Education Support Staff

Education Support Staff are all non-teaching staff who assist in the running of the school. These roles are very important in combining with the work of the teachers to ensure all students are provided with the greatest possible opportunity to reach their full potential. At Clyde Primary School our Education Support Staff include two people who work at the front office and seven staff who assist students with additional needs.

Speech Therapist Assistant (STA) Program: Some of our Educational Support Staff also run our STA program. The STA Program is a program which Student Support Services and schools are running to help improve speech and /or language difficulties. A Speech Pathologist will see students nominated for assessment/review and write a program to target their specific speech/language needs. The program is then carried out by a trained Speech Therapist Assistants who are supervised by the Speech Pathologist. Currently Clyde Primary School has 3 Educational Support Staff that are trained to deliver the STA program.