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7th February 2020

Featured | A Great Start to 2020!


Welcome back to school everyone and a BIG, warm welcome to our new Foundation students and their families, as well as new families who have joined the Clyde Primary School community.

Our students are settling in well, making new friends and getting quickly into school routines. Here are just some of the photos taken of our first few days back.



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13aprAll DayEaster Monday(All Day: monday)

15apr9:00 am3:30 pmTerm 2 Starts9:00 am - 3:30 pm

16aprAll DayFirst Canteen Day for Term 2 2020(All Day: thursday)

27apr11:50 am2:00 pmCamp Quality Puppets11:50 am - 2:00 pm

27apr6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

30aprAll DaySchool Photo Day(All Day: thursday)

18may9:00 amDistrict Cross Country9:00 am

25mayAll Day27Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort(All Day)

Principals Report

Welcome to 2020 at Clyde PS

I would like to welcome our school community back to an exciting 2020 and make a special welcome to our new Foundation students who settled in well on their first day. We know they are well and truly ready and raring to go as a result of attending all of the Transition sessions in last year. Our students are feeling safe, secure and positive about learning and school. For Foundation parents, if you haven’t booked in for a Wednesday testing time, please speak to your child’s teacher. To our returning students, and our new students throughout the school, I wish you a year of achieving your best in learning and hope that you make the most of your opportunities.

I would like to make a special mention and again congratulate all of our student leaders for 2020. To our School Captains; Jayden Van Schouten and Desi Kohobange and our Vice captains; Darcy Freeman and Ebony Heurea, I know that you will represent our school as respectful, resilient and responsible leaders and be outstanding role models for all students.  To all of our additional leaders listed below, I also look forward to seeing your leadership skills grow throughout the year.

English Leader – Abi Watt

Maths Leader – Shayne Avellano

ICT Leader – Louis Robertshaw

Art Leader – Caitlain Mcintosh

Music Leader – Annabelle Clark

Sports Captains – Abbey Lightowler, Josh Hewitson, Chloe Matthews and Danica Memery

Wellbeing Leader – Brodon Joseph

Multicultural Leader – Lekha Mariappan

Environmental Leader – Abbie Porter

To our parents, a special welcome back, we welcome your positive support and contributions to our school.

To our staff, welcome back and thank you in advance for the commitment, enthusiasm and passion for teaching our students and providing the best educational opportunities for them to learn in 2020. New to the Clyde PS team this year are; Ms Elise Edwards (Foundation), Ms Jessie Van Dyk (Year 3), Ms Belinda Hodges (Year 5/6), Ms Katherine Lee (LOTE- Auslan), Mr Lee Russell (Wellbeing Team) and Ms Emma Long (Education Support). They too have settled in well to our wonderful school.

Notable Dates for Term 1

On Tuesday, 11th February at 9:15am, Ms Koutros will be running our first Parent Helper’s course for those who would like to help in any way at school. Your children love to see you here and we are always looking for help in a number of areas including; Reading and Writing in classrooms, Breakfast Club, our Library, Gardening, School Banking to name a few.  If you are interested and would like to register, please contact the office to register on 59985293.

This term we have our ‘Getting to Know You’, Three Way Conferences on Thursday, 5th March from 3:40-7:30pm. These sessions give you an opportunity to tell us more about your children and highlight their particular strengths and interests. Watch out for more information about these coming home shortly. Bookings can again be made online.

We have also planned our House Athletics Sports Day (Year 3-6) for Friday, 6th March and the School Cross Country has been scheduled for Friday, 20th March.

The Junior House Sports (Foundation – Year 2) will be held on  Thursday 12th March.

Our Easter Parade will be held on Friday, 27th March (last day of term 1) at 9:15am.

Our Foundation, Year 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4 and Year 5/6 assemblies will be run in Week 3 and Week 7 of Term 1. These will be scheduled at the same time and day each term to allow you plenty of notice. Please note the times for next week:

  • Foundation- No Foundation assembly until 11th March at 2:45pm,
  • Year 1 and 2 – Monday 10th February and Tuesday 10th March at 2:45pm
  • Year 3 and 4 – Thursday, 13th February and Thursday, 12th March at 2:45pm
  • Year 5 and 6 – Friday, 14th February and Friday, 13th  March at 2:45pm

Finally, our whole school assemblies will be held on Monday afternoons this year from 2:45pm on Monday, 24th February and Monday, 23rd March weather permitting.

Communication at Clyde PS

We value positive relationships with parents.  Our staff are approachable and want to work in partnership with you in the important work of educating your child. Please chat with your child’s teacher should any issue arise.  They are your first port of call. Our staff are outside after school each day to have a quick chat to.  Please make an appointment, however for issues that will require more time. Should you require further assistance after this initial communication for particular issues, I have listed the PLT coordinators across the school who will be able to assist you. Ms Hayley Taylor and Mr Lee Russell, our Wellbeing team are also available, as are Ms Kate Couacaud, Ms Kate Brittain and Ms Sue Lumley. Finally, Ms Mackenlay is available as our Assistant Principal to help with more serious and complex issues. Our goal is to develop your child’s ability to resolve issues, build resilience and learn lifelong skills, as well as getting along with others.  


PLT Coordinator


Ms Alyssa Naughton

Year 1

Ms Naomi Maia

Year 2

Ms Tegan Crow

Year 3

Ms Ash Hickey

Year 4

Ms Allie McQueen

Year 5/ 6

Ms Jess Hamilton


Ms Amanda Bevis

Mobile Phones and Smart Watches

Implementation of our school’s Mobile Phone Policy began this term, based on the ministerial policy formally issued by the Minister for Education. We have had some recent enquiries about smart watches with/and or without access to mobile data. Clyde Primary School’s Mobile Phone Policy applies to smart watches also, therefore students should continue to bring these into the office each day. You can review the policy on our school website, by following the link below: 

Beginning the School Year

The new school year has begun and settling into a positive school routine is essential to assist students to arrive at school happy, alert, on time and ready for the day. Below are some tips to assist:

Establish a good morning routine

Setting expectations for children is beneficial so they understand what their responsibility is each morning.

  • Having their clothes set out the night before will assist children to independently dress themselves when they get up each morning.
  • Packing bags the night before with what they need for the next day will ensure items are not forgotten.
  • Eating a wholesome breakfast each morning will fuel children’s brains for the day to come.
  • Use a visual timeline so children can see what they need to complete each morning and they can tick off responsibilities once they are complete.
  • If your children are regular watchers of electronics in the morning it is a good idea to change the routine and keep them off electronics in the morning or ensure that children are completely ready for school before engaging with electronics.

The Night Before

Establishing a good night time routine is beneficial to ensure children are getting enough sleep for the next day.

  • When establishing a good nighttime routine begin with the ideal time you want your children to go to bed and work back from there. (Primary school ages children ideally require between 10-12 hours per night)
  • When winding down for the evening a quiet activity is beneficial to prepare them for bed. Having a bath or shower at night, playing a quiet activity or reading will all assist in helping children to wind down before going to sleep.
  • Keep routines consistent and predictable each night.
  • If your children are visual learners print out the bedtime schedule to display in the house.

Developing Independence in Children

Ensure you are gradually giving children responsibility each day so they become more independent. You can do this by asking students to carry their own bag into their classroom and unpacking it each day, helping to pack their snack and lunch into their bag and unpacking their bag at the end of the school day and encouraging them to be responsible for their items and clothing.

Nutritious Food for School

Make sure you are packing wholesome nutritious food into their lunch box and including fruit for fruit break time so children have enough food to concentrate throughout the day. A bottle of water is also an essential item every day of the year so students can sip on the water throughout the day whilst still working and keep themselves hydrated.

Being Positive

When you collect your children at the end of the day ask them some open ended questions about how their day was. Questions like ‘Tell me something you enjoyed about today’, or ‘Tell me about something new you learnt today’, will ensure students don’t just give you a yes or no response. Try and remain positive around your children and provide them with appropriate strategies to assist them through difficult situations. Don’t talk about your frustrations in front of your children and remember to build a relationship with your classroom teacher and speak to them if you have a concern.


It is also important to establish a good routine to ensure students are attending every day and arrive on time. Sometimes an absence is unavoidable due to sickness and medical related absences. It is a department requirement that parents notify the school for any absence. Clyde Primary School’s preferred method of communicating a student absence is through our Flexibuzz app. We request that you notify the school before 9.30am if your child is going to be absent that day.

Our classrooms are open from 8.50am and this is a great time to children to arrive at school.  It ensures that they have unpacked their bags, been to the toilet and spoken to their friends. They are then ready to learn when the 9am bell goes. Before school is also a good time to quickly chat to your child’s teacher if needed. If your child arrives after 9am parents are required to accompany their child to the front office to sign in before they can enter the classroom. Similarly, if parents are picking children up before the end of the school day they must sign their child out at the office.

Clyde Primary School encourage you to plan Family Holidays during the school holiday period. If an extended absence during the school term is unavoidable please notify your classroom teacher at least two weeks prior to the extended absence (an extended absence is 3 days or more) so a student absence learning plan can be developed.

Student Absence Learning Plans are implemented to support the education of students who are absent from school for an extended period. The Principal or Assistant Principal will sign off on Absence Learning Plans.

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser at Clyde North Bunnings

Our first fundraiser is planned for Sunday, 1st March.  We are looking for volunteers from our parent community to assist on the day, serving and cooking sausages. If you can assist, could you contact the office. A flexibuzz will come home soon as a reminder.  We are asking for donations of cans/bottles of drink again as well as condiments such as tomato sauce, mustard, BBQ sauce and serviettes.  Thank you in advance for your continued support. Money raised will be going towards providing our students with more play equipment and possibly line markings for our playground.

Traffic conditions around Clyde PS- warning

You may have noticed that we now have a crossing officer on duty at the pedestrian lights at the corner of Oroya Grove and Clyde- Fiveways Road.  Hopefully this will alleviate some traffic congestion as well as make this crossing much safer for our students and parents.

With our school population now numbering 508 (this is 38 more than the same time last year), parking remains a challenge. In addition, the development opposite the school is underway and we have been advised that approximately 8 parking spots directly opposite the school will be inaccessible for a period of up the 2 weeks due to sewerage connection.  We are in communication with the construction manager and we will provide as much notice as possible to inform you when this will occur.  They have assured us that they will expediate the process as much as they can.  We are considering a number of options regarding dismissal times for this period and will advise accordingly.  Please leave plenty of time to get children to school by 8:50am. Please also be mindful of where you park, avoiding resident’s driveways and nature strips, particularly on corners.  

Take a Stand Against Bullying Day

On Friday 20th March, Clyde Primary School will participate in the National ‘Take a Stand Against Bullying’ day. Throughout this day, students will participate in a range of activities/lessons to build their capacity in understanding what bullying is and isn’t and the different roles people play in bullying situations. More information will be included in future newsletters.

Shared learning 

The first two days of 2020; Tuesday, 28th and Wednesday, 29th provided an opportunity for our teachers and Education Support staff to work together to collectively set our goals and high expectations for 2020. We revisited our Instructional Models in Reading, Writing and Maths and these whole school approaches to teaching and learning are evident in all learning spaces across Clyde PS. We also continued our work on School Wide Positive Behaviours and are all eager to explicitly teach our matrix of expectations to the students throughout this year.  Staff also participated in professional development of the Gradual Release of Responsibility model to continue ensuring improved outcomes for all students.

School Council

Our School Council will be calling for nominations for 6 parent members. Nomination forms will be available from Monday 17th-24th February from the school office. Further information regarding our School Council Elections is contained in this newsletter. If we receive more nominations than positions available, an election will occur.

Annual Privacy Reminder

Our school collects, uses, discloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy

Please take time to remind yourself of the school’s privacy collection statement, found on our website at:

For more information about privacy, see: Schools’ Privacy Policy – information for parents. This information also available in nine community languages.


Please be aware that we have a number of students across the school who are anaphylactic to a range of food. Individual letters have been sent via Flexibuzz regarding information in specific PLT areas. Please read these so you understand the seriousness of anaphylaxis and foods that students are anaphylactic in your child’s area. All classes have spoken about the importance of eating only the food that their own parents/carers provide and about the importance of washing hands when eating.

Asthma Plans

Please ensure that Clyde Primary School has an updated Asthma Plan for your child if they have been diagnosed with this condition. Asthma Plans need to be updated every year. Please visit your doctor in order to update your plan if needed.

Principal’s Additional Information ​




This morning all of our Foundation students received a free bag of books from the Department of Education and Training and the Labor Government. These Prep bags give families valuable information and resources, as well as fun activities, ensuring excellence in education from the very beginning. Teachers were handing out these book bags with the assistance of Jordan Crugnale, our local member of Parliament.




PLT News – New Staff Welcome

Mr Lee Russell

Hello Clyde community,

My name is Lee and I will be working at Clyde Primary School as part of the Wellbeing Team in 2020. This year my role is focusing on assisting staff and students in the school community as an Instructional Coach. While working with the staff and students I will also be focusing my efforts in the School Wide Positive Behaviour System and supporting student that may require additional support.  I have been a teacher for 14 years; I have worked in Special Education and Mainstream school during this time.

When I am not at school, you can find me on the weekends supporting my beautiful family in the many activities/sports that they have. Spending time with my wife, playing board games, listening to music or making memorable moments with my close friends and extended family.  On holidays, you can find me in a tent, on the road heading out of Victoria or simply reading a book on my couch.

I look forward to meeting you this year!

Ms Katherine Lee

My name is Katherine Lee and I am excited to join the Clyde Primary School community in 2020. This year I will be teaching LOTE Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to all year levels. I have previously worked at schools teaching LOTE Indonesian as well as classroom teaching. I am thrilled to be implementing the whole-school Auslan program this year.

At home, I live with my 13 year old daughter Lucie, and our two dogs, Fred and Fifi. We are also looking after our friends cat, Cleo at the moment. Cleo is a VERY grumpy cat!

Ms Elise Edwards

Hi everyone!

My name is Elise Edwards and I am extremely excited to join the Clyde community in 2020. I am absolutely delighted to be teaching Foundation E this year. My favourite thing about teaching is being able to get to know all the different personalities of so many amazing students and being able to watch them grow throughout the school year. My favourite subject is mathematics and I enjoy connecting content to real life experiences in order to make learning relevant for my students.

When I am not at school I love to spend time with my 3 dogs, partner, family and friends. I enjoy travelling and have so far ticked 18 countries off the bucket list!

If you see me out in the school grounds, please come and introduce yourself. I’m excited to meet as many of you as I can throughout this year.

Ms Belinda Hodges

My name is Belinda Hodges and I am very excited to be teaching at Clyde Primary School. I teach grade 5/ 6 B. I have two sons and a step daughter who is in year 10. My eldest son is in grade 5 and my youngest son is in grade 2. I live on the Mornington Peninsula with my partner and our children. We have an Australian Cattle dog named Elsie and a horse named Foo who I enjoy riding and competing on in Western riding events.  I love the outdoors and often go camping.

Prior to obtaining a Teaching position at Clyde Primary School I taught grade 5/ 6 in 2019 and for almost a decade before this I held several Leadership positions in Special Education settings. I am incredibly passionate about building positive relationships with students and thoroughly enjoy teaching Student Wellbeing educational programs to support individual mental health, self-esteem and resilience. I look forward to meeting you all and feel privileged to have joined the Clyde Primary School team.

Ms Jessie Van Dyk

Hello everyone!

My name is Jessie Van Dyk and I am one of the middle school teachers for 2020, I will be teaching 3B! I am very excited to commence teaching at Clyde Primary School this year, from the moment I stepped into Clyde I felt a warm welcome from the Clyde community.

I am passionate about creating an environment where students are eager to enter the classroom and learn every day, accommodating for a wide range of learners and supporting students to reach their individual goals.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like visiting cafes on the weekends, going to the beach and taking my Miniature Labradoodle Sienna on walks.

I am looking forward to meeting all the members which make up the Clyde community!

Ms Emma Long 


My name is Emma Long. I will be joining the Clyde Primary School team as an Education Support worker. I have always been passionate about supporting children in their learning, which is why I’m so excited to start working this year at Clyde Primary School!

In my spare time I enjoy road trips, beach days and shopping (probably a bit too much!). I adore puppies – especially my Cavoodle, Rosie.

I look forward to getting to know you all better throughout this year!

General Information


Clyde Primary School is committed to child safety. We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and members of the school community. We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all students. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously. If you would like more information please see our Child Safe Policy on our website.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we gather and pay our respects to elders – past, present and emerging.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.