Student Newsletter



This was the year of the big school play at Dandenong Drum Theatre.

It was the first experience of taking part in a big play for most people. We all got to wear really cool costumes and there were loads of people watching.

The whole school took part in the play so all of the students were given an opportunity to perform. It was great at the end when all of the students went on the stage together. The crowd went wild!

Our school camp this year was to Inverloch. It was really wet down there. We still got to do loads of activities down there like canoeing and surfing. There was lots of yummy food too.


We went to Badger Creek Holiday Park in Healesville for our 2013 school camp.

We had a pizza night and fish & chip lunch day too. On the first night we did Red Faces which is when you do an act and you get scored by the judges. The person who won was Daniel. There was a creek and a pool that we could play in, there was also a games room.

While we were there we also went to Healesville Sanctuary and Hedge End Maze.

The 3 – 6’s did a big project on geography. We got to pick the country we did our project on and it was really fun. We made flags and learnt lots of cool facts about different countries.

We also went on an excursion to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX which was great. We saw a movie on the big screen and visited some great exhibitions in the museum.


In 2014 we went to Phillip Island Big 4 Caravan Park.

While we were there we also went to the beach, played in the sand and played lots of fun games like Frisbee and beach cricket. We also had relay races. One night we went and saw the Penguin Parade. We also jumped on the jumping pillow, had red faces which Rhiannon won we also had yummy foods like bacon and eggs, pizza, and lots more. On the way home we sang songs.

The preps to year 2 went on an excursion to the Melbourne zoo they had a great time looking at all the different animals.

We have also been on an excursion to CERES. We had a great time learning how to test water. We also had a race to see which team could put the right rubbish in the right bin.


This year we had House Sports and Athletics. We also had Lighting Premiership and you got to choose which sport we could play from Football, T-ball, Netball, Soccer and Volley Stars.

In term three the Clyde Netball team is going to the state championship. There is also a mixed netball team going into the districts sport.

We were extremely lucky to be visited by some Australian disabled athletes. They were working really hard to become Paralympians and talked to us about having goals and what they needed to do to achieve theirs.

They were amazing people.

We also have the school play coming up again. All classes have a roll in the school play. Watch this space for pictures and a report once we have had it.


By Danielle and Daniel