Physical Education 

 At Clyde Primary our mission in PE for our students is to motivate, build confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.

Each year level participates in a minimum of 50 minutes of Physical Education per week. There is an emphasis on developing and building on the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) such as Throwing, Catching, Running, Jumping, Skipping, Balancing, Striking, Kicking, Hopping, Galloping and more.

Foundation students also participate in our PMP (Perceptual Motor program) program each week. This program allows sensory information to be successfully obtained and understood with appropriate reaction. Perceptual deals with obtaining information and motor refers to the outcome of movement. Therefore perceptual-motor activities require students to use their brain and body together to accomplish tasks – e.g. walking on a balance beam while reciting numbers or the alphabet.

Participation in perceptual-motor activities enables students to develop greater levels of body control and encourages greater effort in all areas of the school curriculum. Young students who possess adequate perceptual-motor skills enjoy better coordination, greater body awareness, stronger intellectual skills and a more positive self-image.

Foundation to Year 2 also take part in a week long Swimming program, held at the local swimming pool. Students will participate in essential water safety and survival skills education as well as develop physical skills, knowledge and understanding of a range of aquatic situations.

In the Junior years, students take part in different movement activities and team games to build their skills. In the Middle and Senior years, students develop and build on skills in a range of sports such as Netball, AFL, Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket, Softball, Athletics, Hockey and more.

The junior school students participate in our Junior Sports Day each year, where they are able to try a range a different activities, while working together in a team.

In the Middle and Senior years, students participate in House Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming. Selected students also get the opportunity to compete in District and Division competitions for these sports as well.

Middle and Senior school students participate in HoopTime each year, which is a basketball competition where students compete against other schools in our district.

Each year, Senior students also have the opportunity to participate in the Lightning Premiership. This is where students choose to play either AFL, Netball, Soccer, T-ball or Volleyball in an interschool competition against other schools in our district.