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21st February 2020

Featured | Our Breakfast Club

Every Friday morning from 8:15am our school Breakfast Club provides a warm and welcoming space for students when they arrive at school.

Parent volunteers and staff help set up the Breakfast Club space in the Foundation Learning Centre and provide students with a variety of healthy, Victorian grown or manufactured breakfast foods.

In addition to removing the barrier to learning when a child is hungry, our Breakfast Club is creating a safe and social environment for students, positive relationships are being built between peers, staff and volunteers.

In these photos, you can see our School Breakfast Club in action!


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13aprAll DayEaster Monday(All Day: monday)

15apr9:00 am3:30 pmTerm 2 Starts9:00 am - 3:30 pm

16aprAll DayFirst Canteen Day for Term 2 2020(All Day: thursday)

27apr11:50 am2:00 pmCamp Quality Puppets11:50 am - 2:00 pm

27apr6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

30aprAll DaySchool Photo Day(All Day: thursday)

18may9:00 amDistrict Cross Country9:00 am

25mayAll Day27Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort(All Day)

Principal’s Report

Notable Dates for Term 1

This term we have our ‘Getting to Know You’, Three Way Conferences on Thursday, 5th March from 3:40-7:30pm. These sessions give you an opportunity to tell us more about your children and highlight their particular strengths and interests. Bookings will open next week, a flexibuzz will be set out to alert our parents.


Please make a note of the following Term 1 events

House Athletics Sports Day (Year 3-6) for Friday, 6th March

School Cross Country scheduled for Friday, 20th March.

The Junior House Sports will be held on Thursday, 12th March; Foundation 9:15-10:15am and Junior is 12:00-1:30pm. 

PLT assemblies will be next held in Week 7 WB: 8th March at the following times:

  • Foundation: 11th March at 2:45pm,
  • Year 1 and 2 –Tuesday 10th March at 2:45pm
  • Year 3 and 4 –Thursday, 12th March at 2:45pm
  • Year 5 and 6 –Friday, 13th  March at 2:45pm

Our Easter Parade will be held on Friday, 27th March (last day of term 1) at 9:15am.

Our Term 1 whole school assemblies will be held on Monday afternoon from 2:45pm on Monday, 24th February and Monday, 23rd March weather permitting.

I would also like to advise our school community that I will be taking some long service leave after next week. During this time Ms Michelle Mackenlay will be Acting Principal.

Nominations for our School Council

Parent nominations are now open for our School Council.

We are currently looking for 6 parents to join our council who meet in the evenings, 2-3 times per term.

School councils are groups who make decisions that set the direction of the school.


  • help create and check the school’s budget
  • contribute to the school strategic plan
  • make decisions on policies like investments, payments by parents, dress code.

All parents or guardians of students enrolled at the school are eligible to vote for parent members, nomination forms are available from the school office.

Nominations close on Monday 24th February at 4:00pm.

Excursions and Camps

As we grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to accept late responses, permission slips and payments for camps and excursions.  From the 2020 year, we will need to adhere to the cut- off date for parents to respond and send back permissions and payments.  We will of course accept payment plans on the basis that the amount is paid in full prior to attending the camp or excursion. 

This year the students from Year 3 and 4 will be attending a 3 day camp from 17th – 19th of June.

Our Year 5/6 students will also be attending a 3 day camp from 25th-27th May.

Office Hours

Our school office hours have recently changed. Our school office hours are now between 8:30-4:30pm Monday-Friday. This means that our phones and Administration area will be manned only during these times.

Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser at Clyde North Bunnings

A reminder our first fundraiser is planned for Sunday, 1st March. We will be looking for volunteers from our parent community to assist on the day. If you can assist, could you contact the office. We are asking for donations of cans/ bottles of drink again as well as condiments such as tomato sauce, mustard, BBQ sauce and serviettes.  Thank you in advance for your continued support. Money raised will be going towards providing our students with more play equipment and possibly line markings for our playground.

New Chaplain – meet Sharon O’Brien

This year, we welcome Sharon from Chips. Sharon will be our new Chaplain in 2020 and she brings a wealth of experience with. Here is some information about Sharon

  • Been a part of Chips since 2002 in various roles and began her chaplaincy in local primary schools in 2008.
  • For the last ten years, she has organised and facilitated the Parent’s program during Chips Life Gets Better Camps. These amazing weekends are held at Phillip Island Adventure Resort twice a year for families who have experienced grief and loss.

“I am passionate about supporting both children and parents and consider it an honour and privilege to be at CPS each Monday and Tuesday. I look forward to meeting everyone and am happy to help in any way possible.”

Chips offer chaplaincy within many local schools, mentorship programs, Sailing Days, iBelong Programs, Life Gets Better Camps, Seminars for School staff. If you have any questions about our Chaplain program please contact Lee Russell or Hayley Taylor at school.

Shared Learning

At Clyde Primary School professional Learning Teams (PLTs) are at the core of everything that we do. This year we have 7 PLTs across the school who meet twice a week. During our meetings we assess student’s prior knowledge (what they already know) and then identify specific curriculum goals and teaching strategies to develop their learning further. We look at student progress from a year, class, group and individual student level. Following on from this we then identify student growth and analyse what has worked well and what needs to be done next. As a result of this, we may hold a case management meeting where staff analyse specific student needs and problem solve with an aim to ensure that all students reach their learning potential.

Another element of our PLT meetings is an opportunity to develop our professional knowledge and this year we are using the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model to upskill teaching and learning within the classroom. This model was introduced to a number of teachers last year through the Teaching Partners Initiative. Through our PLT meetings staff have the opportunity to access the latest education research and hold high level discussions on student growth and learning.

During 2019 a number of our PLT meeting were observed by Cathryn Stephens (Professional Learning Communities Manager from the Department of Education). Our PLTs have been acknowledged as being highly effective. As a result our school will lead a cluster of Cranbourne/ Clyde Primary schools in the development of their PLTs throughout 2020. This is an exciting opportunity for our school staff to share our knowledge and best practice with other schools in our community.

Professional Practice Days will also continue in 2019 and these are currently being finalised with staff.

Child Safety at Clyde Primary School

Clyde Primary School is a child safe school. This means that we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all of our students. All schools in Victoria are required to comply with Department of Education Child Safe Standards. These Child Safe standards aim to protect children from all forms of abuse. For further information on the Clyde Primary School Child Safe Policy please refer to our Clyde PS website.

Staff at Clyde Primary School are also required to complete mandatory reporting professional development annually. All staff are mandated to report suspected abuse. If you have a concern regarding the safety of a child you can discuss this with your child’s classroom teacher or phone the school to set a meeting with Hayley Taylor, Child Safe Leader and Wellbeing Leader. Additionally, our Mandatory Reporting Policy is also on the Clyde PS website for future reference.

Traffic conditions around Clyde PS- warning

You may have noticed that we now have a crossing officer on duty at the pedestrian lights at the corner of Oroya Grove and Clyde- Fiveways Road.  Hopefully this will alleviate some traffic congestion as well as make this crossing much safer for our students and parents.

With our school population now numbering 508 (this is 38 more than the same time last year), parking remains a challenge. In addition, to the development opposite the school,  we have been advised that there are some upcoming works, which will soon close the section of Ballarto Road between Clyde-Five Ways Road and Valetta Street. They have assured us that they will expediate the process as much as they can. Please also be mindful of where you park, avoiding resident’s driveways and nature strips, particularly on corners. 

School Aerobics

We are excited to be starting a School Aerobics team at Clyde Primary school this year. This year Clyde Primary school will be entering into the Primary Section with competitions being held on a few Sundays across the year. These competitions are fun, engaging and promote fitness and self and school pride.

School Aerobics is the largest inter-school Sportaerobic competition for Primary and Secondary School Students throughout Australia. There is even a possibility that our students could be selected to represent our school at the Nationals in Queensland, later this year.

Information for Try Outs will be presented to our Year 5/6 students in the coming weeks.

Dental Visits

The Smile Squad Dental Program will arrive this coming Monday 24th February. The dentists will be here for a number of weeks, examining and treating our students. All students will be receiving a free dental care kit, even if they are not having an examination at school, through the Smile Squad.

If you are yet to return your permission form, you have until Tuesday to get it back to our office.

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to our latest Principal Award recipients, who will enjoy a special lunch with the Principal.

Sizwe 1D – For demonstrating excellence in writing. You have shown that you can independently use your sounds to construct your sentences and have shown great persistence in developing your writing stamina. I look forward to watching your writing develop throughout the year.

Seoyul 2B – He has demonstrated his maturity and friendliness to all in our class. Congratulations on an outstanding start to the school year Seoyul!

Nicolah 3A – For demonstrating a strong understanding of place value concepts and continuing to have a growth mindset when approaching problem solving tasks. Well done!

Sophia 4A – For demonstrating her love of writing over the holidays and sharing her writing.

Jyesha 5/6BFor consistent participation, follow Clyde PS expectations for working hard to achieve her Personal and Social goal to support her Learning.

Hamish 5/6A – For using a range of strategies to answer ‘right there’ and ‘think and search’ questions during reading sessions. Well done Hamish!

PLT News

What a fantastic start to 2020 we have had in the Senior PLT. All students have settled in well and are already working towards their goals and setting high expectations for themselves and those around them.

We have a new teacher to the Senior PLT who has already settled in fantastically, a big welcome to Ms Belinda Hodges who is teaching 5/6B this year. We are lucky enough to have Mr Brad Andrews and Ms Bec Atkins teaching 5/6C and 5/6D again and Ms Jessica Hamilton (PLT Coordinator) returning to the Senior PLT after a year teaching in the Middle School in 2019.

We have already been busy learning new skills and applying them in a range of situations. Each class has been enjoying learning by following the 4 stages of the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model: I Do, We Do, You Do Together and You Do Alone. This allows students to apply and consolidate their learning with support from their teacher, their peers and then to practise the skill independently.

Here’s what we have been learning about in each subject:


In Reading we have been learning about the 4 types of questions that you can answer about a text: Right There, Think and Search, Dig Deeper and Look Beyond.

Right There questions are literal questions where the answer will be found in one place in the text.

Think and Search questions are also literal questions, the answer is still found in the text however it is located in more than one place in the text.

Dig Deeper questions are inferential questions, the answer is not found directly in the text, however there are context clues and key words in the text that help you form your answer based on your prior knowledge (schema).

Learning about the different types of questions and how to answer them allows students to be metacognitive in their thinking and determine the type of question being asked to them, this lets students determine the process of how they must answer the question and therefore improves their comprehension.


In writing we have been learning about Narratives. There are five different stages in writing a Narrative. The five stages students are learning about are “O C S R C” also known as orientation, complication, series of events, resolution and conclusion. These stages are written on a plan so students can use their plan to support and scaffold their writing pieces. Students have been focusing on using ‘Sizzling Starts’ to engage their readers, describing the characters and setting and showing emotion through ‘Dynamic Dialogue’.


In Mathematics, the senior students have been learning how to pose and analyse questions for sets of data. Through a range of open ended learning tasks, students discovered that they needed to analyse the features of a data set, including its title and axis labels, to write relevant statistical questions. In week 3, students began learning how to recognise, represent and order numbers, by looking at the place value of an integer. They have placed numbers correctly on a place value chart, learnt how to partition a number and represent the same number in multiple ways.


The 5/6 students have been learning about Space and Discovery so far this term, as a part of their Inquiry learning. Through this, students have been investigating the different planets that make up our solar system, as well as posing questions on what they want to gain further knowledge or understanding on when it comes to the subject of space and exploration. We have gone on ‘fact finding’ missions, watched interactive videos and challenged our preconceptions on we thought we knew about the subject of Space. We have been encouraged to write and read about the subject and this has further developed our interest in what is out there in our universe.

Education perfect:

Students have also been engaging in a new online learning platform for senior students, known as Education Perfect. They have so far been learning how to navigate their way through the online portal and access tasks to enhance their learning in the classroom. It has been fantastic to see so many of our students accessing Education Perfect at home as well as at school and acquiring points towards their personal accounts. Further, the independent learning that has been occurring online is beginning to already be seen in the classroom, as students are enthusiastic to show and share what they learnt in their own time.


As part of our continued focus on wellbeing in the senior school, we have learnt a lot about our fellow classmates so far this term, through a range of games and activities that are centred on getting to know each other and our interests. Some examples have been; ‘would you rather’ where we need to choose from two options and discuss why we would select that option, role play of our favourite movies or TV shows, as well as team building games. More recently, students learnt about ‘The Red Beast’ and how it is ok to feel angry and frustrated at times- what is more important is recognising where we are situated on a scale of 1 to 5, followed by how we manage our emotions and have strategies to ‘Tame the Beast’, bringing him back down to calm. We continue to have a ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour’ focus each week, allowing students to be rewarded for their outstanding efforts and conduct across the school in all settings.

We are looking forward to a fantastic 2020 in the Senior School.


Jessica Hamilton, Brad Andrews, Bec Atkins and Belinda Hodges.

Senior PLT

Attendance News

Arriving Late to School

At Clyde Primary School we have four attendance mantras.

One of our mantras is  ‘Learning begins at 9.00am’

Clyde Primary School students begins their learning at 9.00am with most classes beginning the day with their sustained reading session.  Arriving late to school on a regular basis means that students are continuously missing out on practicing their reading each morning and this can have a significant impact on a student’s learning outcomes. Consistently arriving late can also have an impact on a student’s ability to settle into the school day as they aren’t able to greet their peers and teacher and prepare themselves for the day ahead. If student’s are late to school for 15 minutes each morning that means that a student would have missed 1 hour and 15 minutes of learning in a week and approximately 5 hours of learning in a month.

At Clyde Primary School all of our classes are open from 8.50am to allow students to enter before learning begins. This allows students to place their bag away, see their friends and teacher and prepare themselves mentally for the day ahead.

General Information


Clyde Primary School is committed to child safety. We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and members of the school community. We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all students. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously. If you would like more information please see our Child Safe Policy on our website.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we gather and pay our respects to elders – past, present and emerging.
Thank you for reading our newsletter.