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Welcome back for Term 2.

We are incredibly impressed with how much we achieved in Term 1 and how quickly our children have settled into school. Throughout Term 1, it was great to get to know all the children in the Learning Centre and see them quickly become independent and hard working students. Children have also formed wonderful friendships with others and treat each other with respect, always offering to help and encourage others, which is wonderful to see.

Academically, students are developing their knowledge of letters and sounds and are beginning to use their known initial sounds in their writing. During Reading, students have enjoyed learning about our CAFÉ reading strategies and completing comprehension activities based on stories read to them. Students have been practising counting and their understanding of number in Maths lessons.F1

Term 2 involves a continuation and extension of the learning outlined above and an introduction to shape and measurement in Maths. We will also begin our Inquiry unit, which is based on Australia. Students will learn all about Australian animals, plants and the States and Territories that make up our amazing country. We will also have an excursion later in the term linked to our Inquiry topic.

Thank you for your continuing support and for ensuring that you are reading and revising Magic 100 words with your child each night. We are looking forward to another wonderful Term.

The Foundation Team

(Emma Scott, Sam Koutros, Sue Lumley and Ashlea Hickey)













Foundation A

Welcome to Term Two! This term is going to be a very busy term with lots of learning taking place. This term we are focusing on letters and their corresponding sounds as well as different blends in more detail. We have introduced the CAFÉ reading board and will begin to add the reading strategies as we learn them. We are now doing sustained reading for 4 minutes!!!



This terms Inquiry topic is ‘Australia’. We will be focusing on where we live, Australian animals and special places. Keep an eye out for some information regarding an excursion later in the term. 🙂



The students have been given both Mathletics and Studyladder log in details. If your child would like to do any extra work at home these are great resources. Don’t forget to read and practise your child’s Magic 100 words every night.

I’m looking forward to a productive term 2.





Foundation B

What an amazing Term 1 we had! Foundation B have settled into school routines with ease and continue to make me proud everyday. The children have been dedicated, motivated and hard working learners so far this year and it is been wonderful to see how much they have already learnt in such a small amount of time.


Term 2 will see the introduction of our Inquiry unit on Australia. This will include learning about the States and Territories, Australian animals and plants and many other interesting facts about our Country. During Maths, students will continue to practise recognising numbers, counting and addition and will also learn about shapes and measurement. In Literacy, students will continue to develop their ability to use letters and sounds in their writing, begin to create information reports and learn more about reading strategies.

Please remember that it is essential to read with your child at home every night and revise their magic 100 words. This will ensure your child gets as much reading experience as possible and give them a chance to practise all the new strategies they are learning at school.

I am looking forward to another exciting term. Please feel free to come and see me anytime if you have any concerns.


Emma Scott



Foundation C

It’s great to see that Foundation C all had a relaxing break and have started Term 2 off beautifully! We are having so much fun settling back into our daily routine and seeing our friends again.

Well done to the students who have reached 25 nights of reading! It’s fantastic to see so many students improving with their reading due to reading with their families almost every night. It is important also to remember to practice your Magic 100 Words at home as they are vital in securing a strong foundation for reading.

It is fantastic to see that most students have started using initial sounds in their writing! We have really been focusing on capital letters at the beginnings of our sentences and full stops at the end of sentences and it is great to see students beginning to use this punctuation in their writing. We are also learning how to write an information report and have enjoyed learning and reporting about different types of animals. Sentence books have now been sent home. These are an optional task that can be completed each night that will support student’s writing progress.

In numeracy we have been focusing on recognising, ordering, comparing and adding numbers up to 20. We have also been using number lines to help us identify what numbers come before and after, and what numbers may be missing from number lines.

Our inquiry topic for this term is Australia. We are starting to learn about where we live within Australia and will continue to learn more about our country.

Please make sure that you have downloaded our Tiqbiz app as this is our main form of communication home to parents.

Congratulations Foundation C on a fantastic start to Term 2! Keep it up!

Welcome to Foundation D

Well done Foundation D on a very successful and busy Term 1. Last term the children made huge leaps forward in their ability to become more independent learners.

During our first week back in Term 2 the children have begun writing Information Reports. They have been using their knowledge of letters and sounds to write the initial sounds of words. We have begun to find out more about different reading strategies and are becoming more confident with our take home readers. We encourage our students to read their books daily and parents/guardians to write the title of these books in their diary. This will ensure your child gets as much reading experience as possible.

This term we have begun to find out more about our inquiry project of Australia. And over the coming weeks we will be learning about Australian animals, plants and all about the wonderful country we live in.

In maths we have been building upon our understanding of numbers and also exploring aspects of shape and measurement.

I am looking forward to the term ahead and feel that this term will be just as exciting and busy as Term 1.


Sue Lumley