‘The Eternal Alchemist’

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Tuesday 30 August 2016, our whole school production ‘The Eternal Alchemist’ will take place at the Frankston Arts Centre, 27 – 37 Davey Street Frankston.

In order for the students to be organised, we require the students to be dropped off at the Arts Centre at 5.30pm through the stage door (near the loading dock) on Davey Street. No students can enter through the foyer. The show will commence at 6.30pm. No parents will be permitted backstage after their child has been dropped off. We suggest that students bring snacks and water for during the show.

Girls should be in stage make-up eg. foundation, bronzer, eye shadow and a subtle lipstick colour and girls should wear their hair in a neat bun when they arrive at the theatre. Boys should also wear foundation, as the bright lighting will wash out the children’s faces.

After the show, students will be asked to wait on stage and parents/guardians will be asked to wait in their seats until their child’s grade level has been invited to leave. Parents will be directed to one of 3 exits to collect their students. This will help ensure that we do not have a large crowd waiting in the foyer and teachers can effectively sign out each student.

All students will be wearing their costume home on the night. The student’s classroom teacher will collect all items provided by the school prior to them leaving the theatre. The student’s teacher will also collect costumes that have been hired after the show.

Please note that prams or large items will not be permitted in the auditorium. Prams can be stored in the air locks outside each entry point.

Should you have any queries regarding any of the above, please contact Miss Scott or Miss Blake.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation on the night.

A reminder too that tickets are now available for collection from your oldest child’s classroom teacher. Please collect your tickets either before or after school and please be respectful of class commencing and finishing times. If tickets are not collected by Friday 26 August, your tickets will be sent home with your oldest child. It is important to note that if tickets are lost, they cannot be replaced. 

Yours Sincerely,

The Production Committee.