School House Groups

The House groups – Ballarto, Ridgway, Beechers and Yallambee are named after roads in the local area of Clyde.

The following information is from a booklet produced about the history of Clyde, giving reasons for the street names.

Ballarto – The word Bullarto, comes from the Aboriginal for “place of plenty”. Land in the area was known as Ballarto, probably named during the first survey of Clyde in the 1850’s. Ballarto was the name given to a large property in this area.

Beechers – This road was named after a well-known resident, Mr W.W. Beecher. He had an interest in the dairy industry and was also president of the progress association.

Ridgway – Named after another early Clyde property owner. Most likely named, because one of the Ridgway family members used to live in that street.

Yallambee – Named after a property name. This is the name of a property located at the end of Yallambee and Moore’s roads. It is also an Aboriginal word thought to mean ‘to remain a while’.