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9th March 2018

Featured  – House Athletics Years 3-6

Last Friday we held our House Athletics Carnival for Years 3-6 on our oval. We all had a fantastic day. It was great to see so many students competing in a range of events such as High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Hurdles, 100m, 200m and 800m. It was fantastic to see so many students doing their best, as well as supporting and encouraging their friends and team mates.

We finished the day with a Staff vs Year 6 100m race with special mention going to Mr Ahern for winning the race and Levi for being the first student across the line. The students also enjoyed a Zoopa Dooper to finish off the day.

A special mention to all the parent helpers that helped on the day. Thank you for your support, as we couldn’t have run the day so successfully without you. We really appreciate it.

The district team will be announced this week and information sent home to parents next week.  The District Athletics will be held on Thursday 22nd March at Casey Fields.


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05oct9:00 am3:30 pmTerm 4 Begins9:00 am - 3:30 pm

12octAll DayFoundation to Year 2 Return to School(All Day: monday)

19oct12:00 pm1:30 pmVirtual 1st Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

19oct6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

26octAll Day28Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

28octAll Day30Year 3/4 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

02novAll DayCurriculum Day(All Day: monday)

05novAll DayCamp Quality Puppets - Cancelled(All Day: thursday)

Principals Report

School Review Update

Thank you to our parents who have been providing feedback and answering questions from our staff at the front gate.  We have now confirmed that our first day of review (Validation Day) is Monday, 14th May and the final day being Monday, 4th June.  In between these days, the reviewer will be conducting some fieldwork, that will include classroom observations and speaking to groups of students and teachers about our school.

Our students are working with Mr Trzeciak and our Engagement Team to unpack student surveys from 2017, enabling them to provide their perceptions and recommendations. Student representatives will also be presenting their findings to the Review Panel on the Validation Day.

Community Partnerships

What an amazing sight the house coloured marquees looked on Friday at the House Sports. They certainly provided abundant shade for our students on the day. This valuable resource for our school was purchased with the money raised from the Colour Run last year. We were also able to purchase sports uniforms for our senior students when representing our school.

This year the Community Partnerships Team (sub- committee of School Council) will again be looking at fundraising ideas for our school. We have identified a need to use any money raised, to put towards our playground equipment and outdoor spaces. We have locked in the Colour Run once again for 9th November, 2018.  Stay posted for other fundraising events.

Easter Raffle and Parade

Coming up over the next 3 weeks, we will be holding our Easter raffle. We are gratefully accepting donations of any Easter items for Easter baskets. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase in each class at a cost of $1 each or 3 for $2.  You can also purchase tickets at the office and after school at the front gate from Tuesday, 13th March.  Our raffle will be drawn at our Easter parade on Thursday, 29th March.

School Council Elections 2018/2019

On Tuesday our nominations closed for the 2018 School Council.

We were thrilled to get so many nominations from our parents. The candidates have been contacted, and we will now be holding a parent election. All families will receive information regarding this process next week.

Buildings and Grounds

Request for assistance – Is there anyone in our community who would like to provide some advice to our Buildings and Grounds School Council Sub-Committee around landscaping various areas of our school grounds?  We have a number of smaller areas that we would like to develop and would love some professional advice and support. Please contact the office if you can help.

Working Bee- scheduled for Sunday, 22nd April 9:00-12:00pm with a BBQ to conclude.

If you can lend a hand, even for a short time, we would love your help.

Wedding News

Congratulations Ms Emma Scott who was married on Saturday, 3rd March. On behalf of the School Community, we wish Emma and Tom our best wishes.  Emma will return to Clyde on Monday, 26th March as Mrs Emma Grant.

Fruit Break

Just a reminder that fruit break happens throughout the school twice per day. The first one occurs mid-morning (about 10am) and the second fruit break is between session 3 and 4. (around 12.30pm) These fruit breaks provide essential fuel for the brain to assist students to optimise their learning. Please remember to place some fruit into your child’s lunch box each day so they can re-fuel their brain for the following session.

Student Agency at Clyde Primary School

Student Agency is the new name for student leadership and student voice at Clyde Primary. This term we will launch our brand new Student Agency program and are very excited to share with you some of what we are planning for the year.

Student agency refers to the level of control, autonomy, and power that a student experiences in an educational situation. Student agency can be manifested in the choice of learning environment, subject matter, approach, and/or pace. Authentic assessment, experiential or project based learning, and mastery-based learning all provide opportunities to increase student agency. With more student agency can come higher levels of engagement and commitment to the learning process.

Grace Newton:

This year our new Student Agency Program will give our students the opportunity to

  • Work in action teams
  • Set goals, develop and implement a project focusing on a school improvement topic they are interested in
  • Write their own role descriptions
  • Drive school improvement
  • Influence teaching and learning
  • Participate in leadership learning programs
  • Contribute to the school review

School badges for our Captains, Leaders and Student Agency members will be presented at our first whole school assembly which is on the last Thursday of the term. Our School Captains will work on the selection criteria for our Student Agency class representatives. The application and selection process for interested students will take place over the next week.

Our school leaders for 2018 are:

School Captains
Cameron (56D)
Gracie (56B)

Vice Captain
Farshad (56D)
Ebony (56D)

House Captain
Ballarto – Maddy (56D)
Beechers – Taylen (56A)
Redgway – Greta (56A)
Yallambee – Olivia (56D)

Yah (56D)

Blake (56B)

ICT and Digital Technologies Leaders
Lara (56C)
Riley (56D)
Austin (56B)
Julian (56C)

Performing Arts
Genna (56C)

Visual Arts
Brianna (56A)

Chloe (56B)
Abbey (56C)

Josh (56A)
Alexis (56C)

‘Take A Stand Against Bullying’ Day

On Friday 16th March all students will participate in our ‘Take a Stand Against Bullying’ Day. On this day students will complete activities in their classroom related to understanding what bullying is and isn’t, and what they can do to help in this situation. The whole school will also participate in completing a ‘Take a Stand’ mural by colouring in a hand to symbolise that they will ‘Take a Stand’ if they see something inappropriate happening.

This will be the first of many sessions that students will participate in throughout the year relating to bullying.

Casey Cardinia Library

On Wednesday this week,  a representative from Casey Cardinia Library visited our school to talk to our middle and senior students about the importance of a library and correct practices to ensure that our library can be enjoyed by all. We look forward to her returning next week to talk to our Foundation and Junior students.

Kate Brittain

Literacy Curriculum Leader

A Message from our School Captains

What does Student Agency mean to me…?

Cameron: Student Agency introduces a level of control, autonomy and power to students in educational situations. Student Agency is when you get to choose how you challenge yourself in class. Good aspects of a Student Agency program include activities that are:

  • Meaningful and relevant to learners
  • Guided by student interest
  • Student led
  • Guided by teachers
  • helping students to have a voice

Gracie: Student Agency allows me as a student to choose how I can challenge myself with my learning and how I work. For example, the teacher gives us an assignment about penguins. I may want to write about emperor penguins but someone else may want to write about why they can`t fly. That`s acceptable because we are both challenging ourselves and decided this topic from our own interests. Using student agency can help a student in their learning and another student’s learning in a successful way. This makes it easy for both teachers and students because students are giving themselves their own success criteria and interest in a topic.

Farshad: What does Student agency mean to me?

Taking control of my learning:

  • choosing tasks I would prefer over others
  • choosing tasks I am interested in
  • choosing topics I have knowledge in
  • being prepared to do some work on these each day

Being responsible for my actions/decisions, I make about my learning:

  • following rules/instructions
  • doing as the teacher suggests

Having tasks that I love and am interested in:

  • following rules/instructions
  • be more motivated/inspired
  • helpful in reaching my goals
  • complete tasks well

Ebony: Student Agency means having a voice and using it. Also representing what you believe in and being ready to take any chance given. It also means:

  • being a representative
  • being a role model
  • having a say about our learning environment, what it looks like and feels like
  • having a voice about of what happens around us at school

Our teacher team implementing the new Student Agency program is:

  • Jerry Trzeciak
  • Hayley Taylor
  • Sue Lumley
  • Jess Hamilton
  • Ben Ahern

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new program.

Parent Helper Workshop

On Tuesday 27th February at 9:00 am 11 parents undertook a Parent Helpers Workshop with Mrs Sue Lumley. The workshop covered a number of areas relating to helping in school. It also provided the parents with information on how to use the knowledge gained during the workshop to support their own children at home.

The areas covered were:

  • How parents can help in class by providing individual assistance, working with small groups, working with individual students to support reading, writing, maths, PMP.
  • Reading at Clyde Primary School- How reading is taught using Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary strategies (CAFÉ).
  • Writing at Clyde Primary School- Writers notebooks and text construction
  • Mathematics at Clyde Primary School- Mathematical investigations and different mental maths strategies e.g. part- part- whole and trusting the count.
  • Confidentiality and our Community Code of Conduct.
  • The Working with Children Check and how to get it.

Thank you to all the parents who attended:

Mario, Anuradha, Rachel, Cecile, Larisa, Kasandra, Craig, Dulani, Hannah, Krysten, Amelia.

We will be running another Parent Helper Workshop on the 1st May 2018. If you are interested please leave your name at the office.

PLT News

What is a PLT?

This year we have redefined the purpose of our Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) and set some overarching goals for the year ahead at Clyde. PLTs are defined as “an ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively.. to achieve better results for the students they serve” (DuFour). Our PLTs meet twice per week to analyse student data, to understand each individual students next level of learning, to track student progress and to share effective teaching strategies and best practice that has an impact on student learning. Another crucial component of our PLTs is Professional Learning for all team members – “in helping all students learn, the adults in the organisation must also be continually learning” (DuFour). Each teacher has identified individual and specific areas for targeted Professional Learning that are explicitly linked to the school’s Annual Implementation Plan targets and will support our development as teachers. Professional Practice Days will also continue in 2018 with each team meeting for a day at the end of the Term to complete some key learning and to complete curriculum planning documents for the following Term.

Junior PLT

The Junior students have had a wonderful start to their school year!  They have settled into classroom routines and have been practicing our Golden Rules. The students have enjoyed learning about Classroom Communities and are very excited to be starting our Investigations topic on History. The Junior Team teachers have loved meeting their classes and are looking forward to an incredible year ahead.

Our students have been enjoying taking home their reader bags each night with a new book to read. Magic Words have also gone home for students to practise their spelling and sight words. Teachers will be checking the reading diaries once a week to sign and check reading nights as we will be giving out reading awards next assembly. A little bit of practice goes a long way!

The Junior Team would like to thank all of the families for their support in the Writer’s Workshop program. The Writer’s Notebooks are already starting to produce some amazing writing ideas and the students have loved sharing their ‘seeds’ and brainstorming about them. We hope that everyone will add at least one seed to their Writer’s Notebook every week. Students need to make sure that they have their Writer’s Notebooks at school every Thursday and Friday as we will be using them for our writing sessions.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have had a lot of fun creating History themed language experiences for the Junior students. These shared experiences assist the students in their writing. So far, they have been part of an olden day school experience and have played olden day games outside. The Junior students loved drawing in chalk and have learnt lots of new words to use in their recount writing.

We are also looking for parent volunteers to help in our classrooms. Some things you might be helping us with include reading or practising Magic Words with students. Please talk to your child’s teacher for more information if you are interested.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The Junior Team.

Attendance News


Attendance News

 Why ‘It’s Not OK to Be Late to School’

Students being late to school can have an effect on the teacher, other students in their class and themselves in the following ways. They:

  • miss out on talking to their class teacher before school
  • miss out on playing with other children before school
  • miss out on organisation time, for example getting their workbooks and pencil case from their tub and setting up their table for the day
  • miss out on roll marking, lunch orders being sent to the canteen and taking notices to the office
  • miss out on hearing what’s happening for the day
  • are often unsure about what they have to do in the lesson
  • If you are having any concerns with school attendance, please talk to your child’s teacher and school staff as we can provide scaffolding and support

For more information

Below is our attendance graph for February. How has your class scored?


This year an Attendance Cup is going to be presented at the end of each term during our whole school assembly for the class with the highest attendance. Attached is the attendance for February and as you can see it is very close but Foundation D is currently in the lead. Classes are currently discussing this graph and how they can assist to improve the attendance in their classroom e.g. taking days off only when ill.

Currently the Education Department is focusing closely on attendance and improving attendance in all Victorian schools. It is essential that students attend school each day unless they are ill. Each day a student is away means that they are missing essential elements to their learning. Less than 95% attendance makes it difficult for students to successfully improve at the expected rate for their year level.

Please remember that if your child is away you are required by law to provide the school with an explanation. Clyde Primary School asks that you do so by 9.30am on the day that your child is away. Teachers are required to contact any parent that does not provide the school with an explanation.






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