Dear Parents and Guardians,

Below is the outline of an agreement between Clyde Primary School and Belmond on Clyde in relation to a referral arrangement for the sale of land.

Please keep this in mind if you have any family or friends looking to buy land in the Clyde area.

Clyde PS

A payment of $1,000 is to be paid to Clyde Primary School (Donation)

And a payment of $500 is to be paid to the purchasing party (Referral Fee)

Where the purchasing party is a parent or guardian of a child enrolled at the Clyde Primary School at the time of purchasing. (Purchasing Party) Provided;

a. The Purchasing Party must mention to the Belmond on Clyde Land Estate sales agent prior to paying a holding deposit for an allotment in Belmond on Clyde Land Estate that they have a child enrolled at Clyde Primary School.

b. Clyde Primary School must confirm in writing condition (a) above prior to a Contract of Sale for the allotment being signed.

(The Belmond on Clyde Lands Estate sales agent will assist by liaising with Clyde Primary School on behalf of the Purchasing Party.)