Out Of Uniform Day and Gold Coin Donation – Friday 24th June

Money donated will enable the school to buy equipment, cutlery and supplies to supplement our School Breakfast Club that is beginning on Friday 15th July at 8.15am.

This money will also go towards buying materials for lunch time groups. These groups will also begin next term and include library sessions, board games and art and craft to name a few.

School Breakfast Club Program

Clyde Primary School has been lucky enough to receive funding to begin a breakfast club next term. Research shows that many students come to school each day without eating breakfast, missing the most important meal of the day and reducing optimal learning time due to hunger.

Clyde PS Breakfast Club will begin on Friday 15th July from 8.15-8.45am in the Learning Centre. It will run every Friday until the end of the year. Foods donated include Weetbix, milk, oats, baked beans and canned fruit. The school will be fundraising and writing to external agencies to help supplement the program to include toast and spreads etc. Any donations or volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

We hope to see you there!!!