Tiqbiz is a School app for parent communication.

Tiqbiz is being used to replace instant messages, send updates, newsletters, events, photos, videos and more. All posts are sent with a push notification.

To see how it works, download the app today then
‘Find’ our school by clicking the search glass and entering ‘Clyde.’

‘Tick’ the appropriate selections (be sure to select ‘whole school’) and you are up and running.

Make sure Push Notifications are allowed/enabled as this is how you receive your messages.

You can download the image of instructions below by clicking here —>Tiqbiz Flyer

Get in touch with Tiqbiz

Please feel free to contact the tiqbiz customer service team directly:

Head Office – Victoria: +61 3 9800 1489 (8:30am – 5:30pm AEST)

Message Bank: For after hours support please request a call back at any time that suits you.
Skype: Chat to us online by adding ‘Tiqbiz’ to your contacts
Email: team@tiqbiz.com