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School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory at Clyde Primary School. Our colours are navy and red.  The Clyde Primary School uniform can be bought from Beleza School Uniform’s in High Street, Cranbourne.

Opening hours are:

Monday  10:00am - 5:00pm

Tuesday  CLOSED

Wednesday  10:00am - 5:00pm

Thursday  10:00am - 5:00pm

Friday  10:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday  10:00 - 1:00pm

Sunday  CLOSED

Beleza Price List 2018 / 2019

Students should wear closed toe school shoes or runners, only black or white no bright colours please.

Please note school hats and bags are available from the School Office.


The school's canteen is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at recess and lunchtime, and is operated by Bellbrook Catering.

To make an order, parents should send a brown paper lunch bag showing the student's name, class, order and the amount of money enclosed.  Please try to have the exact money so the need for change is avoided.

Alternatively, you can order and pay for your child's lunch using the QKR App, reducing the need to bring cash to school.

Students are also able to purchase snacks from the canteen window during the first half of recess and lunch.

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Belmond on Clyde Land Purchases

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Below is the outline of an agreement between Clyde Primary School and Belmond on Clyde in relation to a referral arrangement for the sale of land.

Please keep this in mind if you have any family or friends looking to buy land in the Clyde area.

Clyde PS

A payment of $1,000 is to be paid to Clyde Primary School (Donation)

And a payment of $500 is to be paid to the purchasing party (Referral Fee)

Where the purchasing party is a parent or guardian of a child enrolled at the Clyde Primary School at the time of purchasing. (Purchasing Party)


a. The Purchasing Party must mention to the Belmond on Clyde Land Estate sales agent prior to paying a holding deposit for an allotment in Belmond on Clyde Land Estate that they have a child enrolled at Clyde Primary School.

b. Clyde Primary School must confirm in writing condition (a) above prior to a Contract of Sale for the allotment being signed.

(The Belmond on Clyde Lands Estate sales agent will assist by liaising with Clyde Primary School on behalf of the Purchasing Party.)


Year 5/6 Laptop Program – Ordering Your Child’s Laptop

Just a reminder that that laptops can be ordered on-line by clicking the link below and entering the school code.  (link to the purchase portal)

School Code: CPS19

Please come and speak to Mr Ahern if you have any queries.

ICT at Clyde Primary School

These days, technology is an integral part of everyday life. Clyde Primary is no exception to this life and we provide programs and opportunities for students to use ICT and digital technologies to help enhance and engage them in their learning.


FlexiBuzz is a School app for parent communication.

FlexiBuzz is being used to replace instant messages, send updates, newsletters, events, photos, videos and more. All posts are sent with a push notification.

To see how it works, download the app today then

‘Find’ our school by clicking the search glass and entering ‘Clyde.’

‘Tick’ the appropriate selections (be sure to select ‘whole school’) and you are up and running.

Make sure Push Notifications are allowed/enabled as this is how you receive your messages.

Get in touch with FlexiBuzz

Please feel free to contact the FlexiBuzz customer service team directly:


Head Office – Victoria:  ph: 1300 289 937 (8:30am – 5:30pm AEST)



Qkr! Promotion from Qkr! by MasterCard on Vimeo.

Clyde Primary School has launched a new, more convenient way for parents and guardians to make various payments to the school. Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) is a mobile payments app which enables consumers to order and pay for goods & services directly from their smart device. Qkr accepts all major credit and debit cards accepted by the school (Visa and MasterCard) and you can register more than one card within the app. The Qkr app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. If using an iPad you can download the iPhone version of Qkr. You can download and register for Qkr now and start making payments right away.

Click here to view the guide on how to get started —> Qkr – How To

The app delivers real efficiencies for school office staff as well as convenience for parents, so we are hoping that Qkr will become the preferred payment method for all payments by families to our school.

Qkr! can be accessed via the App or through the link on FlexiBuzz. It is also available on-line by going here qkr home page.

Outside School Hours Care

We are proud to partner with Camp Australia to provide our outside school hours care program.

To find out more about the program at our school, including hours of operation, fees and how to register please click here

School Council

Clyde Primary School Council is a legally formed body which decides future directions and oversees the operations of the school.

We have 13 members on school council; 8 parent, 4 DET (staff) and one community member. Elections are held each year in March, with each councillor’s term running for 2 years.

Our school council consists of several sub-committees which carry out vital roles. The Finance committee approves the annual budget and monitors expenditure throughout the year. The Education/Policies committee develops, reviews and updates school policies. Buildings & Grounds committee ensures our facilities are maintained and any works attended to and our P.F.A work tirelessly to raise much needed additional funds for our school.

Parents/guardians can always join any of our sub-committees without being a member of school council. We are always on the lookout for new people and ideas.

If you are interested and the opportunity arises to be part of school council, I can highly recommend it. Becoming involved in your child’s education is a very rewarding experience for you both.

School Council Presidents report 2016/2017 – by Kerri Lightowler

2016 has been a very busy year for all the students, School council members and all the staff at Clyde Primary School.

After several meetings during the year (and over many years) with our local M.P our roads have finally transformed from dirt, dusty unsafe roads, to smooth, bitumen and clear painted lines for safe parking.

The staff car park has had unsafe trees removed, rock laid and fencing built to allow the extra space for our new staff that have joined the Clyde Team during the year.

Two double portables have been removed and replaced with new ones, and two extra portables have been positioned at the back of the school, with new footpaths leading to them.     Two new schools, have opened this year in our surrounding area, so our numbers have dropped over the Christmas break, but will pick up in term 2 with 12 new enrolments.

As you walk through the front gate, new rubberized matting has been laid, and bench seats have been added.  Entering the front Office, you are greeted with a large Clyde P.S Welcoming mat, and a newly renovated Office space.

A new shed near the L.C has been built and a Shipping Container donated from Belmond Estate which will help with the Schools storage.

Our School Captains Jack & Jaide came to our School council meetings with some wonderful ideas, solutions, and spoke on behalf of all the students at C.P.S.

Our Community events have bought many new and existing families together to enjoy our children’s achievements.

At our maths night, we were shown how maths can be fun using the interactive white boards and playing games.  A special picnic was held for Mother’s Day on the oval, Dads enjoyed Father’s Day by dressing up and having a kick of the footy –  with a hot cooked breakfast, and students learnt valuable lessons around water with our Swimming Programs.             Students paraded their own costumes as their favourite character from their favourite book on Book Week And Our Yr3-6 students went on Camp at Allanbee where they explored, adventured and built on personal skills.

Our School Production was held at Frankston Arts Centre with family and friends buying tickets to watch our children perform on stage. Christmas Carols where held on the oval with many families and friends brining their own chairs / picnic blanket, to sit back and enjoy the singing, dancing and of course Santa.

Breakfast Club has been introduced on a Friday morning to promote the importance of a healthy breakfast for all students before they start there very busy day.

On a monthly basis our school purchases a variety of fruit to share around the classrooms for students to enjoy during their learning day.

The Transition program was introduced to reduce anxiety and promote excitement on moving up to the next year level. All students met next year’s teachers and spent valuable time in the next year’s classes.  Yr 5 students also went to visit Cranbourne Secondary College for a leadership day, the new foundation students had nine sessions to become familiar with the school setting, and Yr 6 students visited their chosen schools.

Our Canteen has been outsourced by Bellbrook Catering, introducing some very yummy and healthy foods and snacks for both lunch and recess for our children to enjoy.

World Teachers Day was celebrated as School Council members organised a gourmet luncheon and children made gifts at home to thank their teachers for all the hard work that they do.

Our new cleaning contract has started with MN Cleaning services., and our laptops have been taken over fully by J.B. HIFI.

With all the wonderful changes that have happened during the year, I would like to thank everyone on School Council for all their hard work and dedication in making this happen.


School Council Report by Nicola Power (Secretary of School Council)


Student Voice

School Council has been very impressed with all the work that the keen group of students in the Student Voice group have been doing. At every meeting, Jaide and Jack ( School Captains) have presented very comprehensive reports detailing their initiatives. These include: ideas to reduce litter in the yard, ideas to keep the canteen line orderly, letting the Year 1 and 2 students play on the Year 3-6 playground one day per week and researching the idea of implementing Play Pods for students to use at lunchtimes, just to name a few. Thank you to all students involved in the Student Voice for all your hard work.


At every meeting, School Council reviews and approves new policies. Recent policies reviewed include the Purchasing Card Policy, Homework Policy, Attendance Policy, Child Safe Standards Policy, Facebook Policy and Induction Policy.

Growth of our School

School Council has held many discussions about how Clyde PS will be growing in numbers in the coming years with the development of more residential areas near the school. Discussions have been held about re-vamping the office/administration area, how to best utilise the buildings that we have at school, more storage area being created around the school, more seating in the playground and installing some rubber matting in the front playground over some of the areas that are currently only dirt. The replacement of 10 student toilets was recently approved and happened this week. A big area of concern for School Council is the safety of our students and families during school drop off and pick up on Oroya Grove and we have been in touch with our local MP about this situation.

Objection to Building of Concrete Batching Plant

It was brought to the attention of School Council that plans had been lodged with the Casey Council to build a concrete batching plant on Ballarto Rd, within about 500m of our school. A discussion was held about the many safety concerns this could bring to our school, particularly with more heavy traffic on Clyde-FiveWays Rd, and School Council lodged an objection to the plans. Recently we were notified that the objection was successful and that the building of the concrete batching plant will not be going ahead.

New School Jacket

School Council recently approved an addition to the school uniform in the form of a school jacket that will be available from the uniform shop next year at a cost of $68. Please note that this is an optional purchase. There was also a brief discussion about adding a school beanie and scarf to the uniform for next winter and the community will be kept updated on this.

World Teacher Day – October 28th

School Council would like to thank our teachers for all their hard work on this day next term. There will be more information to follow, but we will be giving students paper bags to take home fill to give to their teacher as a thank you gift. The emphasis here is on creating something, like a drawing or a letter, rather than purchasing something. There will also be a special lunch put on for teachers on this day by School Council.

Head Lice

School Council are very concerned about this being an ongoing problem in all levels of the school. A discussion was held about appointing a “Head Lice Inspector” in order to try and eradicate this problem from the school. There will be more information to follow about this.

New Playground Equipment

As the school grows, School Council would like to offer more new and exciting activities for students. To this end, the Buildings and Grounds Sub- committee of school council are developing a master plan and will begin to establish further play areas for our school over the next 5 years.