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16th October, 2020

Featured | Welcome Back 

After such a long wait, we have finally made it through to the other side. We excitedly welcomed back all 530 students and 50 staff through the gates after such a long period of remote learning. It was great to see all those smiling faces that we have missed for so long.



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27julAll Day302021 - Year 5/6 Camp(All Day)

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31augAll DaySchool Production - Show 1(All Day: tuesday)

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Principal’s Report

New Playground Equipment!

Our children were very excited to come back to some new playground equipment, which was purchased using fundraising money from last year’s Colour Fun Run. We thank parents for the money raised for this and to our School Council who elected to put the money towards this equipment.


Our Term 4 Priorities

Following the return to school on Monday the Department of Education and Training has provided information on priorities for students and staff throughout Term 4. The priorities identified are Mental Health and Wellbeing, Learning and Transitions. These priorities provide schools with the flexibility that they need in order to identify student need due to the impact of COVID-19 and enable schools to provide support to meet these needs.

This means that during Term 4 teachers and educational support staff are focusing on enhancing student wellbeing through a range of approaches including circle time, brain break activities and team building opportunities. This will enable our students to develop their connections to each other and ensure that they feel safe and supported.

Our teachers and support staff are also currently gathering information on the academic progress students have made while learning remotely. Following a period of assessment, staff will meet in their Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) to identify how much progress has been made in the core areas of English and Mathematics. This will enable the teachers to identify which students meet the criteria needed for additional intervention. Following on from this assessment period, teachers and educational support staff in each PLT will work with the identified students to provide tailored intervention. The intervention provided will consist of small group and individual sessions with teachers and educational support staff which will focus on student need in the priority areas of English and Mathematics. Students who are selected for this additional support will receive a letter form the intervention teacher working with the students selected.

Term 4 will also focus on ensuring a smooth transition for students into their new classes for 2021. We are currently undertaking virtual transition sessions for our new Foundation students who will start next year and looking into ways to support our Year 6 students moving to Year 7 at secondary school. We will be working very hard to ensure that these transitions are as smooth and successful as possible even though they may be adapted in order to meet Health and Safety guidelines when necessary.

Student Free Days

The Victorian Government has confirmed a Public Holiday will be on 23rd October, the eve of AFL Grand Final Day, there will be no school on this day.

There will also be three student free days this term, Monday 2nd November is a Curriculum Day and Tuesday 3rd November is a Public Holiday due to the Melbourne Cup.

Final curriculum day will be held on Thursday the 17th December.  

Welcome Miss D

Hello! My name is Miss De Vincentis (you can call me Miss D) and I will be taking over from Mrs. Maia in Year 1, as she begins her Family Leave. I am most looking forward to contributing towards the school’s already outstanding wellbeing program and supporting students as they settle back into the school environment after remote learning. In my spare time, you will typically find me cooking and baking, playing basketball, going for a walk or run and going on adventures with friends, including; many trips to the beach! If you see me around, please come and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting you all.

Hats, Drink Bottles and School Uniform Items

There are still a number of students who do not have a school hat, this means they are restricted in where they can play at recess and lunch breaks. School hats are available to purchase directly from our school. Parents can pay $10 on Qkr! and our office staff will put your child’s name on the hat and deliver it directly to your child’s class.

Likewise, students must bring a named water bottle to school each day. As part of our school strategy for keeping each other safe, our regular drinking water bubblers are not in use.

We have already had a lot of uniform items, hats and drink bottles brought into lost property. Unfortunately, a lot of these items do not have any names on them. Can you please make sure all items that are brought to school are clearly labeled with your child’s name and home group. 



Our school canteen is re-opening from Tuesday 20th October, orders can be placed through Qkr! Please note that there will be no over the counter sales, which means children will need to bring their own snack for recess and can only order their lunch.


Before School Care/Arrival Time

This week we have noticed a number of students in the school grounds as early as 8:00am. Teachers and Administration staff often arrive at 8:30am and are not on duty until 8:45am, this means that these children are not supervised. We understand that families may need to get to work prior to 9:00am, however we have Before School Care available on site. I urge all parents to ensure their children are not dropped at school before 8:30am.

Borrowed iPads or laptop computers

To ensure our classes have the right number of devices can you please return any school laptop computers or iPads that you may have borrowed by Tuesday 20th October. After this date, phone calls to families will commence.

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES)

Beginning Term 4, Clyde Primary School is excited to participate in the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES). This Government initiative, provides extension activities across the curriculum for our high-ability students. These activities are offered through a partnership with expert education and non-for-profit organisations, universities, tech schools, science and mathematics specialist centres and teacher associations. Eligible students will be nominated for relevant learning opportunities and further information will be communicated with families by the classroom teacher.

Kaden George and Jake Robinson from Year 3, were our first students to participate in the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. Using video conferencing, they engaged in a STEM based activity called Making Connections, offered by the Discover Science and Technology Centre.

Kaden and Jake learned how to use household objects to make a Rube Goldberg Machine. Kaden explains “that means a chain reaction. A chain reaction is when you do one thing that triggers another thing, then another, and another and keeps on going until there is nothing to trigger. Making Rube Goldberg machines are fun. I recommend this to other people who want a little more fun work to do. You can also make it a family activity!”

Jake also enjoyed the activity, saying “I found the workshop really interesting. I liked that we got to make experiments out of different objects that I found in my house. I also liked how the lady taught me about potential and kinetic energy and how this is used to move objects.”

We look forward to nominating more of our high ability students for participation in VCES opportunities in a range of curriculum areas over the coming years!


Parent Opinion Survey

Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted amongst all parents. It is designed to assist schools in gaining an understanding of parents’ perceptions of school climate, student behaviour, student engagement and experiences of remote and flexible learning. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

All parents will be invited to participate in this year’s survey. All responses to the survey are anonymous. This year, the Parent Opinion Survey is open now until Friday 13th November.

The survey will be conducted online, only takes 20 minutes to complete, instructions on how to access the survey have been sent to parents via the Sentral Portal.

Book Week 2020

Due to the recent events of this year, our Book Week celebrations have been postponed until Week 6, beginning Monday 9th November.  This will allow parents and teachers to prepare for the week’s events. There will be fun literacy activities organised for all students during the week finishing with our annual Book Week dress up day on Friday 13th November. Our parade will be run virtually this year over webex, as we can’t have the whole school together for the one event. Please keep an eye on your Sentral notifications for date reminders and we look forward to seeing all of your great costumes.

Kate Brittain

Literacy Leader

Principal’s Awards

Rafael – FC
For always putting 100% effort into his learning, even while he is learning from home. Rafael has made so much progress and I am very proud of him and all the fantastic work he has done. Well done Rafael, you truly deserve this award.

Charlotte – 1A
For always persevering and working hard on her during Remote Learning activities and completing all set tasks independently and to a very high standard. Keep up the great work Charlotte! Mrs Brittain and Mrs Koutros are very proud of you!

Nicky – 2A
For his outstanding efforts in Reading throughout Remote Learning.

Coby – 3B
During Remote Learning, Coby has consistently put in his best effort into completing all of his tasks on Seesaw.  He has displayed determination and commitment, ensuring his tasks are completed to the best of his ability. Coby has been an active member of Webex sessions, always willing to contribute to discussions and voice his ideas. Keep up the great work Coby!

William – 4C
For consistently working to complete all remote learning activities to your highest ability.

Abbie Smith – 5/6C
For completing all of her Seesaw learning tasks to the best of her ability during Remote Learning and engaging in all class and intervention Webex sessions. Well done, Abbie!

Caitlain – 5/6D
For always presenting her work to a high standard and taking responsibility for her own learning during the remote learning period.


PLT News

Back to School!

We were so excited to welcome our Foundation students back into the classroom on Monday.

We have been starting our days with Play-Based activities as a way for students to re-establish friendships formed earlier in the year.  It has been fantastic listening to the children play and talk with each other and they have enjoyed being creative.

We have also been learning to write procedures and have completed language experiences to help us with our writing. This week we made Fairy Bread and also planted some seedlings. We cannot wait to see what will grow!

Wellbeing News 

Wellbeing in Term 4


Wellbeing is one of the Term 4 priorities for the Department of Education. They want schools to focus on encouraging the motivation for learning, re-engaging students and families and supporting the social and emotional learning of our students alongside curriculum based learning.

Clyde Primary School will have a strong focus on re-building our classroom communities, routines and re-establishing students friendship and social skills by:

*Re-establishing our School Wide Positive Support Systems (SWPBS) by re-introducing our Matrix to students, explicitly teaching our students weekly skills according to our Matrix through lessons and activities and reminding students how they can achieve tokens and cover their SWPBS boards to enable them to visit the STAR room to claim their rewards.

Our Weekly SWPBS focus for the term are:



*Brain Breaks: will occur regularly throughout the day and will focus on providing students with a small break during or at the conclusion of lessons. This assists their brain to prepare for the next lesson. Brain breaks will occur frequently especially in the first few weeks whilst we re-establish routines and working stamina.

*Circle Time: Circle time is used to discuss friendship and social issues with students and to discuss different solutions to use. Circle time can also assist to re-establish student relationships and team building skills. Currently many of our students have not been able to practice their social skills face to face to this strategy will be important to re-establish this skills.

*Wellbeing Hour: In the last hour of the day, staff will focus on providing students with activities and resources to boost their social and emotional wellbeing. The Wellbeing team have provided staff with many additional resources to assist them to re-build their students wellbeing skills. This could be through play based activities, mindfulness activities, games, team building activities or role playing activities.

General Information



Clyde Primary School is committed to child safety. We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children, as well as our staff and members of the school community. We are committed to the safety, participation and empowerment of all students. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse, and all allegations and safety concerns will be treated seriously. If you would like more information please see our Child Safe Policy on our website.

We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we gather and pay our respects to elders – past, present and emerging.
Thank you for reading our newsletter.