Learning a second language at any age has many intellectual and social benefits, however it is proven that the best time to start learning a second language is as early as possible. Through the learning process of language acquisition students are able to grasp a deeper understanding of their first language; its grammatical structure and vocabulary.

Language learning is thought to have benefits not only on the understanding of your first language but also to One’s ability to critically think and reason. In a world where over 7,000 languages exist knowing at least one more than your first spoken language can have many benefits, and even mean greater job prospects in the future.

We are very lucky to live in a country made up of diverse cultures and nationalities. Learning about even just one other culture can help our students to become more culturally aware and accepting, the global citizens of tomorrow.  When students are learning in my LOTE Classroom, heavy emphasis is placed on fun and having a go. I believe that through positivity students are given the chance to develop more confidence and improve their level of achievement at school.


Selemat Datang kembali

Welcome back!

Hello, my name is Miss Ray (or Bu Ray as the students may call me), I am the LOTE teacher at Clyde P.S.

Students of all year levels made a  great start to their LOTE Learning for 2018 in Term 1. Senior students researched the benefits of learning a second language and unpacked Bahasa Indonesia as a language. The Middle school have extended their Indonesian vocabulary and experimented with Indonesian verbs in their speaking and writing. Year One and Two students have learnt to write and speak using lots of descriptive Indonesian phrases and vocabulary. And our Foundation students have begun their language learning through songs, Indonesian games and learning about Indonesian culture.

Currently all students are in the process of presenting their successes and learning, to their class. It is fantastic to see students pride in their work and their willingness to give each task a ‘red hot’ go.

The remainder of this term will see students build on their skills and confidence in communicating in Indonesian. Students will begin to develop their skills in Indonesian dialogue as well as begin to experiment with different recording and digital technologies to capture their learning progress. I look forward to seeing our students grow and expand their understanding this term.

I am looking forward to a terrific term ahead!

Some of the students’ fantastic work: