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25th November 2016

Featured | Foundation 2017 Transition 

Our 2017 Foundation students have had a wonderful time completing 6 transitions session in our Learning Centre. The new Foundation students have participated in reading, writing, maths, art/craft, PMP and investigative learning sessions.  During transition, the students have spent some time with different teachers and peers. Everyone is very excited about the beginning of next year and we are looking forward to a happy and successful 2017.


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05oct9:00 am3:30 pmTerm 4 Begins9:00 am - 3:30 pm

12octAll DayFoundation to Year 2 Return to School(All Day: monday)

19oct12:00 pm1:30 pmVirtual 1st Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

19oct6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

26octAll Day28Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

28octAll Day30Year 3/4 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

02novAll DayCurriculum Day(All Day: monday)

05novAll DayCamp Quality Puppets - Cancelled(All Day: thursday)

Principals Report

Teaching and Learning at Clyde PS

At Clyde we structure our classes into like groups to form Professional Learning Teams across our school.  As you know in 2017, we will have 4 Foundation classes who will make up the Foundation PLT, 4 Junior classes (Year 1/2) who will make up the Junior A PLT, 3 Junior classes (Year 1/2) who will make up the Junior B PLT, 4 Middle school classes (Year 3/4) classes who will make up the Middle PLT and 3 Senior school classes (Year 5/6) who will make up the Senior PLT.

This structure is planned strategically based on evidence and current educational research. All of us as learners learn differently whether adult or child, with varying pace and learning style. Therefore, we need to differentiate the learning for the needs of all our students in every class across every PLT.

We know that when teachers work together collaboratively using student data to inform their planning, the outcomes for all our students is better. The planning our teachers do together enables them to have responsibility for all students across the PLT and identify the learning needs for all students collectively.  Goals are set for each child and these are monitored continuously, making sure each child is progressing as they should.

Planning is very targeted with a consistent approach across the school. We specifically identify what we want the students to learn and how we are going to do that, we also discuss how we are going to know if they are or aren’t learning and what we will do as a result, hence looking at intervention and extension strategies. Teachers also discuss the impact they have had on whether students have learnt a particular concept or unit of work and the strategies that were used, and reflect on possibilities for alternative ways.  These structured meetings are scheduled during the day while students are participating in specialist classes. Our teachers are continually learning. We have a PLT coach who works with our teachers during these meetings providing suggestions and feedback.

This week, I showcased the work we are doing at Clyde at the Principal Forum to the Principals across Casey North, Casey South, Casey Central and Greater Dandenong. Our school is using the best practice of researched based approaches to make learning the best it can be for all our students. If anyone is interested, we have developed a movie articulating our work that we would be proud to show.  We are hoping to include this on our website shortly.

If anyone would like to come and have a chat about the great work being done at our school, I would be very happy to discuss.

Workforce Planning

Since the last newsletter, we have appointed 3 additional staff for 2017.  I would like to warmly welcome Ms Sophie Foden who will be teaching in the Junior school; Ms Jessica Hamilton who will be in the Senior school and Ms Narelle Steckyj who will be taking Visual Arts with Mrs Campbell as well as supporting the Senior team. Welcome to the Clyde Team.

We are also currently in the process of appointing two Educational Support staff.


Students began transition with their class groupings for 2017 on Thursday. Students were rotated with their groups with a number of different teachers on this day. Class lists and the classroom teachers are currently being finalised, students and parents will be made aware of this Monday 28th November. A formal letter will be sent home to parents/guardians containing this information.

Workforce Structure 2017

Foundation A Emma Scott Learning Centre
Foundation B Ashlea Hickey Learning Centre
Foundation C Naomi Lemos Learning Centre
Foundation D Sue Lumley Learning Centre
1/2A (PLT A) Sophie Foden Current 1/2 Area
1/2B (PLT A) Beth Blake Current 1/2 Area
1/2C (PLT A) Ben A’Hern Current 1/2 Area
1/2D (PLT A) Alyssa Naughton Current 1/2 Area
1/2E (PLT B) Sharon Barker Current 5/6 Area
1/2F (PLT B) Allie McQueen Current 5/6 Area
1/2G (PLT B) Kate Brittain Current 5/6 Area
3/4A Pattie Chester Current 3/4 Area
3/4B Amanda Cecil Current 3/4 Area
3/4C Fraser Selby Current 3/4 Area
3/4D Jess Heitch Current 3/4 Area
5/6A Doug Pumpa/Hayley Taylor Current LOTE Room
5/6B Rebecca Forester New Portable
5/6C Jess Hamilton New Portable
Music/PerformingArts Jerry Trzeciak/Nikki Elston Roving
Physical Ed. Amanda Ferguson Multi-Purpose Room/Outside
Art Beryl Campbell/Narelle Steckyj Current Art Room

Principal’s Awards

Caleb for working very hard all year to reach over 225 nights of reading, for reading all of his Magic Words and for working consistently to achieve high scores in Mathletics.

Jasmine for demonstrating growth in all areas of Numeracy this semester. Well Done Jasmine!

Ava for fantastic progress in reading and writing. Ava has been working hard to successfully improve the quality of her writing

Kane for his amazing dedication and progress in reading. Kane has moved up 7 levels this semester! Well done Kane. We are all very proud of you.

PLT News

Year 3/4 Renewable Energy Inquiry

“During Term 4 the Year 3/4’s have been learning about Renewable Energy and have been working on class projects all about Renewable Energy technology. Renewable Energy is energy that is unlimited, meaning we will never run out of it. Examples of renewable energy are hydro power, solar power, wind turbines and geothermal energy. Non-renewable energy is energy that is limited – which means once it’s used it cannot be replaced. Examples of non-renewable energy are coal, oil and natural gases.” – Harry

By Jed
Emily and Mia

“Flowing water creates energy that can be captured and turned into electricity. This is called hydroelectricity power or hydropower. The most common hydroelectricity power plant uses a dam on a river to store water in a reservoir.” – Shaun

By Kate and Abbey
“Hi! My name is Blake and 34B has also been working on an Inquiry Project. Everybody has to gather facts and pictures about their source so they can write and paste them on word. They print the facts and pictures on A4 paper and cut them out. Next, they paste the facts on an A3 piece of paper and decorate. I have made a wooden, two blade wind turbine that I can manually spin. However my poster will explain all sources of renewable energy.” – Blake

“Three weeks ago, we made a 3D Water Cycle Poster. We used match sticks for the water tank, and we also used match sticks for the barn house. We used cotton balls for the clouds and we used coloured straws for the yellow nectar in the flowers. We used straws for the rain drops, the sun and the barn house door. We used the patty pans for the flower leaves, flowers, the sun and the pond. The last thing we used was rainbow string for the rainbow. These are the materials we used for our 3D Water Cycle Poster.” – Nathan and Derya

Attendance News

This week we are targeting students. Our students must understand exactly why it is not okay to be away. As they grow older, they need to hear this message from peers, as well as teachers and parents:

  • School is your first and most important job. You’re learning about more than math and reading. You’re learning how to show up for school on time every day, so that when you graduate and get a job, you’ll know how to show up for work on time every day.
  • Students who attend school regularly are more likely to graduate and find good jobs. In fact, a high school graduate makes, on average, a million dollars more than a dropout over a lifetime.
  • School only gets harder when you stay home too much. Sometimes it’s tempting to stay home because you’ve got too much work or you don’t understand what’s going on in class. But missing a day only makes that worse.

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Congratulations to 1/2C for receiving this fortnights most improved attendance award.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for reading our newsletter. Our next edition should be available at the beginning of December.