and will provide students with a social environment to make new friends.

The school is seeking volunteers to help run the program each Friday morning by assisting with breakfast set up, serving of food, pack up and interaction with the students. Volunteers will require a Working with Children’s Check and need to complete free online food safety training.

We are also looking for donations of kitchen equipment and crockery (eg: tea towels, dishwashing liquid, cleaning cloths, plastic gloves) and supplementary food donations (eg: vegemite, butter, jam). If you would like to donate any items please bring them to the front office.

Further information will be sent out later in the term but if you have any queries please see Hayley Taylor. Your help will be greatly appreciated and will ensure that the students are able to participate in this important program.

Lunch Time Activities

Looking for parents, grandparents or guardians to run/assist with lunch time activities. Staff are considering running board games/chess, soccer, cheerleading and arts and craft next term. If you would like to assist with any of these activities or if you have other suggestions or special skills that you would like to share with our students please indicate by replying below.

Any help in any of the areas listed will be much appreciated! If you are available to help out please go to this message in the Whole School news-feed of Tiqbiz and click on the “volunteer now” button to indicate how you can assist. Please feel free to use it to ask any questions that you may have and we will ensure that the feedback/questions go to the correct staff member to action accordingly.