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26th October 2018

Featured | Year 1/2 Excursion to Legoland

At Legoland, the students were involved in an educational workshop ‘Spin the Gears,’ which allowed them to test and compare different gears, explore clockwise and counter clockwise movement and build upon concepts of effort and force.

Throughout the day, students were engaged in problem solving activities where they constructed, tested, and modified a range of designs.

Thank you to the parent volunteers who came along to help on the day, from all reports it was a fun day for all!

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26octAll Day28Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

28octAll Day30Year 3/4 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

02novAll DayCurriculum Day(All Day: monday)

05novAll DayCamp Quality Puppets - Cancelled(All Day: thursday)

06novAll DayColour Run(All Day: friday)

13nov12:00 pm1:30 pm2nd Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

23nov12:00 pm1:30 pm3rd Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

23nov6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

Principals Report

Workforce Planning

We are currently in the process of recruiting new staff for 2019 to cater for our growing numbers.  We are introducing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) specialist area into our school next year. We are also continuing to build our Leadership Team and have applications being considered at the moment.

We will advise you of our new and growing 2019 Clyde Staff Team as soon as this process has been finalised.

Communication Protocols

At Clyde, we value the partnerships we have with you in making sure we offer the best education for your child and ensuring they feel safe and secure at school.

At times your students may come home with an issue that has happened during the day. There are some guidelines attached that will support you to work through this conversation with your child.

How to help your Child-page-001

Your child’s teacher is always the first port of call for the initial contact.  They know your child and they are here to provide support. If, however, you feel after talking to them, the matter is not resolved, the next contact is with the PLT (Professional Learning Team) Coordinator or you may like to contact Ms Hayley Taylor, our Wellbeing Leader. If there are still concerns, please then contact Ms Michelle Mackenlay, our Assistant Principal or myself.

For your information our PLT Coordinators are:

Foundation- Ms Ashlea Hickey and additional support; Ms Sue Lumley
Junior- Ms Allie McQueen
Middle- Ms Kellie Davis
Senior- Mr Ben Ahern

Term 4

Can I remind parents to advise us if you are planning to move schools at the end of the year.  We rely on this information to plan for 2019. Please contact the office as soon as possible.

Behaviour Management

Our classroom management plan states that all classrooms follow the same rules to provide students with the opportunity to learn in a positive environment. Each classroom follows our four golden rules. These rules are displayed in each classroom and are referred to regularly by all staff. Our four golden rules include:

*Listening and following instructions

*Using positive language only

*I will raise my hand

*I will follow the 3 R’s: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience

Staff encourage children to follow these rules and provide them with rewards/incentives when children are displaying appropriate behaviours. Staff speak to students regularly and students are given a chance to redeem behaviour and are encouraged to make appropriate choices. At times, students need reminders to redeem their behaviour and the school adopts our warning steps during this process. Our warning steps include:


Behavioural consequences are to be followed in each classroom in conjunction with your Shared Commitments.

  1. Warning – (students should be clear of how they have broken the four golden rules)
  2. Warning – Moved to another workspace in the classroom.
  3. Warning – Moved to an isolated workspace in the classroom.
  4. Removed to buddy classroom, parents are contacted by the classroom teacher as soon as possible Teachers are expected to send their students with work to be completed when removed from class.

Students who are removed from class will need to be signed out on the Buddy Classroom template. These forms are to be handed to the PLT Coordinator at the end of each week.

A restorative conversation will be completed with the student and the teacher that removed the student. This will occur during the first half of recess.

If a student is refusing to follow teacher instructions at any of the above steps, skip straight to Step 5.

5. Member of Leadership Contacted – (this is done by the buddy classroom’s teacher if the student’s behaviour is still not acceptable or if students are not following a teacher instruction to go to the buddy room). If a student reaches this step, the expectation is that classroom teachers will need to document the incident in order to keep an ongoing record. These documents will need to be forwarded to the Wellbeing Coordinator.

6. Principal involved.

If issues/behaviours arise that are more serious (e.g. fighting, bullying) or there are safety concerns, skip straight to step 5.

If behavioural issues continue on an ongoing basis, a behaviour management plan may need to be developed in conjunction with the Leadership Team.

World Teacher’s Day

I know you will join me in acknowledging and thanking all of our wonderful teachers and ES staff for the commitment, enthusiasm, caring and professionalism they provide for our students, your children every day, on World Teacher’s Day.  Teaching is a profession that comes from the heart and each and every one of our staff exhibit very special skills to support students to be their best.

School Review Report

Our School Review process has been finalised. The detailed report from this Review outlines our goals and key improvement strategies for the next four years. These goals will form our Strategic Plan for 2019-2022. The Review panel provided us with some wonderful highlights to celebrate from our work over the past 4 years, as well as some ideas for future improvements. Feedback and ideas will also be sought from the school community  as well as an analysis of school performance data, which will provide us with direction for the Strategic Plan.

School-wide Positive Behaviour Support

It is with great excitement that I inform the Clyde Primary School Community that we have been successful in gaining the support of a regional coach who will work with our school in developing our school-wide positive behaviours program.  SWPBS (as it will come to be known) is a whole-school framework which provides schools with an approach to promote positive behaviours in schools.

The framework is evidence-based and assists schools to improve school culture and increase academic performance.

Stay tuned for further information!

Alexandra King


Events for Term 4

Foundation Transition

Our Foundation sessions for Term 4 are scheduled for the following dates:

Monday, 22nd October- 12:00-1:30pm

Friday, 9th November: 12:00-1:30pm

Monday, 19th November-12:00-1:30pm Principal Morning Tea: 12:00- 12:45pm

Tuesday, 27th November: Foundation Information Session- 6:00-7:00pm

Tuesday, 11th December: 9:30-1:00pm followed by BBQ lunch

We look forward to seeing all of our 2019 Foundation attending all transition sessions in order to become familiar with our school and teachers and to ensure a positive start in 2019.

Whole School Transition

We are again implementing our whole school transition program, to ensure our students have an opportunity to get to know their classmates and teacher for 2019. The dates for these sessions are listed below. Over the first two sessions, our students will be rotating through a range of tasks. On Tuesday, 11th December, they will spend the day with their 2019 teachers and classmates, and on Tuesday, 18th December, there is an opportunity to meet and greet the teacher after school.

Friday, 23rd November- 12:00-1:30pm

Monday, 3rd December- 12:00-1:30pm

Tuesday, 11th December- 9:00-3:30pm

Tuesday, 18th December: 2:30-3:30pm. Parent meet and Greet- 3:30-4:00pm

Other Events to put on the calendar:

Carols Night

Tuesday, 4th December 5:00pm Picnic, Carols begin at 6:00pm

Year 6 Graduation

Tuesday, 18th December 6:00pm

Curriculum Day

Monday, 10th December- Student Free Day


Last week of Term 4

Monday, 17th December- Swimming Carnival

Tuesday, 18th December- Transition and Graduation

Wednesday, 19th December- Cricket Roadshow

Thursday, 20th December- Class parties and Foundation – 2 Disco

Friday, 21st December- Early Dismissal- 1:30pm


Other Events:

Friday, 19th October- NRL Billy Slater Shield- Senior

Wednesday, 24th October- Junior Legoland excursion

Wednesday, 31st October- AFL Nines District comp- Senior School

Friday, 9th November- Colour Run

Wednesday, 14th November- Middle School Movie Festival 2:30pm

Thursday, 15th November- Senior Movie Festival

Tuesday, 20th November- Whole School and Graduation Photo Day

Thursday, 29th November- Thank you Morning Tea for parent helpers.

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations go to our latest Principal Award Recipients…

Cruz – FA – For showing significant improvement across all academic areas.

Ayaan – 1/2C – Great work using the correct text type structure for writing a procedure. You have done a fantastic job applying the success criteria to improve your writing!

Brodie – 1/2D – Well done Brodie on all your hard work and dedication throughout the year. You have written some brilliant pieces of writing using your Writer’s Notebook and should be really proud of yourself. Keep up the great work!

Reuben – 3/4D – For always trying his hardest in all learning tasks. Reuben is a kind and caring member of our class, who always shows respectful behaviours. He is willing to have a go at all learning tasks and contribute during small focus groups. Great effort, Reuben!

Bradley – 5/6B – For his outstanding work in Digital Technologies and demonstrating how to think critically to solve problems.

These hard working students will enjoy lunch with Ms Pratt or Ms Mackenlay shortly.


PLT News


The Foundation students have done a fantastic job of settling into their last term of Foundation!

In Reading we have been learning to use different accuracy strategies to help us read unknown words. We have learnt how to blend, stretch, then re-read an unknown word, chunk letters and sounds together to read an unknown word and currently we are learning to flip the sound in unknown words. We have enjoyed learning how to use rubber bands and other objects to help remind us how to use these strategies.

In Writing, we have began to learn about Procedure writing. The children have enjoyed participating in language experiences to help form their procedures. We have investigated making fruit salads, the process of washing our hands and how to brush our teeth. We have been working on making sure our steps are very clear and precise.

In Mathematics, the Foundation classes have been investigating money and what we use it for. The students have had many opportunities to explore money by comparing what makes each coin and note different, using hands on experiences and looking at what the value of money means in everyday situations. We enjoyed playing with toy money to create our own shops. We sold items around the classroom, set prices and visited each other’s shops to buy objects using the toy money.

Well done, Foundation!

IMG_2003 IMG_2004 IMG_2005 IMG_2006 IMG_2007

Attendance News

Student’s are encouraged to attend school every day to learn new things and interact with their friends. However if your child is ill/sick the school asks that they stay away to prevent other students becoming ill. Even though the school encourages students to attend school as much as possible we understand that students do become ill and need time at home to rest and recuperate. Clyde PS congratulate students for being at school through class and individual incentives but also understand that students need to stay away from school for varying reasons. It is important to notify your child’s teacher as soon as possible when your child is absent and it is a department requirement to provide the school with a reason for the absence.

Informing the school of an absence:

It is a requirement that parents/caregivers notify the school on the same day of the child’s absence. This can be done through the Flexibuzz app or via phone call.

The following absences are acceptable and therefore school approved:

  • Your child is unwell (illness)
  • You are on an extended family holiday (provided that you have informed your child’s classroom teacher/s 2 weeks prior to the holiday and have met with them to create an absence learning plan)
  • Parent choice – school approved: The school approves absences that are beyond parental control. Some examples of school approved absences are:
    • Broken down car / car won’t start
    • Parent illness
    • Funeral

However, there are instances where an absence is unapproved and therefore unauthorised – these are absences that have the biggest impact on student learning, as the student could be at school, but is not. Some examples of school unapproved absences are:

  • Birthdays
  • Going shopping
  • Packing


An absence form has been completed on Flexibuzz, but a reason has not been provided.

At Clyde Primary School, we have 4 attendance mantras:

Learning starts at 9am – All students at Clyde Primary School begin their day with Sustained Reading – this improves their fluency, accuracy and comprehension of texts, whilst exposing them to new vocabulary every single day. Missing even a few minutes of Sustained Reading each day means their reading will be negatively impacted, they will miss the start of the daily routine and therefore will not feel as settled as students who are on time – impacting them for the rest of their day.

Learning finishes at 3:30pm – Students continue learning new skills right up until the end of day bell at 3.30pm, students leaving early will miss out on new learning, the consolidation of knowledge, end of day celebrations and finding out what is in store for the next day.

Everyday matters! There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes. Each day missed is associated with progressively lower achievement in numeracy, writing and reading. Being away from school for one day a fortnight equals missing 1.5 years of 13 years of school. In Primary school, some students miss on average 3 weeks of school per year. That’s half a year of school by the end of year 6.

Positive relationships are built at school – By attending school every day, students build positive relationships with both teachers and students. They form strong friendships, and learn crucial social skills that will support them in being a positive member of their community as they continue their journey into adulthood. Every day a child is not at school impacts on their ability to develop positive relationships with all members of our school community and to learn crucial social skills.

General Information


To assist us in learning all about design and digital technologies, our senior school students have been putting their inquiry skills to the test with our brand new Lego WeDo 2.0 kits.
The students have been investigating how to design and evaluate different robots, and how to identify a problem and develop effective solutions. So far earthquake simulators, rescue cranes and motion detectors have been used to solve problems. The kits also require the students to use block-based coding to control their robots. It has been fascinating building different scripts, and watching our robots come to life.
We are also excited to announce the arrival of some new iPads, and some updated class laptops. We encourage all parents to speak to their children about the importance of using these new resources safely, and being upstanding digital citizens when searching for online information.
Another reminder that the portal for our Year 5/6 BYOD program is now live on the school website. It can be accessed by clicking on parent information, and following the ICT links.


There have been many cases of headlice this term already. This is just a friendly reminder to please be vigilant and ensure you are checking your child’s hair regularly. If you see you child scratching their hair please check and treat their hair if required. Make sure you are following the directions of the treatment to assist in removing the lice and preventing it from returning. If you do detect lice in your child’s hair please notify your child’s teacher or the office so we can alert other parents in the class.

Please refer to for further information


Clyde Primary School is committed to child safety. We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and members of the school community. We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all students. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously. If you would like more information please see our Child Safe Policy on our website.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, and their Elders, as the Traditional Owners of the land on which the School stands.

Thank you for reading our newsletter. Our next edition should be available early November.