Circle Time:

Circle Time is a time set aside each week when students and their teachers sit in a circle and take part in game and activities designed to increase:

  • Understanding and valuing of self
  • Understanding and valuing of others
  • Positive relationships

Life Education:

Life Education runs every two years at Clyde Primary School. They are a non-profit health education provider that works with schools to deliver essential lessons empowering children to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices that could impact on their futures. Life Education covers issues like healthy eating, physical activity, relationships, smoking, drugs, bullying and cyber safety depending on the year level.

Child Safe

Clyde Primary School’s commitment to Child Safety

Clyde Primary School is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making.

Clyde Primary School has a zero tolerance for child abuse.

Clyde Primary School is committed to providing a child safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability.

Every person involved in Clyde Primary School has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role he/she plays individually and collectively to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all children and young people is at the forefront of all they do and every decision they make.


Education Support Staff

Education Support Staff are all non-teaching staff who assist in the running of the school. These roles are very important in combining with the work of the teachers to ensure all students are provided with the greatest possible opportunity to reach their full potential. At Clyde Primary School our Education Support Staff include two people who work at the front office and seven staff who assist students with additional needs.

Speech Therapist Assistant (STA) Program: Some of our Educational Support Staff also run our STA program. The STA Program is a program which Student Support Services and schools are running to help improve speech and /or language difficulties. A Speech Pathologist will see students nominated for assessment/review and write a program to target their specific speech/language needs. The program is then carried out by a trained Speech Therapist Assistants who are supervised by the Speech Pathologist. Currently Clyde Primary School has 3 Educational Support Staff that are trained to deliver the STA program.