Dear Parents and Guardians,
Just a reminder that Three Way Conferences between students, parents and staff will begin at 3.45pm tomorrow.
Conferences will be held in the following locations to prevent parents from having to wait outside in the cold before their interviews begin.
  • Foundation (Sam Koutros, Sue Lumley, Ashlea Hickey & Emma Scott),
  • Year 1/2 classes (Fraser Selby, Lynda Sinnema/Tegan Williams, Alyssa Naughton, Ben A’Hern) and Hayley Taylor will all be conducted in the Learning Centre.
  •  Year 3/4 (Pattie Chester, Amanda Cecil, Nick Graham) will be held in Mrs Chester’s room and the Library area.
  •  Year 5/6 (Doug Pumpa, Beth Blake, Jess Heitch)  and Specialist conferences (Beryl Campbell, Alex Matson, Mel Ray) will be conducted in The Lair.
A waiting space will be set up in each area for students and their parents. Could all parents please ensure that younger siblings are monitored and that noise is kept to a minimum at all times.
For those yet to make a booking there are still a few teachers with availability:
  • The code for the interviews this term is n24gs (all lowers case and is case sensitive.)
  • Bookings can be made on the Tiqbiz App by selecting; Inbox / Whole School / Interviews.
  • Alternatively the website for making your bookings is
  • For parents that do not have internet access, an iPad is available in the School Office to make bookings.
Clyde PS