In regards to camps and excursions, Clyde Primary School endeavours to cater for the needs of its families both educationally and financially.  We aim to make all camps and excursions for students meaningful but also affordable for parents.

Over the past four years Clyde PS has run its own camps using a combination of cabins, tents and hired camping equipment.  This has enabled us to significantly reduce the cost of camp fees for our parents while continuing to offer a quality experience for our students.  In recent years we have camped at the following destinations:

  • Sorrento
  • Inverloch
  • Healesville
  • Phillip Island

Clyde PS often runs whole school excursions to enable families to attend with their children if they wish to do so. Recently we have visited the following venues as a whole school:

  • The Melbourne Zoo
  • Cranbourne Botanical Gardens
  • Coal Creek Korumburra

The Senior and Junior schools also run excursions independently of each other.