3Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Technology is an integral part of everyday life. At Clyde Primary School we provide programs and opportunities for students to use ICT and digital technologies to help enhance and engage them in their learning.

For more information on our BYOD program, you can view the slideshow presentation from our parent information session here or watch the session below.

Looking to purchase a laptop?

We have partnered with JB Hi-Fi to help you make a decision on which notebook to purchase and you can find that information below.

Ordering your child’s laptop

Just a reminder that a laptop can be ordered online by clicking the link below and entering the school code. (link to the purchase portal)

School Code: CLYDEPS2023

Already own a laptop? Or have one in mind…

We strongly encourage Windows laptops for our BYOD program.

The minimum specifications we require for our BYOD program are as follows

If you already own a laptop or are looking to purchase one to use in our BYOD program, it must meet or be greater than the follow specifications;

  • Running Microsoft’s Windows 10
  • 4GB of RAM (running memory)
  • 128GB of Storage (for programs and files)
  • Dual Core or greater CPU (Processor)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child charge their laptop at school?

  • It becomes a safety issue having chargers on the floors in classrooms, so we strongly encourage students come to school with a fully charged laptop.
  • Please label the laptop charger before bringing it to school

Do I have to purchase a device through the JB Hi-Fi portal?

  • No, the portal is there to assist parents in providing a recommended device for students along with providing additional optional extras.

What is the best way to ensure my child’s device is protected from being easily damaged?

  • A strong sturdy case for the device is a must. Clyde Primary School takes no responsibility for damage.

Does the school provide technical support for my student’s device?

  • We provide limited technical support to student devices, where it pertains to eLearning and curriculum. Such as connecting to our Internet, setting up the Department of Education’s freely provided Office 365, etc.

What software is required?

  • We require students have an Office suite installed. Please note that the Victorian Department of Education provides students with access to Office 365 for free.
  • A Modern web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Or Mozilla Firefox.

How do we monitor appropriate use of laptops?

  • Both students and parents are required to sign the Responsible Use of ICT agreement at the start of the year. Year 5/6 teachers also ensure that students are familiar with the Cyberbullying policy and Internet Use policies. If there are any issues, students report to a teacher and it is followed through. The internet is filtered only at school. It will not filter at home. We suggest having a conversation with your children about appropriate use of the internet.