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17th February 2017

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In the past few weeks our school has gone through a transformation.

We have new buildings, transformed learning spaces and new additions in our outside environment.

The school is looking amazing.


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23octAll DayAFL Grandfinal Public Holiday(All Day: friday)

26octAll Day28Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

28octAll Day30Year 3/4 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

02novAll DayCurriculum Day(All Day: monday)

05novAll DayCamp Quality Puppets - Cancelled(All Day: thursday)

06novAll DayColour Run(All Day: friday)

13nov12:00 pm1:30 pm2nd Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

23nov12:00 pm1:30 pm3rd Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Principals Report

Three Way Conferences

On Thursday, 9th March we are holding our Three Way Conferences from 3:45-7:00pm.

This is an opportunity for you and your child to meet with the teacher to get to know each other and discuss strengths, areas of concern and goals you have for your child for the year. Attached to this newsletter is a form to complete and return to the class teacher by 2nd March. We are again providing the opportunity for you to book your session online and this link will be sent out via TIQBIZ on 20th February. Bookings will be open until and be open Friday, 3rd March.  Specialists will also be available for you to meet with them.

My Child Form


Last week we advised of our change to assembly structure for 2017. Next week we will be beginning our PLT assemblies. Our School Leaders and Student Voice representatives will be working with Mr Trzeciak to conduct these assemblies-a wonderful way for our students to build their leadership and public speaking skills. These assemblies will run fortnightly on alternate weeks to our newsletter and will be held in the multi- purpose room.  Your children would love it if you can attend.

Foundation- Fridays at 2:45pm

Junior (both Junior A and B) – Tuesdays at 2:45pm

Middle – Mondays at 2:45pm

Senior- Thursdays at 2:45pm

Our first whole school assembly will be held on Friday 3rd March where we will be presenting the Student Leader badges.  We welcome your ideas and thoughts for our assembly program for the remainder of the year.

Further opportunity for Communication

We are launching a Q & A box that will be located in our school office.  The purpose of this is to include a segment in our newsletter each week to answer any general questions posed by you about elements of our school; including our whole school approaches to Reading, Writing, Maths, upcoming excursions, how to help at home, homework, etc. We ask that you put your name on the question and place it in the box.  We will be addressing these questions in each newsletter.  Please note that for personal questions about your child, contact your child’s teacher. We are launching this initiative next week where our Q & A box will be at the front gate each morning and afternoon.

School Uniform

Clyde School Council Dress Code Policy requires all students to be in uniform everyday.  While we understand that there are some days where this is difficult we ask that you support us by ensuring your children are in school uniform. For safety reasons hair needs to be tied back and jewellery (apart from earring studs or sleepers) is not permitted at school.  Our school uniform policy is attached for your information.  If for any reason your child is not able to wear school uniform on the odd occasion, we require a note from you.  We are here to support our families so please contact Ms Hayley Taylor if you require any assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dress Code Policy

PLT News

Foundation PLT

The Foundation children have had a fantastic start to the school and are settling into their classrooms quickly. The children have been learning about their classrooms, teachers, new class mates and the whole school through our topic of Classroom Communities. We have been finding out about our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. We have been learning about the different staff is school and their roles. Mrs Pratt came into our classrooms and talked to the children about her role and read the children a story.

The children have started bringing home Take Home books. They have the opportunity to change them daily. We encourage your child to read with you every night and from Monday the 19th February have begun recording their Nights of Reading in their home/ school reader journals. We will be celebrating the successes that the children have in their reading and rewarding children who reach significant totals in their diary.

Next week we will begin to send home Magic 100 words and initial sound sheets after the children have completed their work on Classroom Communities. From Monday the 27th February the children will have completed their testing and will attend school full time. If you have any questions about your child’s reading or how you can help your child at home, or at school, please come in a chat with your child’s teacher.

Junior PLT A

Welcome back!

Junior A students have been off to a smooth start in 2017, settling into their wonderful new learning spaces, forming new friendships and establishing routines to support learning. This year our Junior A teaching staff are Miss Alyssa Naughton 1/2D, Miss Beth Blake 1/2B, Mrs Sophie Foden 1/2C and Mr Ben Ahern 1/2A. Also providing Educational Support is Ms Caren Gibson.

Over the first 3 weeks, students and staff have developed a set of collaborative commitments to guide our behaviour and reflect our shared school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

Throughout the year, Junior A teachers will work collaboratively to collect and analyse data to ensure the best learning outcomes for your child. Students will be supported to set personalised learning goals and encouraged to take an active role in directing their learning.

This term we will continue practising sustained reading as well as implementing the CAFÉ Reading program to develop student’s comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocabulary. Students will construct written recounts and explore poetry. In Mathematics, we will begin by looking at place value and expanding our understanding of numbers. Junior A will also begin an exploration into personal and local history and participate in specialist classes; LOTE, Music, Art and PE.

LOTE Music Art PE
Monday 1/2C 1/2B
Wednesday 1/2A    1/2D
Thursday 1/2B    1/2A 1/2A   1/2D 1/2B    1/2C 1/2D   1/2C
Friday 1/2D 1/2C   1/2B 1/2A

To support your child’s learning, we ask that you listen to him/her read for a minimum of 10 minutes at home each day. Please encourage your child to discuss the book after reading. This may involve retelling the story, identifying a favourite part, or answering questions. After reading please complete the reading diary and return to school. Diaries will be checked by your classroom teacher weekly.

We ask that all clothing, hats and drink bottles are labelled so they can be easily returned if lost. Please ensure you send a Tiqbiz to your child’s teacher explaining any absence from school. Also donations of tissues are greatly appreciated, particularly during winter.

We would love to have parents helping within our learning space and encourage you to see your child’s teacher if you are able to assist. Please note that all parent helpers must have a current Working with Children Check. we have a Parent Helpers program being held on Friday 24th, please register at the office.

We look forward to a year of fun and learning. Thank you for your support!

Junior A Professional Learning Team

Sophie Foden, Beth Blake, Ben Ahern, Alyssa Naughton and Caren Gibson

Junior PLT B

Welcome back to Clyde Primary everyone. We have had a terrific start to 2017 and we have all settled into our new learning areas. Our classrooms are beginning to take shape. We are still a work in progress of course, but painting and new carpet were completed over the weekend in Mrs Brittain’s room and everyone received a pleasant surprise when we walked in Monday morning. This means we have classrooms which are great places to learn.

With our new learning areas comes a new name – our name is going to be ‘The Learning Nest’. Children are being taught the skills needed to help them “fly away from the nest” and onto the next stage of their learning. We are nurturing and teaching each other those skills needed to help us make friends, complete tasks, challenge ourselves and be caring members of the Clyde School Community.

At the beginning of this term we have been looking at Classroom Communities and developing our classroom Shared Commitments, so that we have orderly learning environments. This gives everyone in our classes the opportunity to learn. Now we have established our expectations, we will be discussing the need to develop learning goals with our classes. Each child will be asked to think about areas they feel they need to work on to improve their own learning.

Next week we will begin a History focus. Children will be working on learning about our local Clyde history as well as looking at their own family, people and events from the past. We will compare our way of life today to that of years gone by, so we may be calling on grandparents and other family members to help children gain an understanding of the changes that have occurred over time.

Our children are now taking reading books home each night. Each day children are asked to change their reading books and read silently for a short period. Those children who have brought in reading bags have been taking their reading diaries home. Parents, we ask if you could please listen to your child read each day and record this in the yellow diary. We will be displaying the nights of reading in each classroom. Children love to see their names up with the recognition for their continuous reading. Through regular reading, skills improve and self-confidence increases. The reading bags help to protect books from spilled drinks and leftover food!! Children will also be given some words to learn – either to recognise or spell – to help develop their word recognition skills. When the words come home we ask that children read these words, say them and practise writing these daily.

If any parents, grandparents or family friends would like to help out in our classrooms you would be welcomed with open hands. Children love to read to adults, work with them and explain their ideas.We welcome any time you can come along and help. We would love to see you and will set you to work!!!

If there are any areas of concern or queries, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or a member of our team to help or for clarification. Thank you for your continued support during our early days. We look forward to working with you to help your children become independent learners in today’s world.

Allie McQueen, Kate Brittain and Sharon Barker,
Junior B Team

Middle PLT

It has been an exciting and smooth start to the year and our dedicated team has made positive connections with students and parents. This year our middle school team teachers are Mrs. Amanda Cecil 3/4A, Mr. Fraser Selby 3/4 B. Mrs. Pattie Chester 3/4C and Miss Jessica Heitch 3/4D.  Also assisting in our area as Educational Support staff is Mrs. Karen McBride. Our classrooms are open at 8:45am every morning so please come in to meet your child’s teacher if you have not had the opportunity to do so.

We encourage helpers in our rooms so if you have a current working with children’s card please see your child’s teacher to arrange a day and time. There are many areas that you can assist such as reading, mathematics, craft, excursions, displays, sport just to name a few.

Throughout our area we start the day with sustained reading time. Students enter the room quietly to begin the day at 9:00 am, reading “good fit” books for up to 15 minutes every morning. Students are also encouraged to read at home for up to 15 minutes every night and record the books in their diaries. Diaries are signed and reading nights recorded by the class teacher once a week on a designated day.

Our present Inquiry theme ‘Classroom Communities’ has been focusing on building positive relationships and social skills, as well as learning to work effectively in teams and groups to solve problems. Individual class collaborative commitments have been based on our school’s values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. This has involved the students working collaboratively with each other in all areas of the curriculum.

This year our specialist areas are Physical Education with Miss Ferguson, LOTE – Indonesian with Miss Ray, Music with Mr. Trzeciak and Art with Mrs Steckyj. Middle school sport is held on Wednesday afternoon. Our Middle school assembly will be held fortnightly in the Multi Purpose room on a Monday afternoon starting at 2:45pm. We hope you can come to celebrate all of our student’s achievements.

We have had a brilliant start to the year and we look forward to seeing you all at the Three Way Conferences on the Thursday 9th March.

Thank you

Middle School PLT

Senior PLT

What an exciting start to the year our 5/6 students have had! We welcomed new faces including Miss Forester and Miss Hamilton as new teachers to Clyde Primary School. Mr Pumpa and Ms Taylor complete the 5/6 team and will be teaching 5/6A together.

Over the holidays a brand new portable with two classrooms was delivered for the 5/6s, which increased the excitement on the first day back for our students who were delighted to explore their new learning spaces. 5/6B and 5/6C are the lucky classes who will get to learn in these lovely learning spaces. We look forward to decorating these spaces with our hard work and making them our own!

The first few days have been busy in the senior school. Team building activities have been the focus to develop our learning communities so that our students can support and rely on each other to encourage learning. We have also discussed and planned out our Shared Commitments so that we can make the most of our learning time. We have been revising our CAFÉ reading strategies and some Maths concepts in preparation for our first unit of work on Place Value.

We are looking forward to a fantastic and very busy year. The laptops program will be up and running shortly, and our student leaders are already starting to undertake the responsibilities attached to their roles. We are starting a new program called ‘Writer’s Notebook’ which requires students to gather ideas (seeds) for their writing and bring them to school. It could be something like a photo, brochure, ticket stub, wrapper, anything that inspires them, etc. We would like to ask parents to support their children bringing these motivational items to school to put into their writer’s notebooks.  We also have camp to look forward to and of course for our Year 6’s, graduation and transition to high school!

As per our home learning policy, teachers are now expecting students to be reading 30 minutes each night. We will be checking diaries weekly to ensure this is completed. Tasks may also be sent home over the course of the year to be completed such as the continuation of classroom work, projects, revision of spelling words, any unfinished work or research tasks.

Please feel free to come and speak to us with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your child. We like to celebrate achievements as well as provide extra support to any student who requires it so please do keep us informed.

It’s going to be a great year!


Miss Forester, Miss Hamilton, Mr Pumpa and Ms Taylor


Parent Helpers Course

Friday 24th February 9 – 10am


Specialist PLT


What is Music?

Is it notes? Is it rhythm? Does it make you dance? Where do you hear it? What kind of music suits different contexts? How do you compose it? Is singing music? Does a song have to have words to be music? Why is beat important? What is your favourite music and why?

These are just sMUSICome of the questions we will use to explore what music is from F – 6 this semester. This unit of work will be a really fun introduction to music and make use of games, instruments and technology to help lead us towards answers to the questions above. All students will have the opportunity to explore and express musical ideas. They will compose, rehearse and perform songs with the class and in small groups. Students will also use listening skills to respond to music through analysis and evaluation.

Music is a brand new specialist class at Clyde. there are so many exciting things for us to learn about this subject. As a school we are using the Musical Futures approach to Learning and Teaching to underpin everything that we do (see link below for more information). We are going to have heaps of fun in music this year. See you for music soon.


Welcome to Term 1 Physical Education.

For Years 3-6, the focus for Term 1 is Athletics. Our House Athletics will be held at school on Wednesday 22nd February. This will be a great day and parents are welcome to come and watch.

During Term 1 Foundation – Year 2 students will be learning to work in teams as well as individuals covering aspects such as safety, co-operation, sharing and taking turns. There is also a focus on participation, giving it a go and trying their best. Games and fundamental locomotive skills will be included in each PE lesson. This year we will also be running a Junior (F-2) Athletics morning, which will packed full of fun activities for students.


Selamat Datang to 2017!

It is great to see how the students have settled into their new classes.  The specialist team had the pleasure of getting involved with ‘Getting to know you’ activities in the first 3 days of term. The Foundation students have made an impressive transition into school. I look forward to getting to know each student better and helping them develop their whole self within my specialist role.

The Foundation students will begin to understand what it means to learn another language this term. Students have already began to share their own understandings of the world and explore Indonesia through hands on materials.

This term the students of Year 1 and 2 have begun unpacking what it means to be ‘present’ within the LOTE learning environment. Students are beginning to work collaboratively working on their use of positivity and teamwork as a class. This term students will be learning to express their interests and aspects of their self in Indonesian. I look forward to seeing the students challenge themselves in their language learning.

As part of our integrated unit of ‘Classroom Communities’ the students of Year 3 and 4 have taken part in activities focused on positive learning behaviors and collaboration within their Indonesian lessons. Students have continued to improve on their ability to express their interests and self attributes in Indonesian. Students will be beginning to learn about the use of national flags and creating a personal flag using their understanding of colours and symbols in these flags.

Within the Year 5 and 6 cohort students have started to create their own commitments and goals towards being a ‘present’ student in their L.O.T.E learning. This unit thus far has seen students be involved in circle time sessions, peer discussions and self-reflection on what it means to be present and a positive member of their class’s LOTE sessions. Students will begin to learn more about expressing themselves and sharing personal interests. Students will also be unpacking the Indonesian and Australian flag, in an attempt to compare the two and learn about the history of country flags. The students are enthusiastic about this upcoming investigative topic of learning.

It is going to be a great term. Until next time,

Sampai Jumpa!

Bu Ray

Visual Arts  – Foundation, Year One & Two

We’re looking forward to another fun, productive and creative semester in Visual Arts!

Students’ haveart been engaged in Community Classrooms through games, listening to the story  ‘The Gigantic Turnip’ to gain a sense of teamwork and what it takes to achieve something together. They are creating artworks to make a connection with their class.

Foundation students are making collaborative portraits experimenting with oil pastels and embellishments.

Year one and two students have been creating quarter circles and will be connected to three others and displayed together to show connectivness and collaboration to create class artwork.

Beginning in week four Foundation students will be developing skills and experimenting with different materials and techniques to make their artworks based on Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes.

Following with the same theme Year One and Two will be extending their skill development by exploring ideas, observations and imaginations and express them through artworks they create.

Mrs Beryl Campbell

Junior Visual Arts

Visual Arts – Years 3 – 6

“Every Child is an artist” – Pablo Picasso

Through visual art students are able to record their experiences and explore their imagination. Visual art helps students express what they feel and teaches them to think creatively with an open mind. During term 1 students have been developing their art awareness and have been challenged to experiment with art supplies in a visual diary at the beginning of each class, while they listen to calming music that encourages them to be mindful of their art-making. These experimentations with art is guiding them to produce artworks that show more technical skill with deeper expression of colour and thought. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be using the artists and artworks they have encountered this term as inspiration to create their own ocean themed painting. I look forward to seeing these wonderful artworks.

Mrs Steckyj

Thank you for reading our newsletter. Our next edition should be available at the beginning of March.