Welcome back to Clyde! We have an amazing term two planned full of exciting things!

Each week students attend a specialist session for Social Skills, Sport, Art and LOTE to enhance their learning and encounter different experiences whist learning new skills.


Our theme for this term is ‘Where in the world is…’ we have lots of activities planned related to understanding the world that we live in. We will be looking at a different country each week. So feel free to quiz your child on what they have learnt about our world this week! We will be looking at different cultures, languages and animals as well as locations and traditions. If your family has anything they could share with us about a different county we would love to see and hear about it so please let your classroom teacher know.

Your child should be bringing a book home each day with their diary. These need to be returned to school each day so that diaries can be checked throughout the week and books changed daily. Don’t forget that additional reading time can include different types of texts such as menus, street signs and instruction booklets. We have some fantastic reading mums helping us this term but if you are able to help out with reading at school please let us know, we would love to have you! (All parent helpers require a valid Working With Children Check).

Our school rules come under the three R’s of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience; these are all displayed in each classroom. A copy was sent home with each child last term to outline our expectations at school. These will continue to be focus this term. We are also working with students to set meaningful and challenging learning goals to direct their learning for this term.

Clear communication is important for families and staff so please remember to check newsletters and Tiqbiz so that you are aware of upcoming events. If you need help with Tiqbiz please see Rob Newell who is available before or after school, to answer your questions or set up for you.

At the end of this term there will be student reports sent home that will outline what your child has achieved so far this year, however as always if you have any queries or questions please come and see us. We are looking forward to a busy and productive Term 2.


Welcome to Term Two!

We have an exciting term coming and we can’t wait to get started. We are looking forward to adding to our reading skills in our new whole school reading program, CAFÉ. Feel free to come into the classroom and look at our CAFÉ display board, as we learn a new skill we put it up on display. Each and every day we will be completing sustained reading time, this is where students read individually our class can read silently for almost 15 minutes, wow! Here are some amazing writing samples from our class and our CAFE display that we have been working very hard on.

In Numeracy we are continuing to work on our Essential Skills and we will begin by focusing on different strategies to help us with our addition and subtraction skills.

We have enjoyed learning about different countries; we started off on our own beautiful country learning where Australia is on a map, as well as many facts that makes Australia so special and unique.

This term we will continue to complete some very special Circle Time sessions where we learn more about our selves, how we feel as well as others around us. Through these sessions we have become a great team in1/2 A, we know that our classroom is a place where we can share our ideas and thoughts with support and guidance from all of our peers and teachers.

Remember that it is extremely important for students to read each night for at least ten minutes.

If you have any queries please feel free to come in and see us.

Nikki Elston, Lynda Sinnema and Tegan Williams.



Welcome to 1/2B!

Welcome to Term 2!

 We’ve had a great start to the year in 1/2 B.

During Term 1, we focused on our new reading program CAFÉ, where we learnt new strategies to help us with our reading. Each day we worked on our sustained reading and we are now up to reading for 10 minutes quietly to ourselves! It has been great to see children bringing in books that they are interested in and we are working on making sure we find a good fit book to read, one that is suited to our reading ability.

We focused on counting and place value in our numeracy sessions. We found lots of new and fun counting games to play and worked with MAB blocks to learn about place value and ‘ones, tens and hundreds’.

During term 2, we are going to continue with our CAFÉ strategies and our sustained reading. We are looking to learn about new strategies that will help us become even better readers. All students should still be reading at home each night and recording it in their diaries.

During Numeracy lessons, we are going to keep working on our Essential Skills and we have already started looking at addition. We are looking forward to moving on to subtraction, collecting data and learning to tell the time.

During Inquiry, this term we are focusing on different countries and learning how they are different to Australia and that they all have unique features including different animals, cultures and food.

Our specialist classes are the same as term one, which the students all love being involved in.

Its going to be an exciting and fun term! Our classroom is all about trying your best and remembering to be focused.

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to come and see me. I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better this term.

 Miss Naughton



Welcome to 1/2C!

Welcome to Term Two where we are going to journey around the world!

In Term One we had a big focus on Reading and Writing with the introduction of our CAFÉ Menu and the continuation of our VCOP skills. Students were working on developing their reading strategies such as “Checking for Understanding,” “Tuning into Interesting Words” and selecting “Good Fit Books.” As a class, we are currently doing Sustained Reading each day, which we have achieved our goal of 10 minutes at a time! Well done 1/2C.

This term, we will be continuing to work on our CAFÉ reading skills. In writing, we will be focussing on writing reports in the first half of the term, so get ready to hear and read some interesting facts from the students! In Mathematics, we are working on Addition and Subtraction. Remember, the kids can practice their simple addition skills in the car, on Mathletics, with Nanna or just about anywhere!

This term for our Inquiry Topic, we are going around the world to investigate the different animals in different countries. Have a look at these great photos of the students’ work, keep an eye on this page as I will update with some more photos of amazing work as the year goes on.

Mr Selby


Welcome to 1/2D!

Welcome back grade 1/2 D! I trust you have all had a fantastic break, and are refreshed and ready to jump back into term 2!

Our theme this term will be “where in the world is..”, and each week we will be investigating a different country. We will be learning about the different animals and cultures that can be found around the world.
We will also be continuing our CAFÉ reading program, which has been fantastic so far in assisting us to become more accurate and fluent readers.

Everyday, we will be working on our sustained reading, and we are now up to reading quietly for 12 minutes every morning, which is a tremendous achievement. There are plenty of great books in our library, and please feel free to bring some books from home.

In numeracy, we will be learning more about addition and counting strategies, including how to use number lines and make our very own number stories.

Our specialist classes include PE, art, LOTE and social skills, which have been very enjoyable so far this year.

Please remember to practice your reading every night for 10 minutes, and also your letters and sounds.

There are lots of exciting things happening this term, so lets make sure that we come to school ready and willing to learn and challenge ourselves.
Remember to try your best, be yourself, and treat others and our school with respect.

If you have any queries, please feel free to come and see me.

Mr Ahern