Attention Parents and Guardians of Year 6 Students

Tonight at 7pm, our Year 6 students will be participating in a Toastmasters graduation ceremony to celebrate their success over the course of the program. Here is some additional information on the evening.

Students are expected to arrive at the LC at approximately 6.45pm for a 7.00pm start. The ceremony is expected to be completed by roughly 8.45pm. Students must be in full school uniform during the evening.

The final rehearsal for the evening was held this morning and all students are ready to go!

We thank you for your support for this fantastic program, and hope to see you all tonight at 6.45pm!

To all year 5/6 families.

As a way to celebrate the end of term on Friday the 16th of September the senior school students will watch Zootopia as part of our inquiry unit on Social Justice.

This is a PG rated movie which addresses stereotypes in modern society. If you are yet to submit permission for your child to watch PG rated films please do so by completing the appropriate paperwork in the school office if you would like them to participate. Should you wish to opt out of the film, please advise your child or your classroom teacher.

Thank you

The Senior School Team