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20th March 2020

Featured | House Sport Tops



Dear Parents,

Our new House Sport tops are now available from Beleza School Uniforms in Cranbourne for $38.

The students are able to wear their new House Sport tops on the day their class has Physical Education, as well as at a number of Whole School, House, District or Regional sporting events. Some examples may include:

  • House Athletics;
  • Cross Country;
  • Lightening Premiership;
  • Sport Days etc.


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13aprAll DayEaster Monday(All Day: monday)

15apr9:00 am3:30 pmTerm 2 Starts9:00 am - 3:30 pm

16aprAll DayFirst Canteen Day for Term 2 2020(All Day: thursday)

27apr11:50 am2:00 pmCamp Quality Puppets11:50 am - 2:00 pm

27apr6:00 pmSchool Council Meeting6:00 pm

30aprAll DaySchool Photo Day(All Day: thursday)

18may9:00 amDistrict Cross Country9:00 am

25mayAll Day27Year 5/6 Camp - Phillip Island Adventure Resort(All Day)

Principal’s Report

Update on COVID-19

We are being provided with the latest advice from the Department of Education to ensure our school practices are helping to keep our school community safe from the COVID-19 outbreak. Any incidents that arise will be addressed in accordance with our Incident Support and Operations Centre and DHHS, Department of Health and Human Services.

We are also preparing for the possible impacts of the virus in a considered and careful manner. The possibility of school closure must be considered and as such we have plans in place to ensure minimal disruption to student learning.

The measures are intended to protect the health of our students and broader school community. All school measures will also continue to broader efforts across the community to contain and slow the spread of the virus over a period of what is going to be a number of months.


Early in Term 2, between 12th -14th of May our students in Years 3 and 5 will complete the National Literacy and Numeracy Test (NAPLAN). Every student in these year groups across Australia will complete these sets of diagnostic tests with the results available to all schools sometime in Term 3. NAPLAN is a single test at a point in time.  It does not create a full picture about the child, their strengths and differences.  It does, however provide us with valuable feedback and data on student performance in literacy and numeracy, which allows us to modify our teaching to better assist student learning.  The best way you can prepare your child for NAPLAN is to ensure they are well rested and at school on the testing days!

End of Term

Next Friday 27th of March is our last day of Term 1, with an early dismissal time of 2:30pm.

We wish all of our families a safe and relaxing holiday break. We look forward to seeing you all back at school for Term 2 starting on Tuesday 14th of April, after the Public Holiday for Easter Monday.

Community Information

Please see information below regarding the closure of Casey Cardinia Libraries.

‘Premiers’ Reading Challenge’

Our local Member of Parliament, Jordan Crugnale MP recently visited our school donating 4 of her favourite books on behalf of the Andrews Labor Government, promoting the ‘Premiers’ Reading Challenge’.

Camp Quality Puppets

Camp Quality Puppets are again coming to Clyde PS on Monday 27th April. Camp Quality puppets visit primary schools throughout Australia to dispel myths and misconceptions that are commonly associated with cancer. The puppets explain:

  • The ins and outs of cancer
  • The importance of recognising our own strengths and the power of positivity  
  • Why it’s important to be supportive of their classmate who is either living with cancer or has a family member with cancer
  • That cancer isn’t contagious, so it’s ok to play

The show helps to reduce the likelihood of bullying, confusion, exclusion and anxiety that can follow a cancer diagnosis — for children living with cancer this makes the transition from hospital back to school a little less daunting. For children who have a family member with cancer, it helps them relate to their peers who gain an understanding of what their family is going through.

Staffing Update

As you may have noticed, Mrs Amanda Bevis is expecting a baby in May and therefore will be taking some leave early in Term 2. We welcome aboard Mr Chris Ziebell who will be replacing Ms Bevis during her leave.

We also farewell Mrs Williams, who is taking some leave for the remainder of the year, as well as Miss Cox who finishes in Year 2 at the end of this term. We will be welcoming back Miss King, who will be returning to teach 2B.

Bellbrook Catering (Canteen)

Bellbrook Catering would like to wish all Staff, Students and Families a safe and happy holiday break.

We are happy to inform you about our working days around upcoming School Holidays.

Thursday 26th March – last canteen day for Term 1 2020.

Thursday 16th April – first canteen day for Term 2 2020. 

Sports Days

On Thursday 12th March, we held our Foundation and Year 1/2 sports morning. All of the students had a fantastic time during the activities, trying their best, working together as a House Team and having fun! Thank you to all the parents and friends that came to watch and to the parent helpers and older students who helped out on activities.

House Athletics

On Friday 13th March, we held our House Athletics Day for Years 3-6. All students had the opportunity to participate in both Field and Track events such as High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discuss, Hurdles, 100m and 200m. All of our students did their best, supported and cheered on friends and team mates and had a great time. Thank you to all the parents and friends that came to watch and to the parent helpers that helped out on events, we really appreciate it. Thank you.

At this stage, District Athletics has been postponed. However the students listed below will have the opportunity to compete at the District Athletics level once a new date is confirmed. Well done team!

The names in brackets are a reserve for that event, as we can only send 1 person per field event and 2 people per track event. Some of these may change, as students are only allowed to compete in 2 events plus a relay. This will be confirmed closer to the event day.

Name Age Event
Amelia, Mia 9/10 G 100m
Ellen, Hannah-Kate 9/10 G 200m
Ellen, Amelia 9/10 G 800m
Nyandit, April 9/10 G Hurdles (100m)
Amelia, Mia, Hannah-Kate, Nyandit 9/10 G Relay
Mia (Syria) 9/10 G Long Jump
Amelia (Paige) 9/10 G High Jump
Kaitlyn (Zara) 9/10 G Shot Put
Aekam (Chelsie) 9/10 G Discus


Name Age Event
Kyjuan, Lucas C (Josh T) 9/10 B 100m
Kyjuan, Tarik (Kayden) 9/10 B 200m
Kody G, Austin 9/10 B 800m
Kyjuan, Tarik (Charlie) 9/10 B Hurdles (100m)
Kyjuan, Lucas, Tarik, Josh T 9/10 B Relay
Tyrese (Charlie) 9/10 B Long Jump
Lucas (Josh) 9/10 B High Jump
Tyrese (Ollie B) 9/10 B Shot Put
Ollie S (Tyrese) 9/10 B Discus


Name Age Event
Sameliah, Ramkel (Jorja) 11G 100m
Sameliah, Ramkel (Yom) 11G 200m
Jorja, Danica (Evina) 11G 800m
Ramkel, Danica (Keylana) 11G Hurdles (100m)
Sameliah, Ramkel, Jorja, Yom 11G Relay
Jaime (Ramkel) 11G Long Jump
Jaime (Yom) 11G High Jump
Danica (Sameliah) 11G Shot Put


Name Age Event
Roman, Tyler (Lee-Roy) 11B 100m
Roman, Saxon (Lee-Roy) 11B 200m
Lee-Roy, Saxon (Roman) 11B 800m
Roman, Saxon (Darcy) 11B Hurdles (100m)
Roman, Saxon, Lee-Roy, Darcy 11B Relay
Roman (Darcy) 11B Long Jump
Roman (Jet) 11B High Jump
Roman (Lee-Roy) 11B Shot Put
Roman (Ghasem) 11B Discus


Name Age Event
Eboni, Abbey L (Lekha) 12/13 G 100m
Eboni, Dalina (Chloe O) 12/13 G 200m
Jyesha, Eboni 12/13 G 800m
Eboni, Abbey L  (Chloe O) 12/13 G Hurdles (100m)
Eboni, Abbey L, Chloe O, Jyesha 12/13 G Relay
Eboni (Sienna) 12/13 G Long Jump
Chloe O (Caitlain) 12/13 G High Jump
Eboni (Dalina) 12/13 G Shot Put
Eboni (Dalina) 12/13 G Discus


Name Age Event
Jayden, Josh H (Mitch) 12/13 B 100m
Jayden, Josh H (Pratham) 12/13 B 200m
Jayden, Pratham (Josh H) 12/13 B 800m
Jayden, Mitch (Broden) 12/13 B Hurdles (100m)
Jayden, Josh H, Pratham, Mitch 12/13 B Relay
Jayden (Pratham) 12/13 B Long Jump
Lucas T (Pratham) 12/13 B High Jump
Josh H (Pratham) 12/13 B Shot Put
Pratham (Josh H) 12/13 B Discus

House Cross Country

Today Years 3-6 students competed in our House Cross Country. Depending on their age group they ran either 4 or 6 laps around our school (2km or 3km). Everyone did a great job and it was great to see so many taking part. Ribbons for places 1st-3rd  were given out at the end and the District Team were announced. At this stage District Cross Country has been postponed, however when a new date is confirmed, the following students will have the opportunity to compete at the District level. Well done team!

Cross Country District Team

Place GIRLS 8-10Yr Olds BOYS 8-10Yr Olds
1 Amelia Lucas C
2 Olivia Kody H
3 Mariya Kyjuan
4 Acacia Malual
5 Ellen William
6 Nyandit Coby D
7 Caitlain Samuel
8 April Caleb G


Place GIRLS 11 yr Olds BOYS 11yr Olds
1 Jorja S Saxon
2 Abbey S Roman
3 Yom Tyrese
4 Paige Tyler
5 Ramkel Hadi
6 Aluel Alex
7 Zahra Lee-Roy
8 Danica Matthew


Place GIRLS 12/13 yr Olds BOYS 12/13yr Olds
1 Eboni H Jayden
2 Abbey L Lucas T
3 Sienna Pratham
4 Pooja Josh H
5 Dalina Mitch C
6 Chloe O Hamish
7 Desi  

Shared Learning

In preparation for Term 2, our PLTs are beginning planning sessions over the last 2 weeks of this term. The whole school will focus on integrating Geography into other areas of the curriculum, with a focus on Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia.  All Professional Learning Teams have collected data from students about what they already know and what they would like to learn. This data and the Victorian Curriculum is then used to plan and cater for student’s interests and learning.

​Smile Squad

The Smile Squad dental program have almost finished the examination stage, providing no-cost check-ups to many of our students. Next term, we are expecting arrival of the treatment van, who will be providing teeth cleaning, fluoride applications, fillings and other non-cosmetic treatments.

Harmony Day and Diversity Week

On the 23rd of March until the 27th of March Clyde PS will be celebrating Harmony Day/Diversity Week. Harmony Day/Diversity Week allows us to celebrate multiculturalism and cultural diversity. The week will entail opportunities for students to explore and learn about different countries and delve into the culture and traditions that people uphold around the world. Harmony Day/Diversity Week hopes to provide opportunities for students to learn about respect and develop their values as human entities in our world. We are so excited to explore Harmony Day/Diversity Week and learn about the different cultures we have around our school.

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to our latest Principal Award recipients, who will enjoy a special lunch with the Principal.

Patrick FB – For show great enthusiasm towards his learning and for developing his knowledge of letter names and the sounds they make.

Heidi 1B – For always challenging herself to achieve her learning goals, particularly in writing where she articulated a well thought out reason as to why we should not eat takeaway food at school. Congratulations Heidi!

Flynn 2D – Congratulations on a terrific work ethic and your enthusiasm to do your best in all areas of the curriculum.

Dev 3C – For having a positive attitude towards all mathematical tasks. Dev has demonstrated fantastic success in our addition and subtraction units this term. Keep up the great effort!

Nyandit 4C – For consistently using great manners and for working hard to produce excellent work. Keep up the great work Nyandit!

Harry 5/6C – For approaching all set learning tasks with a positive attitude and being a sensational role model to all students at Clyde Primary School!

Jaime 5/6D – For applying herself academically in every subject, following the Clyde PS expectations in all learning areas, and being a great friend to all students in the class.

PLT News

Year 3 PLT 

What a fantastic start to 2020 the Year 3s have had!

In Reading, we have been focusing on different CAFÉ strategies. We began the year by learning how to Expand our Vocabulary by tuning into interesting words. We also focused on how to choose a Good Fit Book for us. We then moved onto learning about how to answer literal and inferential questions, and how to skim and scan a text to help you find your answer. We have really enjoyed using the online resource ‘Get Epic books’ to find new and interesting books to read. Just a reminder to please read each night with your child for 20 minutes. Teachers have also set up Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress for families to complete at home.

In Writing, we have been working very hard to create persuasive Expositions. We have been focusing on using persuasive devices such as ‘personal pronouns’ and ‘emotive language’ to make our writing more convincing. We have enjoyed expressing out opinions and participating and classroom debates. We are now moving onto Narrative writing, where we will be focusing on using descriptive language to describe characters and settings, separating our ideas into paragraphs and making sure we follow the Narrative structure to keep the reader engaged.

In Spelling, students have been split up into groups across the year level which are run by the Year 3 teachers. Teachers have all been testing and assigning spelling lists for the students and have been very impressed with the number of students working on these lists at home. Please continue to work with your child on their spelling list and encouraging them to practise them at home.

In Maths, we started our year learning about place value and the base ten system. We then applied this knowledge when learning about addition, subtraction and multiplication. We have really enjoyed playing maths games to support our learning and continuing to improve our problem solving skills. Teachers have set Mathletics tasks for students to work on at home, so please encourage your child to complete this whenever possible.

The Year 3 students should be extremely proud of how they have begun this year. Keep up the good work!

Attendance News

Absence Explanation

Just a friendly reminder that every student absence is required to be explained for each day they are away. Our preferred method for receiving explanations is through Flexibuzz, but you can also ring the office or speak to the classroom teacher if it is an absence you know about beforehand eg: medical appointment.

When putting in an explanation please also include the length of the absence. If the absence is parent choice you are required to put in the reason why so the school can code the absence correctly.

With the current corona virus absences the school is required to use a specific code to explain the absence on our school based systems so if you are keeping your child home due to concerns regarding the corona virus please let your child’s teacher know and they length of the absence, so we can code it correctly.


How to talk to your child about coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)


8 tips to help comfort and protect children.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you’re hearing about coronavirus disease (COVID-19) right now. It’s also understandable if your children are feeling anxious, too. Children might find it difficult to understand what they are seeing online or on TV – or hearing from other people – so they can be particularly vulnerable to feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness. But having an open, supportive discussion with your children can help them understand, cope and even make a positive contribution for others.

  1. Ask open questions and listen

Start by inviting your child to talk about the issue. Find out how much they already know and follow their lead. If they are particularly young and haven’t already heard about the outbreak, you may not need to raise the issue – just take the chance to remind them about good hygiene practices without introducing new fears.

Make sure you are in a safe environment and allow your child to talk freely. Drawing, stories and other activities may help to open up a discussion.

Most importantly, don’t minimise or avoid their concerns. Be sure to acknowledge their feelings and assure them that it’s natural to feel scared about these things. Demonstrate that you’re listening by giving them your full attention, and make sure they understand that they can talk to you and their teachers whenever they like.

  1. Be honest: explain the truth in a child-friendly way

Children have a right to truthful information about what’s going on in the world, but adults also have a responsibility to keep them safe from distress. Use age-appropriate language, watch their reactions, and be sensitive to their level of anxiety.

If you can’t answer their questions, don’t guess. Use it as an opportunity to explore the answers together. Websites of international organizations like UNICEF and the World Health Organization are great sources of information. Explain that some information online isn’t accurate, and that it’s best to trust the experts.

  1. Show them how to protect themselves and their friends

One of the best ways to keep children safe from coronavirus and other diseases is to simply encourage regular handwashing. It doesn’t need to be a scary conversation. Sing along with The Wiggles or follow this dance to make learning fun.

You can also show children how to cover a cough or a sneeze with their elbow, explain that it’s best not to get too close to people who have those symptoms, and ask them to tell you if they start to feel like they have a fever, cough or are having difficulty breathing.

  1. Offer reassurance

When we’re seeing lots of troubling images on TV or online, it can sometimes feel like the crisis is all around us. Children may not distinguish between images on screen and their own personal reality, and they may believe they’re in imminent danger. You can help your children cope with the stress by making opportunities for them to play and relax, when possible. Keep regular routines and schedules as much as possible, especially before they go to sleep, or help create new ones in a new environment.

If you are experiencing an outbreak in your area, remind your children that they are not likely to catch the disease, that most people who do have coronavirus don’t get very sick, and that lots of adults are working hard to keep your family safe.

If your child does feel unwell, explain that they have to stay at home/at the hospital because it is safer for them and their friends. Reassure them that you know it is hard (maybe scary or even boring) at times, but that following the rules will help keep everyone safe.

  1. Check if they are experiencing or spreading stigma

The outbreak of coronavirus has brought with it numerous reports of racial discrimination around the world, so it’s important to check that your children are neither experiencing nor contributing to bullying.

Explain that coronavirus has nothing to do with what someone looks like, where they are from or what language they speak. If they have been called names or bullied at school, they should feel comfortable telling an adult whom they trust.

Remind your children that everyone deserves to be safe at school. Bullying is always wrong and we should each do our part to spread kindness and support each other.

  1. Look for the helpers

It’s important for children to know that people are helping each other with acts of kindness and generosity.

Share stories of health workers, scientists and young people, among others, who are working to stop the outbreak and keep the community safe. It can be a big comfort to know that compassionate people are taking action.

  1. Take care of yourself

You’ll be able to help your kids better if you’re coping, too. Children will pick up on your own response to the news, so it helps them to know you’re calm and in control.

If you’re feeling anxious or upset, take time for yourself and reach out to other family, friends and trusted people in your community. Make some time to do things that help you relax and recuperate.

  1. Close conversations with care

It’s important to know that we’re not leaving children in a state of distress. As your conversation wraps up, try to gauge their level of anxiety by watching their body language, considering whether they’re using their usual tone of voice and watching their breathing.

Remind your children that they can have other difficult conversations with you at any time. Remind them that you care, you’re listening and that you’re available whenever they’re feeling worried.


Information compiled by Jacob Hunt, UNICEF communications specialist

General Information


Clyde Primary School is committed to child safety. We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and members of the school community. We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all students. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously. If you would like more information please see our Child Safe Policy on our website.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we gather and pay our respects to elders – past, present and emerging.
Thank you for reading our newsletter.