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1st December 2017

Featured | The Smoothie Bar 

On Friday the 24th of November the Year 5/6 students attended the Smoothie Bar. The company (Mini Boss Projects) were awesome, we had J-rad, Georgie and Jazz run our incursion. We had to get into groups to start our smoothie companies and create a company name. In our groups, we learned to plan, design, test and improve Smoothies. We had to create financial plans and create a pitch and a presentation to sell our Smoothies to Miss Hamilton, Miss Forester, J-rad, Georgia and Jazz, like the show Shark Tank! It was a really fun day and everyone had a great time.  By Ebony.


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05oct9:00 am3:30 pmTerm 4 Begins9:00 am - 3:30 pm

12octAll DayFoundation to Year 2 Return to School(All Day: monday)

19oct12:00 pm1:30 pmVirtual 1st Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

19oct6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

26octAll Day28Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

28octAll Day30Year 3/4 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

02novAll DayCurriculum Day(All Day: monday)

05novAll DayCamp Quality Puppets - Cancelled(All Day: thursday)

Principals Report

Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) 2018

Over the past month, school leaders have been planning the future direction of Clyde Primary School for 2018. We are pleased to announce that this plan has now been approved by the Education Department and has been ratified by School Council. This document outlines the steps that will be put in place for students, staff and school leaders to help achieve the goals that have been set for next year.

Clyde TV

Our latest episode of Clyde TV was viewed today and once again it was a huge hit. Each episode runs for about 20 minutes. All are invited to view each show in the classroom with the students. Our next episode will be shown on Friday 22nd December, it will be shown at the earlier time of 12.45pm as this is the last day of school and we finish at 1.30pm.

See you soon for more Clyde TV.

Standby, Rolling, Action!!

Carols Night Reminder

Just a reminder that our Christmas Carols Night is next Thursday 7th December.

Families are invited to bring along food, drinks (no alcohol), picnic rug/seating and join us on the school oval from 5:00pm for a giant picnic.

At 5:45pm our choir will begin singing and all students will be asked to join their classes in front of the stage.
At 6:00pm we will begin the carols performances.
At around 7pm, Santa will make a special appearance to end the night.


The Body Investigators’

On Thursday, 30 November, our Foundation students participated in ‘The Body Investigators’ incursion. Our students learnt all about how to keep their bodies healthy and safe and took a journey through the human body using costumes and props. Our students learnt about the positive effects of healthy eating, drinking water and the importance that sleep has on our body by investigating what happens inside our bodies when we don’t live a healthy lifestyle. Our students also made fruit kebabs and practiced exercise, yoga, mindfulness and gratitude for a healthy mind.

Whole School Swimming Carnival

Our Whole School Swimming Carnival is scheduled to be held on Monday 18th December.

All students will need to be in their classrooms by 9am as the buses will be leaving at 9.15am. The first event is scheduled for 10am and students will return to school by 3.15pm.

Venue: Doveton Pool in the Park. 64 Tristania Street, Doveton Victoria 3177
Students will require a snack, lunch and a water bottle/drink.
Uniform Notes: Students can come dressed in their house colours. Students are required to follow our Sun Smart policy by wearing a rash vest or t-shirt while swimming. They also need to be wearing a wide brim hat (school hat) and sunscreen when out of the water.

Parents are welcome to attend.

What’s On

4th December – Curriculum Day
5th December
* Year 2 Fun Activities Day
* 3/4 Excursion to Dandenong Market
7th December – Carols Night
12th December
*State Wide Transition Y1 – 6
*2018 Foundation Transition
14th December
*Year 5 Cranbourne Secondary College
*Year 6 Graduation
15th December – 1/2 Incursion Healthy Lifestyles Day
18th December – Swimming Carnival
22nd December – Last day of Term
* 9.15am Whole School Assembly
* 12.45pm Clyde TV Special Farewell to Year 6
* 1.30pm Early Finish

Principal’s Awards

Amy for continuing her learning in all areas with enthusiasm.
Riley for making a huge improvement in his reading.  Well done Riley on practising reading regularly and showing the progress this term!
Farzad for writing a well structured and imaginative narrative.
Ava for her academic growth in all areas of Mathematics and English this semester.  Her online testing has shown improvement in all tests.  She has a positive attitude to learning and will seek feedback on how to improve her work.
Greta for making great improvement in her 2D shapes knowledge, working hard to develop her language skills and apply that knowledge to new situations.

PLT News

Middle PLT

What a busy and exciting term this has been. We have had the Colour Fun Run, the Life Ed van, Indonesian Day and World Teachers Day with lots more to look forward to in the next month.

Ershad, Shaun, Caitlain and Aaliyah have written about some of the activities in our area. Kayla, Seth, Hayoon and Matthew provided the photography.

Here are their reports.

Life Ed. Van

This term at school we went to the Life Ed. Van and learned about being safe in social media.

When we got in the van we learnt about how to make a strong password by using symbols and numbers such as @=a 3=E. You have to make words using the symbols and the numbers.

We also learnt about how to make be safe from viruses and hacks and all of that.

There were also all sorts of activities such as making strong passwords.

Indonesian day

On the 1st of November it was Indonesian day and we did lots of fun activities for example we made story lanterns and hung them up in the classroom with lights inside. We did some more activities as well like Google maps.


Catching on Early

In the 3 / 4 area we have been doing a learning program called Catching On Early.

I will tell you about the program!

In Catching On Early we learnt how babies are made, puberty, what the differences between boys and girls are and much more.

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Explanation Writing

In writing we have been learning about explanation writing. We watched some of Wallace and Grommit’s  “Cracking Contraptions”. From that we got the idea of designing our own inventions and then explaining how they work. We worked in groups of two or three. In the end we made lots of inventions such as a Dressatron, Typical Gamer, Homework Speedo.

When we explained we had to have in our writing these text features: an introduction, components, operation and a conclusion. After we did our writing we had to draw diagrams. and then add some colour.

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Colour Fun Run

On the 27th of October we had the whole school colour fun run. It was really great fun! At the fun run you had to do an obstacle course and teachers had bottles of coloured powder. All the teachers with the powder sprayed you with the powder. You had to wear a white shirt & a pair of shorts. Everybody in the school was a part of the run.

World Teacher’s Day

Every year we have a BIG celebration called “World Teachers Day”. It’s where everybody celebrates with their teacher. We give them cards and presents. All of the teachers loved what they got given from the students. Last year for World Teachers Day my mum and I made the teachers a little hamper full of chocolates, lollies and more. We all love world teachers day. So do the teachers.

I wonder what happens next year?

Future Events

Dandenong Market

We (3/4C) are excited to be going to the Dandenong Market on the 5th of December.

When we get to the Dandenong Market we will split into groups of 4 or 5 with a teacher or a parent helper.

Each group should get at least $12 or more to spend. The groups will split up and get as much healthy food as they can, that includes fruit, vegetables and healthy bread.

The next day we will make our lunch out of the healthy foods we gathered from the Dandenong Market.

Christmas Carols

On the 7th of December is Clyde Primary Schools Christmas Carols night. Parents will be invited to come with their children to sing the carols. Please be advised that parents are not allowed to come up to the middle of the oval and sing with their children.

Swimming Carnival 

On the 15th of December is the whole school swimming carnival. Parents are allowed to come and watch. Please be advised that parents are not allowed to give the swimmers any equipment except goggles.  Thank you!!! They can watch & keep the swimmers company.


Remember Carol’s night is on the 7th December and last day of school is December 22nd

Remember to always stay updated on Flexi buzz !!!!

Have a great end to the term and if you have any queries or concerns please contact your child’s teacher.

Middle School Team
Amanda Cecil, Pattie Chester, Jess Heitch Fraser Selby, Karen McBride

Thank you for reading our newsletter. Our next edition should be available at the middle of December.