Visual Art

Creative expression is a means to explore and share ideas with an audience. Creative communication is learnt as an artist through exploring the elements and principles of art and expressing ideas in a visual manner.

Visual Art is offered throughout the year to all students within a well-equipped art room. These lessons are a weekly 50 minutes focus on the development of creative and critical thinking using many forms of media and techniques across the 7 main areas of visual art: Drawing, painting, construction, printing, 3D Form, textiles, and collage. This assists students from Foundation to 6 progressively develop their fine motor skills through the years.


During the foundation years, students develop their foundational knowledge of the arts and work on developing their fine motor skills. Students are guided during their exploration of creative processes and through the use of a variety of art materials and experiences. Students identify and describe the subject matter of the arts they explore and share ideas in artworks they make and view.

Year 1/2

Visual communication is further developed through an understanding of some of the elements and principles of design. Students explore and express their ideas using colour theory such as primary and secondary colours, line, shape and pattern. Students make artworks using different materials, techniques and processes to express their ideas, observations and imagination in these artworks.

Year 3/4

Students begin to develop a deeper understanding of the arts at this level. There is a stronger focus on artists from a range of places, cultures and times and the influence they can have on student’s own art making. The elements and principles of design are explored more thoroughly and students begin to look at how the elements of art making create more interest and add different effects. Art making ranges from more formal pieces to informal art making that begins at the planning and exploration stage through to final discussions and evaluations of artworks.

Year 5/6

At this level of art making students begin to learn the more complex ways that art principles and elements can be combined to create more intriguing works of art. Students use more problem solving skills as they work through processes that require more critical thinking. Students learn how art is a means for communication and discover new meanings in their own and other’s artworks.