The music program at Clyde is driven to inspire both life-long learning, and participation in music. Getting our students involved in playing instruments from Foundation right through to Year 6 is a key component of this.

Our classroom music program is designed to get our students involved in playing classroom percussion, xylophones, keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, boomwhackers, and bass. Singing is an important aspect of classroom music at all levels.

All students receive a 50 minute classroom music lesson each week. All sessions involve students in either singing, playing instruments, or listening to music, and are designed to improve students’ musical understanding, fine motor skills, co-ordination, and teamwork.

Clyde Primary School has a wonderfully well-equipped music room. We have 6 keyboards, 3 electronic drum kits, 22 high quality xylophones, an array of electric guitars and basses, 23 acoustic guitars, 28 ukuleles, a collection of djembes and drums, several sets of boomwhackers, as well as a wide variety of classroom percussion instruments such as tambourines and shakers.