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23rd March 2018

Featured  – District Athletics

Congratulations to our District Athletics Team

Last week around 40 of our students went to Casey Fields to compete in the District Athletics Event. Our students showed great determination, resilience and sportsmanship.  A special congratulations to Jayden 3/4A who showed an outstanding effort in the hurdles event and will now compete at Regional level.


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05oct9:00 am3:30 pmTerm 4 Begins9:00 am - 3:30 pm

12octAll DayFoundation to Year 2 Return to School(All Day: monday)

19oct12:00 pm1:30 pmVirtual 1st Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

19oct6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

26octAll Day28Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

28octAll Day30Year 3/4 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

02novAll DayCurriculum Day(All Day: monday)

05novAll DayCamp Quality Puppets - Cancelled(All Day: thursday)

Principals Report

Premier’s Reading Challenge

We are excited to announce that Clyde Primary School are once again participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.  It is a wonderful way to enjoy literature with your children and build a love for reading a variety of books.

Last year, we had an amazing response, with a record number of students across the school completing the challenge and this year we would like to beat that number!

Children in Foundation to Year 2 will need to read or experience 30 books before the 7th September and Years 3-6 will need to read 15 books.  Your child’s teacher will assist them by reading a selection of Challenge books in the classroom.

On Friday, every student would have brought home information and a permission form for the Premier’s Reading Challenge Honour Roll.  This form will only need to be signed if you would like your child’s name to appear on the online roll.

We look forward to hearing about all the fabulous books that the children experience throughout the challenge!

Kate Brittain

Literacy Curriculum Leader

Parent Contributions

Thank you to all the families who have already paid their Parent Contributions. For those who have not yet finalised your account, please make payments through QKR or at the office.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the office to make arrangements.

National Day Of Action Against Bullying And Violence

On Friday the 16th of March Clyde Primary School took part in the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. All students learned about what bullying is, what to do if you are getting bullied, how to prevent bullying and how to stop bullying. It was great to see students of all ages getting involved and rallying together to stop bullying and violence. The Senior PLT spent the morning creating posters that will be displayed around our school. Here are some examples:

School Review Update

Last Monday, 19th March we held a School Improvement Team meeting including myself, Our SEIL Ms Anne Martin,  Ms Mackenlay, our School Improvement leaders; Jerry Trzeciak, Hayley Taylor, Tegan Williams, Sophie Foden and Kate Brittain in further preparation for our School Review. Our team recapped on the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes and where we identified our school to be on the Continua of Practice.  This will be a focus for the panel on the first day of our School Review. Our reviewer, Emma Richardson will be visiting our school on Thursday, 19th April to plan further for our Validation Day on Monday, 14th May.

Easter Raffle and Parade

We are still asking for donations for our Easter raffle. If you would like to donate any Easter items, please drop them off at the school office. Raffle tickets are available for purchase in each class at a cost of 50c each or 3 for $1.00. You can also purchase tickets at the office and after school at the front gate from Monday, 26th March. Our raffle will be drawn at our Easter parade on Thursday, 29th March.

School Council Elections 2018 / 2019

Our School Council election process closed last week. We wish to thank all of our community for voting in the ballot, as well as a special thank you to those that nominated.

I would like to advise that our new School Council for 2018/ 2019 comprises of:

Parent representatives: Kerri Lightowler, Marita Elvish, Marianne Burgess, Courtney Goodman, Loren Darras, Glen Travica, Kim Pennell and Nicola Power.

DET representatives: Emma Grant, Michelle Mackenlay, Fiona Pratt and Sharon Diehl.

Thank you to our outgoing School Council members for your valuable contributions to our school; Charlotte Cullen, Kim Zerafa and Rachel Travica.

Camps 2018

Our camping program begins next term with the Senior students attending Rawson Village Camp from Monday 25th – Thursday 28th June. To confirm your child’s place at camp, we are asking for a $50 deposit and completion of the permission form to be returned to school by Friday, 20th April. Please keep an eye out for the Flexibuzz message coming home early this week. We seek your support in returning both the deposit and form, so that we can confirm numbers and therefore cost of the camp.  At this stage we are anticipating that the total cost will be between $300 -$360.  The total cost of the camp is payable by Friday, 8th June.

The Middle school students will also be attending camp this year from Monday 17th – Wednesday, 19th September at Allambee Camp. We will be beginning organisation for this camp in Term 2.

Buildings and Grounds

We are currently seeking quotes to complete some upgrades on our playground.

If you know anyone in our school community who would like to provide some advice to our Buildings and Grounds School Council Sub-Committee around landscaping various areas of our school grounds, we would love to hear from you.  We have a number of smaller areas that we would like to develop and would love some professional advice and support. Please contact the office if you can help.

Working Bee- scheduled for Sunday, 22nd April 9:00-12:00pm with a BBQ to conclude.

There are a number of areas of the school we would love to work on at the working bee; painting of the pergola behind the Learning Nest, Painting ‘The Rose”, Painting the pergola at the front gate, cleaning of the outside of the school buildings, extending the sandpit in the front playground and adding new sand, general weeding and sweeping to name a few.  If you can help for just a short time, we would appreciate your help. We will be sending out a Flexibuzz message shortly inviting you to attend if you can and asking you to indicate expertise or special skills you may have to assist.  Thank you in advance for your help.

School Photos 2018

School Photo day is scheduled for Thursday, 26th April.  Early next term we will be sending home envelopes and further information.  Please keep a look out for this.

End of Term 1

Next Thursday, 29th March is the last day of Term 1. I would like to remind parents that dismissal is at 2:30pm. We hope that everyone has a great Easter and holiday break. We return to school on Monday, 16th April.

Principal’s Awards

The Principal Award for Foundation went to:

Jessica FA for creating a great writing piece about Clever Max using her understanding of sounds.

The 1/2 Principal Awards went to:

Cruize 1/2E for being a hard-working and persistent member of our class, who always tries his best! This is well deserved, congratulations Cruize!

Ellen 1/2B for writing an excellent Recount that included a title, introduction and series of events

The student that received the Middle PLT Principal Award is:

Willow 3/4B for academic excellence.

The Senior PLT Principal Award went to:

Emily 5/6B  for using fantastic figurative language throughout your description writing. Fantastic job!

PLT News

Middle School News

Our 3/4 students have been working hard and they have many exciting things to share. Students from 3/4 A and C have written their impressions of exciting events that have occurred throughout the term.

This term in Music….

Mr T is teaching us to do all sorts of drumbeats. I am trying to get up to different stages.  – Patrick

We are doing the drums and we are learning to do the beat and the rhythm. We are also learning to do all of the levels. On levels you have to stomp and do the cymbal and the drum. -Jay

We play the bucket drum with Mr T. I’m at level 3 ½. We play as a team. The beat is called backbeat. The song is “Walk this way”. We enjoy it a lot. That’s all we did in music!  -Egor

This term in Art…

This year in art we have been re-creating impressions painting with pastels and they turned out GREAT! We have also been drawing self-portraits which turned out even better. – Darcy

In Art we are doing portraits of ourselves and we got to design a front and back cover for our art books. We have not done much in Art this term but there were also patterns in circle and you were not supposed to put the same patterns next to each other.  – Danica

This term in Sport…

Sport is really fun. If you want to know why we are doing training for cross-country. Cross-country is a BIG race where you have to run 7 laps of the school. If you get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you go to district. At district you verse another school in the area. Only 3/4/5/6 go to it. If you come 1st or 2nd, you go to states then interstate and that is for it then there is no more to do in it. – Bailey

This term in Maths…

We have learned in maths the split strategy, which is when you add the tens together and the ones then use what both the ones and tens made together. The friends of tens are like six plus four equals ten. Near doubles is like doubles but is near a double like five and six. You add five plus five plus one. Doubles are like six plus six. – Eddie and Ollie

This term in Maths we learnt about data. We learnt about line graphs. When you do a line graph you have numbers at the side and words down the bottom. When we learnt to do a line graph Mrs Chester said a helpful tip is to always do the dots first as it makes it easier. – Sienna.

Athletics day

We had the best day of our lives on athletics day. Firstly the activities were 100m sprint, relay, hurdles, discus, 800m sprint, 200m sprint and other activities. Everyone was so sweaty they needed lots of water. We ate lots of food because it was a big day and we sat under any tent. – Hamish and Blake

On Athletics day some people got to do events. I came first in shot put that means I made it to district. At Athletics we did relays and the 800 meters run and my friend Peyton came first. Also on Athletics day we got put into groups. I was in the nine groups. It went all the way up to the 13s. Some events were fun and I liked the shot put, high jump and the relay. – Sameliah

Attendance News

Every day counts

School is better when you are here!

There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes. Each missed day is associated with progressively lower achievement in numeracy, writing and reading.

Attendance tips for parents

  • Schools want to work in partnership with parents – act early if you have any concerns by contacting your child’s school and asking for advice and support
  • Remember that every day counts
  • Talk positively about school and the importance of attending every day
  • Avoid making routine medical and dental appointments during the school day or planning family holidays during the term
  • Seek help from your school if you are concerned about your child’s attendance and wellbeing.

For more information and resources to help address attendance issues, visit:

General Information


Thank you for reading our newsletter. Our next edition should be available at the end of April.