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13th September 2019

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26octAll Day28Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

28octAll Day30Year 3/4 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort - Cancelled(All Day)

02novAll DayCurriculum Day(All Day: monday)

05novAll DayCamp Quality Puppets - Cancelled(All Day: thursday)

06novAll DayColour Run(All Day: friday)

13nov12:00 pm1:30 pm2nd Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

23nov12:00 pm1:30 pm3rd Transition Day - Foundation 202112:00 pm - 1:30 pm

23nov6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

Principals Report

Online Safety-Talking Safely Online

Here are some tips about talking to others online. It is important that children understand the signs of recognizing when someone is a safe person or an unsafe person to interact with.

Time Flies

It’s all coming together!

All of the students have been attending practice sessions, working on their expression and storytelling skills. Our dedicated parent committee have been creating and locating some amazing props to make our show a memorable night that we all won’t forget!

We have had some brilliant costumes being brought in; the teachers are collecting them and marking students off. Please note that costumes are required to classroom teachers by Thursday the 19th of September. We hope that you are enjoying creating your costumes and looking at their allocated era. It is a great opportunity to delve into some of the characters that we have inside our story. Please remember your costumes can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. The difference in the costumes provided are going to be effective on the night.

No shoes or socks are required on stage and you are encouraged to add stage make up to your child before they arrive at the theatre on the night. Stage make up is useful for girls and boys as the professional lighting of the stage can wash out facial details for filming. Please note that teachers will not be applying makeup due to hygiene and health reasons so please be creative at home before you come in on the night.

The day is finally here, its time to grab your ticket!

As previously mentioned, tickets will go on sale today at 10am.

A reminder to about our ticket sales that our ticket prices are $20 each. Children under two years old that will sit on your lap (no seat will be allocated to them) are free.

To access tickets click on the link below, it will take you to the dates of the performances and you can pick which ones you would like.

Tickets are $20 each with a special deal for bulk tickets; if you buy 5 tickets you will receive the 6th ticket free. You are able to spread your bundle out over the two nights if required. For example you can allocate three tickets for night one and the remaining three tickets for the second night if you wish.

Cast A are on Tuesday October the 15th (Foundation D and C, 1/2 F, E and C, 3/4 B, A and E, 5/6 A and B)

Cast B is on Wednesday October the 16th (Foundation E, A and B, 1/2 A, B and D, 3/4 C, D and F, 5/6 C and D.

 Venue: Bunjil Place theatre 2 Patrick NE Dr, Narre Warren VIC

You can copy and paste the below link to send to your friends and family to purchase tickets if you would like.

Please tap on the link below to purchase tickets.

If you need any assistance with this, please call Bunjil Place theatre on

03 9709 9700

So get planning and get your families and friends ready for an amazing night out at the theatre!

Planning for 2020

 Our numbers at Clyde are currently 475 students made up of the following: This is 75 students more than the same time last year.

Foundation- 96, Year 1- 82 Year 2- 66 Year 3- 81 Year 4 – 54 Year 5- 48 and Year 6 – 48 = 475

Enrolments predicted for 2020 currently number 80+ (4 x Foundation classes) although we are unsure of enrolments arriving over the holidays.

At this stage we are planning our staffing based on 510 students although we are anticipating this will grow. Our school structure will consist of 23 classes (an increase of 2 from 2019) and will include: 4 x Foundation classes, 4 x Year 1 classes, 4 x Year 2 classes, 3 x Year 3 classes, 4 x Year 4 classes and 4 x Year 5 / 6 classes. 

Our Specialist areas for 2020 include P.E. Art, Music and STEM.  We are also hoping to fill the LOTE- Indonesian position currently advertised on Recruitment online.

To accommodate these additional classes, we are waiting to hear from Region about an additional Portable Mod 5 classroom.

Could I ask that if you know you are moving over the holidays and will not be returning in 2020, that you let the office know as soon as possible as this impacts significantly on planning for 2020.

Term 4  Foundation Transition

 Monday, 21st October- 12:00-1:30pm; Friday, 8th October – 12-1.30pm: Monday, 18th November- 12:00-1:30pm and Tuesday, 10th December 9:30am -1:00pm


Our Foundation Transition evening will be held on Tuesday, 26th November 6:00-7:00pm in the Learning Centre.

New Take Home Books!!!!!

Last terms free dress fundraising event has allowed our school to purchase new take home books for our beginning readers. The amount raised was over $400 and thus we have lots of new titles for our students to enjoy. The books are currently being processed ready for use and will begin to be sent home in term 4. Thank you to all those who donated their gold coin and supported our fundraiser.




Curriculum Day- Monday, 4th November

 Our next Curriculum Day will be held on Monday, 4th November.  Our staff will be participating in moderating Reading and Writing for reports.

New School Update

We have received a letter from the VSBA informing us that our AMP Phase 1 documentation has been approved by SEVR and VSBA.  Our VSBA project Delivery Officer is Sebastian Pitruzzello who will be in contact with us soon to convene an initial start- up meeting at the school.  The first step is to lead the architect engagement process.  Our agreed enrolment figure has been adjusted to 510-525 for the purpose of the current project.

Whole School Transition

Our whole school transition program will again run this year, designed to prepare our students for the following year, and build excitement through getting to know their new classmates and teacher. They will also be setting some goals and being introduced to what the next year level will include.

We are aiming that class teachers for 2020 will be working with their class on the whole school transition day of Tuesday, 10th December and again on Tuesday, 17th December. We would like to invite you to come up and meet your child’s 2020 teacher from 3:30-4:00pm on this day. 

 Session 1: Friday, 22nd November- 12:00-1:30pm

Session 2: Friday, 29th November – 12:00-1:30pm

Session 3: Wednesday, 4th December- 2:30-3:30pm

Session 4: Tuesday, 10th December- 9:15-3:15pm

Session 5: Tuesday, 17th December- 2:30-3:30pm and Meet the teacher- 3:30-4:00pm

BYOD Program- 2020

We will be maintaining our BYOD program for Year 5 and 6 for 2020.   We are holding a BYOD Information night on Wednesday, 18th September at 6:00pm for parents of Year 4 and 5 students.  A flexibuzz has been sent out to all parents of students who will be in Year 5 and 6 in 2020.  We encourage you to come along. 

NAPLAN 2019- a snapshot

 We are very pleased to advise that we have achieved some great results in NAPLAN this year.

 AIP (Annual Implementation Plan) Targets:

Increase the proportion of Year 5 students in the top 2 bands in NAPLAN:

In Reading from 28%to 35% – We reached 34.1%

In Writing from 6% to 10% – We reached 12.5%

In Numeracy from 15% to 20% – We reached 20.5%


Increase the proportion of Year 3 students in the top 2 bands in NAPLAN

In Reading from 43% to 50% – We reached 56.3%

In Writing from 33% to 40% – We reached 50% (Have reached 4 year strategic plan target)

In Numeracy from 26 to 30%- We reached 29.6%


Increase the percentage of students achieving high growth for:

Reading from 18% to 20% – We reached 26.47% (Have reached 4 year strategic plan target-  25%)

Writing from 10% to 15%- We reached 29.41% (Have reached 4 year strategic plan target-  25%)

Numeracy from 5% to 10%- We reached 15.5%


Decrease of the students achieving low growth (4 year target) for:

Reading: at or below 25%- We had 38%

Writing: at or below 25%- We had 23.5%

Numeracy: at or below 25%- We had 30%

We are currently analysing the data further and this will give us valuable information and guidance in the key focus areas for Term 4, 2019 as well as planning for 2020.

End of Term 3

 I would like to take this opportunity of wishing our students and staff well for the holiday break and thank our dedicated staff for their ongoing hard work, commitment and care for our students. To our students, be safe over the holidays and have a rest so that you can return in term 4 for more learning. Thank you to our parents who volunteer their time to support the school in so many ways. We appreciate all you do.

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to our PLT Assembly and Whole School Assembly Principal Award winners…



Whole School Assembly

Brodon 5/6D –  For consistently displaying a positive attitude towards his studies, being selfless and showing great respect for our school, his teachers and his peers.

William 3/4A –  for taking feedback on board about his writing and being proactive in working towards and meeting his writing goal.

Onyul 1/2B – Thankyou for having a great work ethic in all areas of the curriculum.

Elliot FC -For writing descriptive recounts using his finger spaces consistently. Keep up the Great work!



PLT Assembly

Jasmin FB – for demonstrating excellence in her Recount writing by increasing her writing stamina and by including more detail.

Eddie 3/4F – For your striking use of vocabulary and descriptive language when writing book reviews. You have continually strived to improve the quality of writing throughout the year and this has been commended. Congratulations!

Oleander 5/6C – For consistently challenging herself in her learning, sharing her knowledge with her peers and making significant academic growth in all curriculum areas. Your dedication to your academic studies is to be commended. Well done, Oleander!

Kael 1/2B – For an overall positive attitude towards his classwork, particularly his writing as he strives to include adjectives to add detail to his character descriptions.



PLT News


What a huge term we have had in PE and Sport. Term 3 has seen Year 1/2s, Year 3/4s and Foundation take part in swimming lessons at Kingswim. This is a week long activity, where students have a 30 minutes lesson each day for a week. The sessions are made up of swimming lessons including water familiarisation, stroke development and water safety.

Year 5/6 started the term with Lightning Premiership for Years 5/6. Our students took part in AFL, Soccer, Netball and Newcombe. Our AFL team were undefeated. Our Netball A team won the Grand Final, our Soccer team came 3rd and our Newcombe students won a few games against tough competition.

A few weeks later, year 5/6 competed in Hooptime, where we play basketball against other schools in our District. We took 65 students on the day and had 10 teams. All teams did a great job and played their best on the day. Our All Star Girls team won the Grand Final and will progress through to Regionals in October.

District Athletics was a very successful day. We had 44 students participate at Casey Fields. 10 Students have progressed through to Division on 18th September. Well done to all that competed on the day.

On Wednesday 28th August, we had 77 students from Year 3/4 take part in Hooptime at Casey Stadium against other schools in our district. We had 11 teams which was fantastic participation.  All the students had a fantastic day, played their best, lots of goals were scored and we even had quite a few wins! One of our Future Star teams (Clyde Capitals) won the Grand Final on the day which was an amazing achievement. Those team members were presented with a Basketball.

This year was the first time we entered a Girls Tag Rugby team. There were 13 girls that were selected after tryouts to participate in the Billy Slater Cup Tag event. With less than 3 weeks to prepare for the event and not a lot of knowledge about the game, we had Mark Smith (a 56 parent) offer to help coach the girls (and boys teams). The girls trained well and they built up their skills and knowledge and were ready for the big day. The girls all did a fantastic job and we were 2nd overall which is a great achievement.

One week later it was the boys turn to take part in the Billy Slater Cup Tackle tournament. With very tough competition, the boys did a fantastic job and built on their skills during each game. We came away 4th and managed a win, which was a great achievement for the team.

We have a big Term 4 ahead with Colour Run, AFL 9’s, Year 5/6 swimming lessons, Swimming Carnival and some more great activities to look forward to.

I would like to thank all our parent helpers that have helped out on our sports day, whether it be as a coach, a scorer, cheer squad and more. A huge thank you to Mark Smith for being an AMAZING Rugby coach to both our girls and boys teams. To Courtney Goodman, Loren Darras and Lisa Hogan – for coaching a team each on the Hooptime 3/4 day. We really appreciate your help.


What’s been happening in music this term?

This term we will see a feature performance by all of our 1 / 2 students at the whole school assembly. The 1 / 2’s have been working very hard at learning their song, “I Love a B – O – O – K”, and are very excited to give their first performance for our school community. As well as this song, the 1 / 2’s have been working very hard on their class xylophone pieces, and have built up a repertoire of 8 different songs!

This term the 5 / 6’s have been learning guitar. They have spent the term working on 4 chords, and the 2 medley’s played are made up of songs including “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, and “Hall of Fame” by The Script to name a few. They have all made a great start to a challenging instrument!

In foundation we have begun to play xylophone, continued with our singing, and have also begun a unit playing djembe’s and percussion instruments. Our 3 / 4’s gave a fantastic performance of “I Am Australian” at the end of term 2, and have spent this term learning some quite complicated class xylophone pieces which have 3 separate parts including bass lines, chords, and a melody. They have also been playing some ‘riffs’ along with recordings of Ed Sheeran, The White Stripes, and Bruno Mars.

Overall the music room has been a hive of activity, and all of our students have done a fantastic job!


I’m so excited to say that Term 3 is bringing with it new energy, new ideas, and new adventures from students inside and outside the art room.

Art Club is run weekly which gives students time to show their enthusiasm about art and explore art practices outside of their normal art timetable. I’m excited to say that it is a popular lunchtime activity for all year levels. They are learning new drawing techniques and using available art supplies to explore their creative side.

The Butterfly mural is finally complete. Many students from level 1 to 6 enjoyed participating in the painting of the butterfly mural during available lunchtimes. We would work in small groups and block in colours before moving on to the finer details. Campbell and Banna from 34F talked about the wonderful mural and all the work the students have been doing to it this term during one of our whole school assemblies. The mural is interactive with its audience to make it look like YOU have the butterfly wings. So, please come along and take a photo in front of the butterfly and enjoy this wonderful piece of collaborative art many of our students have participated in painting.

On our lead up to the Whole School Production, students recently had the opportunity to enter the badge design competition. The designs went to our Student Agency to select the designs that will be made in to badges that will be available for sale on the lead up to the production next term. Student Agency did a wonderful job selecting a wide variety of designs from each year level….and some teacher designs too (available for a limited time each). Congratulations go to: Laikyn in Foundation A, Carter in 12C, Riley in 12C, Jayda in 34D, Jorja in 34E, Abbey in 56B, and Isabelle in 56A. Thank you to everyone else that entered, you all did amazing designs!

Also, in Year 5/6, students have been busy creating a large scale paper-mache Southern Brown Bandicoot using recycled materials. We are busy adding the finishing touches before the end of the term before we can reveal the finished sculpture to the community. This sculpture will be on display at the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens during the September school holidays. If you are down there, please check the collaborative sculpture they have created. The 5/6’s are showing how wonderfully they can work as a team to achieve a finished project that will be viewed by the wider community. Well done, 5/6 students!



General Information

Bellbrook Catering would like to wish Clyde Primary Staff, students and families a safe and happy holiday break. Your last canteen day for term 3 is Thursday 19th September (inclusive), your first canteen day for term 4 is Tuesday 8th October.


Clyde Primary School is committed to child safety. We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and members of the school community. We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all students. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously. If you would like more information please see our Child Safe Policy on our website.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we gather and pay our respects to elders – past, present and emerging.
Thank you for reading our newsletter. Our next edition should be available at the beginning of June.